Punar Vivah (1 & 2) 20th May 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 20th May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 20th May 2013 Written Episode


Scene 1:
Location: Hospital in Mumbai
Yash finds ishita, carrying ayu, and taking him away in her car. They see a young girl, her face unseen due to the helmet, runs off on her scooty after ishita. They too get in their car and drive off. As they miss ishita’s car on the road, the same sccoty girl, guides them to the factory, where she saw ishita going. Yash thanks him and takes the car towards the factory.

Scene 2:
Location: In the godown
Ishita gives the baby, to the hooligans, who hang him by the railing. Yash comes in and is shocked to find ishita and the hooligans carrying their baby. The hooligans capture him. He asks ishita to give the baby to them. But ishita says that she would, but only when yash accept her love. Yash refuses to this, citing his undying love for arti. Ishita is disgusted, and says taht she doesnt understand what he finds in arti, as he’s even willing to compromise on the baby because of that. Yash tries to reason with her, saying that this isnt love, and he would never do this to arti. She says determinedly, that because he has refused, she would kill his baby. Yash is shocked as the goons begin to cut the rope keeping the baby tied. Yash, pari and prateik are horrified seeing this. But just then, the same scooty girl, comes in and holds the baby. ishita confronts her demanding to know who is she, and trying to snatch the baby from her, but she jerks ishita away. Prateik catches hold of ishita. Pari takes the baby from that girl, and she leaves. Sensing ishita helpless, yash too breaks off from his ties and gets into a scuffle with the goons too. Finally, he slaps ishita, hard and reprimands her for her crime, and says that this is just her selfishness, and her venomous revenge. Yash says that he cant imagine someone stooping so low. ishita says that she loves him dearly, and if he isnt here, her life is useless. She says that she would take several births if need be to be with him. She finds the knife, and to everyone’s horror, she tries to kill herself, but is stopped by yash, who holds her hand, while prateik asks him to let ishita kill herself. Yash says that she should be handed to the law. the police comes in and takes her away, while she keeps crying out to yash, to hold her lovingly once. After she’s taken away, yash holds ayu, and asks pari and prateik not to tell this to arti, as that would unnecessarily bother her. He then asks about the lady, who helped them, and then vanished. Prateik says that he didnt know her. Yash says that she was a god sent angel, who saved ayu today. They all leave, with ayu.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel in bhopal.
While all are getting ready for the function, akaash is asked to take the kids along too. arti is tensed and angry at yash for canceeling her calls, when all it would take for him, is to pick up once and say that everything’s alright there. Radha makes her understand that since he hasnt called, it means that everything’s alright, as otherwise he wouldnt have been able to hide it from her. Arti is slightly pacified. Suraj comes in and asks them to hurry up, as they have already called lots of times, and it doesnt look decent. Radha tells suraj that they would all be out in the next 10 minutes. suraj leaves.

The ladies get nostalgic remembering their first steps into the scindia mansion. Vidhi says that she’s excited of meeting the new occupants of their old times, and the marriage is just an excuse to see their lovely home. Arti says that they would miss Bhopal badly, and then to cheer them up, says that Bhopal too would miss them.

Scene 4:
Location: At the event
while yash is getting late for the meetine, they have to go through a strenuous security check, mandatory for all in mumbai. As they wait, the same scooty girl also arrives, and gives her laptop too for the check up. Yash and prateik are unaware about her presence. As the security belt gives the laptop out, yash takes it and goes inside with prateik.

While yash is managing the entire event, the event head comes in and tries to throw her weight around on him.
The event manager reprimands yash, hailing from small town, and says that they are never uptodate with their work, and dont understand the importance of their work. Yash says that he has everything ready, and that the biggest of personalities hail from small towns, who made it big in big cities like mumbai. the lady asks him to get going with his work, and not waste time. After she leaves, yash goes towards his laptop.

Yash, when he opens his laptop case, finds that his laptop is mixed with a girl’s, Divya Malhotra, and thinks that it would be very bad for him, if he doesnt find the laptop soon. Just then the girl, who had helped them earlier, comes in, carrying yash’s laptop. She pats on yash’s back and as yash tunrs around, he recognises her as the same girl who had helped them earlier with ayu’s life.

Scene 5:
Location: Scindia mansion
Yash’s family arrives at what used to be Scindia Mansion.
The family is all nostalgic at seeing their house, now the Jagotia Niwas. akaash and everyone else is very nostalgic seeing their house after a month. The kids too are very sad. But pankaj says that they shouldnt be sad, as their work is now shifted to mumbai, and hence they dont stay here anymore. But just like they made a home out of this house, of bricks and cement, the present people would do the same to this house. Buaji says that just like arti, vidhi and pari came in this house, similarly a new girl would come and have own memories in the house. Arti too prays for the same, for sohan lal’s son, Raj and Sarita, whose function they have come to attend.

Sohan Lal introduces his family, lamenting on the fact that he has 3 daughters who wont do much to keep up their prestige, as they would leave the house soon. Radha says that they give equal weightage to boys and girls, as the world is changing and they should adapt too to the changing times. Sohan’s wife says that she would have understood if radha had three daughters herslf, instead of 4 sons. She says that she just wishes for a grandson now in the next one year. Arti tries to reason with her that marriage isnt only for childbearing, and that firstly there should be a foundation, so that the husband and wife can face all kinds of times together. Sohan’s wife says that she too is saying the same, that with the children the love would grow manifold. Radha teases arti that all Mother in laws arent like her, who understand everything so wisely. arti smiles.

Pankaj asks about the groom. His mother tells them that he has gone out. Sohan ji is disturbed to hear this. His wife says that he has gone out to get ready. arti too agrees that these days, men too take time getting ready. sohan asks about yash, commenting on his luck, to have been lucky to marry twice. Arti doesnt like it. Suraj politely says that he’s in mumbai for some improtant work.

All are very happy that the bride has come to adorn the function. Sohan’s wife requests arti to welcome the bride into the family and this house. She agrees and does so, while all watch in glee. Arti and vidhi tease the bride, sarita that now even guys make their wives wait, but the wait is finally worth it. They tell her that a whole evening of fun has been planned for her. Just then, the cultural programmes begin, with dancing and celebration, in full swing.

Arti overhears a tensed sohan lal talking to his wife, about the disappearance of his son, due to overpampering by his mother, as the bride has already arrived, and their son is nowhere to be seen. His wife grumbles that his relation was made without even consulting with him, and that its indefinite now whether he would even come back or not. Sohan is very angry. arti thinks that if he didnt want to marry, then he should have told her before only. The screen freezes on arti’s tensed face.

Precap: Arti dances, while she and sarita anxiously wait for the groom to arrive. They keep staring at the vacant door, in anticipation. The groom however is very frustrated, as his dilemma drives him crazy, as he aimlessly drives around the city. Meanwhile, yash tells the girl, that the person who has waited so long for her, would wait for longer, if he truly loves her. The girl looks up at yash in hope.


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  2. Sonya
    May 22, 13:38 Reply

    What a lot of crap you guys come up with. PV (old) rocks! the cast for the new show is great, I am sure you all will have your heads between your knees for talking so badly even before the actual show has started. I loved every episode of PV and will continue to watch it. I am one for change!

    • Suni
      May 22, 20:26

      Really , you had to post this on an old forum ?? Be brave and say what you need to say where everyone is discussing . I will not judge your words . It is your opinion .

  3. MK
    May 21, 16:48 Reply

    Omg, I did not even like the page for the new PV and they already inundating my fb page with pictures, with Rubina, eww, sorry, she does not look attractive anymore at all. And they begging people to share the page too.

  4. Anu xD
    May 21, 16:10 Reply

    You know I just realized that it wasn’t FULLY because PV ended that I’m sad but is the fact that I will never see Gurmeet and Kratika together again…that breaks…that shatters my heart to pieces and the those pieces into more pieces till the there is nothing but crushed feeling where my heart is suppose to be!

    • Lenor
      May 21, 16:18

      OOh Anu, I am sure all of us feel the same way dear – crushed. Right now, as I am typing this to you I feel a sense of sadness come over me, that I’ve lost someone near and dear. So we all need to embrace each other and just be there for one another, yaar!

    • Suni
      May 21, 16:25

      Anu , cheer up . It’s your special day . You will have to wait 365 more days for another Birthday .
      KS and GC will be around in other shows . You are too young m dear to be this stressed .
      HUG , HUG .

    • MK
      May 21, 16:26

      Oooohhhhh, Anu dear, cheer up na. Isn’t today your birthday dear. Happy Happy birthday dear and have many many more happy birthdays to come, now you are here will send you a bday cake.

  5. Lenor
    May 21, 15:57 Reply

    Hi Guys, DTB site is still experiencing problems, unable to watch today’s episode and no written update as yet.
    I saw the episode on another site and also read the update on another site.
    I am so angry, disappointed, furious, you name it, on how PV ended. Since I do not understand hindi and if by the likes of seeing Yash and Aarti embracing each other for the last time, then Zeetv/The Mittals/PH/ did a grave injustice to us the audience and especially to Yash and Aarti and the entire cast of PV. What an insult.

  6. Anu xD
    May 21, 15:53 Reply

    so guys that’s it Aarya is done forever…..wow some birthday gift huh?!?!!? Bye…..

    • Suni
      May 21, 15:54


    • Lenor
      May 21, 16:01

      Hello Anu, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
      Hope you have a wonderful day and may God grant you many, many more Birthdays.

    • Anu xD
      May 21, 16:03

      thanks guys much love!

  7. MK
    May 21, 15:41 Reply

    Hey ladies, I commented on Punar Vivah, Ek Nayee Umeed facebook page about the skinny and anorexic looking Rubina, and how absolutely scary she looks, hehehe, I should have seen Trinity lollipop comment first so I coulda added that too. Well seems I offended the admin of the site and the reply was not rude but told me wait I will fall in love with her. But another lady agrees with me fully.

  8. MK
    May 21, 15:25 Reply

    Punar Vivah 21st May 2013 Written Update

    Scene 1:
    Location: At the event in mumbai
    The girl gives the laptop and apologizes profusely to yash. He thanks her too immensely. She asks him not to bother. She says that she too is from Bhopal. she takes her bag and is about to leave, when yash reminds her that she is yet again taking his bag, and gives her, the bag that belongs to her. she says that she too had some work here, but it didnt turn out to her favour.

    As she is about to take leave, Yash asks her not to be sad, and if this didnt hapen, other works would follow. Yash asks if she’s the same one who saved his child. She agrees, and is about to talk more, but is interrupted by a butler, who asks her to get going as there’s some work that is required. She takes his leave, while yash wishes her good luck.

    Scene 2:
    Location: Scindia mansion and at the event
    cultural programmes are on in full swing at the scindia mansion, which all enjoy. arti gets yash’s call, who tells her about his work’s success, and how he misses her. Arti asks yash to take her to a disc, to enjoy the night life here. he continuously says I LOVE YOU to her, and cancels the phone. Arti is happy.

    Yash finds the new girl, standing lonely, and crying. he asks her what happned. she says that she did her job, and would now leave. Yash tells her to enjoy happiness when it comes her way. she says that she didnt get the job, but they want her to arrange marriage events. she is unsure if she would be able to manage. Yash tells her that she can do this, and she just has to believe in herself and her talent. She says that he speaks just like that person, who got her rid of her fear. when yash asks who, she spills out Raj, and then gets nostalgic, thinking about it. He says that means she lost lots in bhopal. Meanwhile, yash tells the girl, that the person who has waited so long for her, would wait for longer, if he truly loves her. The girl looks up at yash in hope. He says that he has the faith that when she goes back to bhopal, she would definitely find him waiting for her, and that is true love. He says that he would tell about her to his wife. He clicks her picture to show it to arti.

    Arti too talks to the bride commenting on the heroic name, RAJ. she drapes a dupatta around sarita, and says that their love would be strong, and that she believes in arranged marriage more than love, and wishes her all the happiness in the world. Sarita says that leaving her parents’ house, she is here just on the faith of raj’s love. She says that she has small dreams, maybe a small house, but a big heart, and loving children, and a love filled life. arti too agrees that for relations, love is needed, to sustain a marriiage, and that she would pray that she always be in love with raj, and he too reciprocates the same.

    Arti dances, while she and sarita anxiously wait for the groom to arrive. They keep staring at the vacant door, in anticipation. The groom however is very frustrated, as his dilemma drives him crazy, as he aimlessly drives around the city. Sohan Lal is very tensed at having to answer guests, about his son’s disappearance. He makes up excuses about the traffic. Sarita too is getting tensed. Raj is very frustrated, as he cant seem to make a decsision, or accept the changes in his life, and is visibly angry at his fate.

    Sohan is very angry, when they cant find his son anywhere, and starts reprimanding his wife, for their son’s carelessness. He asks her to call and find out if he picks up. She does so, and they find that he isnt picking hers as well. he blames her for raj’s misbehaviour.

    As Vidhi begins to remind arti about their flight, arti asks to wait till the groom arrives, and the ceremony starts. But vidhi says that they would miss the flight, and all they can do now is to pray for sarita. Vidhi reminds her that she needs to be in Mumbai, for her kids’ admission tomorrow. she wants to go meet sarita, but cant as suraj rushes them so that they dont miss the flight. Arti looks back and finds sarita very tensed, and prays for Raj to come back soon, wherever he is. She leaves.

    Sohan’s mother too expresses her concern, that this would mean insult in the family. Sohan says that raj would have to do what he wants him to do, as he’s the one who built everything. As sohan’s wife begins to say that they are blaming her for everything, without any mistake of hers, as he was the one who fell in love. sohan is very angry at the mention of love, and says that love could have happened after marriage too, and that she should have explained this to him, as he had found such a good girl for him. His mother asks her to be silent, and assuage his in laws. He is at a loss for saying anything, scared of the insult that would follow, if Raj doesnt show up. His wife asks what would happen, if raj doesnt show up. Sohan says that the in laws’ are much more influential than theirs, and they would definitely seek revenge for this insult. Sarita hears this from behind the curtain, the family’s concerns over Raj’s disapperance. This upsets her and she accidentally breaks the vase kept there, which alarms sohan and his family.

    Scene 3:
    Location: Yash’s residence in Mumbai
    Arti contemplates with yash, as to what is in sarita’s fate. Arti says that till they were there, noone came, and tells him everything that she had overheard. Yash is surprised that the marriage was against raj’s wish. she tells yash about sarita’s dreams. She says that she had tried to call, but couldnt get through. Yash says that she should be positive, as whatever happens is for the good. Yash goes on to tell arti about divya, the girl he met at the event, saying that she too had left bhopal, and her love back to fulfill her responsibilities. Arti laments that god always takes tests of couples in love. He asks her not worry and shows her the picture. As arti looks at it, she zooms in and finds Raj’s photo in divya’s hand, and is upset and shocked. She asks who is the man in the photo. Yash identifies him as Raj, the person who is Divya’s love. Arti tells that this is raj, who was to get married to sarita. Yash thinks that this means raj is getting married in Bhopal, and Divya is in mumbai pining for his love.

    Arti says that now she understands why raj didnt want to come to the wedding, as he’s in love with divya, and is being forced into this marriage. Yash says that now they would have to see who gets raj’s love, divya or sarita. Arti too wonders who would get Raj, and whether raj would accept sarita, as the girl in his life, or wait for his first love. She laments as to why this happens. Yash asks her not to worry as everything would work out soon. They hug each other. The screen freezes on their face.

    Precap: A narrator exclaims that Divya has been a famous tv actress for long, and has earned everyone’s love as Choti Bahu. Now it remains to be seen, as to how this actress’s real love life is, and goes on to depict a scene of Divya’s first interaction with Raj, at the station.

    • Lenor
      May 21, 15:46

      Hi MK, I guess that the final scene with Yash and Aarti.

    • MK
      May 21, 15:48

      I guess that’s it dear.
      Hey are you on face book? Check out PV Ek Nayee Umeed page, where I made the comment about Rubina. You could add your piece too. Lol

    • Lenor
      May 21, 16:05

      Sorry MK, I am not on fb, just their luck.
      I am feeling quite lost.

      MK, does PV2 have their own FB page? Remember I said earlier that the Admins wanted to find out if we would like them to continue PV2 on PV page.

    • MK
      May 21, 16:33

      Yes Lenor!!! Can you believe it? Already a full fledge fb page.

  9. MK
    May 21, 15:22 Reply

    Apple JA
    mk i just rushed in to say about vedant scindhia ,son of vidhi and pankaj. yeah i hoped that there may be the entrance of vedant in a teen ager. i felt so many times he may enter into the scenes i will tell u some of my dream scenes for vedant entry
    scene 1:first i thought vedant will be present at the time of gayatri’s funeral. but neither vedhika nor vedant r present at that time. so i felt some bad but awaited for their entry. vedika came but no vedant ………
    SCENE 2 :at the time of papa s and radha maa punarvivah. they had taken family photo enjoyed lot but there is no vedant in that pic. even in the collage of whole family where arti made for kids and arranged near bed (statue scene pics)
    SCENE 3: AAYUH’S name ceremony. again no vedant
    SCENE 4: When the whole family shifted to mumbai y didnt he come to see his house and his family and help them in shifting to mumbai.
    SCENE 5: after shifting to mumbai. the most most most precious MOTHERS DAY. he didnt come to wish vidhi and take blessings nor he did a phooe call to her. soooo sad. even vidhi didnt remember him

    Apple JA
    SCENE 6: I hope he will come to scindhia mansion new jakotia niwas i mean to say that he may get some holidays . so to surprise his family he may do some plan with his yash chachu.

    Apple JA
    now the writer had a chance to give hisentry chance with his yash chachu. yash entry to SM may be surprise to aarti and vedant for whole family especially for vidhi as well as me too

    Apple JA
    i mentioned me too coz then i can dance singing a song like this i mean
    common everybody humn with me and sing a song.
    hooo finallyyyy
    the writers heardddd
    the voice offffff
    pv fansssss. . . . .
    and finally thank u soooooo much mk for reading my msgs. thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u and now i will take amalaa to dance with me if vedant gives his entry. yaah writer ji meri baath tho suniye nah

    Suni this is from apple, she wrote the above story.

    • Suni
      May 21, 15:40

      WOW !! Very well thought out Apple . The writers do not have a clue how intelligent and observant their viewers are . They made a Schindia family member disappear without and explanation .
      Great work Apple dear . Much love , hugs and kisses to you .
      Thank you Mk , can you please tell Apple that I have 2 messages for her on today’s forum . I know that she had wanted to see Vedant’s return for a while now . I remembered his character most , because of her .

    • MK
      May 21, 15:42

      Ok Suni she’s on fb with me now.

  10. MK
    May 21, 15:19 Reply

    Hi all site gave lots of problems, update not here but read it on facebook.

  11. Afreesh
    May 21, 10:16 Reply

    Suni….Sj…..friends…..Good morning….Good afternoon….Good evening….♡♥♥♥♡♥♥♥♡♥♥♥♡

    Suni….I’m not heart broken my dear friend, Infact feeling very very fine. As you always advised, I’m not willing to destroy my inner peace just because of those unworthy people who doesn’t deserve it at all.

    Yes dear…I’m going with the flow….. That’s why I prefer silence at this time since the present atmosphere need it very badly.
    You know very well, I had done maximum reasoning & analysis & efforts to understand the practical situations by accompanying you and Sj. Therefore, nothing has power to make me bothered about present politics played by mittals and GC.
    Suni….I should share with you the big truth eventhough you hesitate to listen….GC WAS THE MAIN REASON FOR PV SUCCESS AS WELL AS HE WAS THE SOLE REASON FOR IT’S PATHETIC END MORE THAN MITTALS.
    I can’t force myself to melt for his innocent off screen drama. As Sj said the entire cast might’ve realised their mistakes at this time. But it’s too late….
    They have destroyed the charm of PV few months before just because of the unprofessional attitudes of PV cast. If the actor/actress has problem with the requirements of the script why should they choose this entertainment media for making money. There are several fields are available to make money….right???

    I feel pity against the new cast since they are the one going to be punished for other’s mistakes perhaps in another word other’s sins. Just now I”ve seen Rubina & KVG bike ride at sbb segment, they sound professional actors, they had no problem to hug each other even at off screen.

    GC & HIS BETTER HALF need to grow. I’m really waiting to see GC’s new show where his new PH compromises with him for miles away hugs and dry romantic dances.

    • Suni
      May 21, 10:32

      I hear you yaar . I can see clearly what took place , but you are correct , it is not easy to accept that people can be self seeking instead of understanding . You are very correct that there are other ways to make money , if a person acts , they must take their job seriously as a person in any other profession .
      Yesterday it seemed as though the directors had given up on GC’s fight scene . It was done poorly as though it was just a formality to end the Ishita track . There was a lack of emotion that somehow combined with overacting . I was left feeling robbed of a proper ending , which is my biggest point of contention against the Mittals . I understand their position , but , they never try to understand ours . Why couldn’t they end PV with dignity . It would have hurt less if we had seen only the PV cast enjoying with the kids instead of those new uncouth characters .
      I’m not going to dismiss the talents of the new cast yaar . But , what will they offer us , only romantic scenes now between a pair , that no one wants to really see ???
      I know , it is too early , but first impressions make me want to never go near PV2 .

    • Suni
      May 21, 11:00

      Trees that don’t bend with the wind, won’t last the storm

    • Suni
      May 21, 11:09

      Afreesh , I wanted to discuss something with you yaar . You spoke about Ishita’s confidence before and you had wondered what made her feel that she can ever have a man like Yash since she has so many drawbacks and factore against her .
      In real life , what makes this actor KVG , so confident that he can add body to PV 2 ??? That ” body ” he said , was lacking in the 1st PV .
      I was willing to give him a chance despite his limitations to please my eye , but , those words from him made me question his personality . You know very well yaar , that a man’s personality really matters where I am concerned . . . .

    • Afreesh
      May 21, 14:53

      Suni…..I replied you one hour before yaar….it didn’t appear due to error in the site….very big reply yaar….said everything but lost….feeling very bad now….
      Let us chat with short replies….ok

    • Suni
      May 21, 14:59

      I understand yaar . The site was very problematic today . So sorry about your reply 🙁 .

    • Afreesh
      May 21, 15:29

      Suni….I didn’t know how far the article stated the truthful words of KVG…..when I saw one of the sbb he is not looking confident yaar but that actress Rubina seemed very confident and excited

    • Suni
      May 21, 15:34

      Then yaar , even the publicist are playing with us .

    • Afreesh
      May 21, 15:37

      Suni….I didn’t know anything about the new cast yaar. Infact I have neither interest nor hatred for pV2 and it’s cast. I’m blank and open to know what is happening around us.

    • Suni
      May 21, 15:51

      Understood .

    • Afreesh
      May 21, 15:59

      Yes Suni….There are much differences in each media regarding PV off air, that’s why I took efforts to understand the truth through sbb & our PV & the face to face interviews.

      I explained you already (GC gift sbb), he accepted the fact that he is busy with his Marathi film. And his fan indirectly agreed GC was the reason. Then why should we search from the articles yaar.
      Whatever Suni…..the earlier news seems true…. it stated new lead will appear on the show then ARYA story will be ended gradually. This is what happening right now.

      I think Zee gave stress to mittals initially, latter it transferred over mittals & GC. Anyway yaar the show has lost it’s charm because of lack of romantic scenes yaar…

      I will explain

    • Afreesh
      May 21, 16:13

      Suni…. actually they didn’t take any steps to cool the fans after Prashand’s death. Why???…

      It’s not about screen chemistry yaar, almost more than one year the fans were waiting to see ARYA as a proper couple. Yes…. awaited for intimate scenes like bhang night…. why not???..

      Why didn’t they provide us???…. Sj stated clearly “if ARYA showed such chemistry ( these three week) before PV would never end”…

      Suni….there are different types of fans are following PV for different reasons. May be we both are looking for something else and compromised with romantic part. But Sj screamed louder…. Do you know ourselves???… we both never give up easily, that’s why we maintained our hope for PV nonetheless of it’s worst outcomes but our spontaneous Sj lost her interest on it.

    • Suni
      May 21, 16:19

      Very true dear . I think that we were more focussed on the characters and we hoped more for them than the actors portraying them even . SJ saw directly , the people portraying these character ; the reality . The characters can only be as good as the actors make them out them out to be .

    • Afreesh
      May 21, 16:27

      Suni…. the same PH’s leading show aired in star plus is not having much attractive cast but they did lip lock ( I read somewhere not sure)… They are expert at romantic storytelling methods …then why didn’t they take effort to pacify our demands in pv???…

      You know what, mittals heeded to GC’s requirements rather than fan’s requirements. They just cheated us all these days as if terrific romantic scenes are awaiting on the line.

    • Suni
      May 21, 16:35

      Yeah , our SJ would scream for an ArYa vacation . I thought of that last night . Why couldn’t they have ended PV with the family . I never saw the kids playing with Aayu . The Mittals may be experts yaar , but they used that expertise to cheat us .
      At the end of it all , they paid GC for his work , why didn’t they demand a better performance ??

    • Suni
      May 21, 16:39

      Both Rubina and KVG were on long running soaps before . But , how are they going to integrate the concept of remarriage where none of the leads are even married yet ??
      I am so confused .
      I know that you don’t want to think about PV 2 much yet . I wonder though . Did you read my thought about a reason for PV 2 dear. ??

    • MK
      May 21, 16:39

      Suni, before I forget, Apple said she read your comments.

    • Suni
      May 21, 16:41

      Thank you MK 🙂 .

    • Suni
      May 21, 16:55

      Afreesh , what if the Mittals encounter a somewhat opposite problem with PV 2 . Where the cast are not as attractive but they are good actors , but nonetheless they don’t have fan support ??? What were the Mittald thinking when they chose this cast ??
      They were not even brave enough to launch this show on its own . The new family has none of the appeal of the Schindias . They are certainly wealthy , but lack sophistication . Radha commented that not all mother- in- laws are like her . That new woman , seemed even more clueless than Gayatri did sometimes .

    • Afreesh
      May 21, 17:12

      Yes Suni….I read your views….I replied but it’s gone….I felt boring to type the same now… anyway tomorrow I will explain my thoughts regarding your analysis… don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone for pV2….definitely I will join with you….
      By the way Suni…. this time also mittals carefully selected his cast according to storyline. He took extra care at male lead nevertheless of audience expectations. Yes you are absolutely correct, there are prominent reasons behind selecting KVG as male lead dear.

      I will see you tomorrow…bye bye…

    • Suni
      May 21, 17:16

      Much love to you dear ({}) Sweet dreams .

    • Suni
      May 22, 18:24

      Panic! At The Disco – I write Sins Not Tragedies (Acoustic With Lyrics) – YouTube
      ► 3:20► 3:20
      Feb 26, 2012 – Uploaded by tomanatior
      Panic! At The Disco – I write Sins Not Tragedies (Acoustic With Lyrics),

  12. Maz
    May 21, 09:20 Reply

    desirippers is back..

  13. Neha
    May 21, 08:58 Reply

    No Suni, he s look like same to papa not me.

    I was passed only 12th std. I got very low mark. So i was stop my studies. Next step marriage tha.

    • Jai
      May 21, 09:19

      Neenga nalla patikala but unga magan super patikaran.

    • Suni
      May 21, 09:29

      Neha , you are not giving yourself enough praise . You take care of him and support him and give him love . You are just as important as his daddy , you are also a reason for his success .
      Well done , you are a great mom .

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