Punar Vivah 2 23rd May 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 23rd May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 23rd May 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: At the station and in Divya’s car
Divya is husked out of the station, by her relatives, as a huge crowd starts following her. somehow the police manages it, while she drives off in the car. Her brother comments on how much people like tv stars in small towns. The driver too says that he and his family are ardent fans of her show. She breezes through Bhopal streets, reminded of the past moments that she shared here with raj, the way she used to be sitting behind Raj’s motorcycle, where he infuses confidence in her, while he drives fast, and asks her to open her eyes, and shout out to the world, that She is Divya, and she isnt scared of anyone, and how they used to sceram at the top of their lungs about their love for each other. Coming to the present, She wonders where is raj, and why doesnt he surprise her, coming in front of her all of a sudden, after an absence of 10 years.

Scene 2:
Location: At the station
While raj is still at the station, waiting for his train, he sees another person, running behind a girl in the same mannner, that he had for Divya 10 years back. He catches hold of that boy and advises him that a girl running away, and a train leaving from the platform, should never be chased, as it would inflict such a dep wound, that he would never be able to recover. saying so, he leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Divya’s residence
Divya gets very nostalgic seeing her old hopuse, and shares it with everyone else. She starts arranging the house instantly. she beging by setting up her parents’ portrait, which gets her emotional. they place it on a mantlepiece and light a diya and incense sticks. She thinks that she cant wait for another moment, and wishes that time would fly and get him in front of her.

The next morning, Divya’s relatives are discussing marriage proposals, while outside in the lawn, Divya thinks that if she finds him back, her happiness would restore, and she wants to marry only him, and wants to start where she left him, and make up these past 10 years with him. Her family wonders whats in divya’s mind. Her brother gets a call, about a pending marriage proposal. Divya cancels the call, and says that she wants to talk very importantly to them. She says that she wants them to meet Raj. One sister is reminded of Raj being the same guy, who she loved in college. Divya agrees. They are all very surprised hearing this from
her. Her brother is very enthusistic about this, and wants to go immediately to meet raj and his family. Divya stops him and says that she weants to be the first one to meet raj, and dismiss all miunderstandings in these 10 years. One of the ladies ask her not to be upset, but much changes in 10 years, and maybe he’s settles with a family now. Divya isnt convinced, saying that she has the full faith on her love that this wouldnt have happened, and he would still be waiting for her. She says that she couldnt even wait for the night, and now she wants to go immediately to his house, as she remembers the address too. But ignored by everyone, in her heart, she too is scared, and crosses her fingers that he too must be waiting for her still.

Scene 4:
Location: Jagotia’s mansion
Raj gets a cut while shaving, and his mother is instantly bothered, but he dryly asks her not to make a fuss about it, and goes off. She wonders that since he fell in love, this has been his condition, and that now he can return back to normal only when she comes back in his life, and make him meet her just once, and fill his life with happiness. The third daughter, the serious one is very upset hearing this. Sohan’s wife is ignorant that Divya, raj’s love, has finally made an entry in his life back, and is in fact headed towards their home only.

Divya drives in her car, while getting very conscious of how she’s dressed, remembering her past moments with raj. She approaches the address that she remembered cautiously, and hesitates for a moment, and then rings the bell. Sohan’s wife comes out grumbling. She cant imagine that Divya, the tvf heroine has come to her house, asking to meet raj. she gets very excited and gets her inside the house. she goes on to discuss, how lavishly the houses are shown, and expresses her ignorance at the fact, that even Tv sets cost crores of rupees. She goes on to dicuss furniture with her, while she is getting bored. Divya asks for raj. Sohan’s wife says that this is called fortune, as the person who she has come to see, hasnt ever seen her on tv. She asks divya how does she know Raj. Divya shies away and says that she has learnt acting from him, in college, who influenced everyone with his acting skill. Sohan’s wife says that her son, Raj taught drama to many, but himself…. and then lets out a sigh. Divya gets very tensed wondering if something happened to him. But sohan’s wife puts her to relief that nothing like that has happened. She asks for raj to be called. Sohan’s wife says that he left just 15 minutes back. Divya wonders how to bring up the topic of raj’s marriage. She says that there are three sisters of raj, and goes on about her tenants too. she introduces raj’s grandmother too. Divya is happy when she doesnt mention anything about Raj’s wife. She asks who else, and when she nods in disagreement, divya begins to leave, happily that he isnt married after all.

As she begins to leave, sohan’s wife seats her down saying that she wont let her leave without having something to eat or drink. When she offers divya tea, thinking that choti Bahu used to like Elaichi Tea, she says that she doesnt like tea in her real life. But Sohan’s wife doesnt believe it. She goes on to taunt Sarita, and asks her to come fast, to serve them some snacks. As sarita comes with tea, she introduces Divya to Raj’s wife, Sarita. Divya is shocked beyond belief, and is stunned to stone, when she hears this. The screen freezes on her hurt face.

Precap: Sarita goes on to undress herself, in the wardrobe area, and tries to distract Raj, who’s busy working, but does know, when her clothes land on his feet.

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  1. Raz
    May 24, 16:35 Reply

    Oh for goodness sake can you all stop moping and fussing. If u dont wana watch it, then dont. Its been only 3-4 days and you guys are jumping to conclusions. The story is so beautiful and sad so far.i love aarti and punar vivah was one of my favourite shows but life goes on and now theres a new show, embrace it. You either wana watch it or not. If yes then give it a chance and be positive. If not then move on and stop posting this negative crap everyday. You guys are getting boring.
    Im enjoying the new story and new cast. Its so fresh.

  2. Lenor
    May 24, 09:56 Reply

    Good Day/Night to all my beautiful PV Family. Do have a wonderful, peaceful, fun-filled and blessed day today.

    • MK
      May 24, 16:42

      Hi Lenor

  3. Suni
    May 24, 07:32 Reply

    Things work out best for those who make the best out of how things work out .

    • Divya
      May 24, 09:14

      Good Morning Suni….Nice words dear.I just came across this line…Let your relationships flow as melodies of
      love infused with the greatness of wisdom acquired through PV1…I added a bit…
      Honestly,I am not ready to accept PV2.
      The girl Divya remimds me of Radhika and Dave in Chuti Bahu
      Likewise PV1…Artie and Yash
      and Karan and Abha…Swaran Bhavan
      These are shows I loved and it will take some adjusting
      in my mind set to appreciate the present.
      Heading out to Indian Expo.

    • Suni
      May 24, 09:30

      Embrace the present , it is a gift . Be safe and hope that you have a great day πŸ™‚ .

    • MK
      May 24, 09:31

      Good morning all.
      Hey Suni, wise words.
      Hey Divya girl, that Divya girl is Radhika from Choti Bahu, she is now too skinny.
      beautiful words to start the morning girls.
      Indian expo opened so early?

  4. Suni
    May 24, 07:24 Reply

    Good Morning or Good Afternoo Everyone πŸ™‚ . Hope that you all have a day filled with love , peace and happiness .

    • Afreesh
      May 24, 07:28

      Good morning Suni…..β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯

      Where do you want me to reply dear…shall I do it yesterday’s forum???…I think it’s better…

    • Suni
      May 24, 07:31

      Yes dear πŸ™‚

    • Lenor
      May 24, 09:59

      Hello Suni and Afreesh, Good Day.

    • Suni
      May 26, 09:30

      Kahin To Hogi Wo – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na – Full Video – YouTube
      β–Ί 5:16β–Ί 5:16
      Jul 13, 2008 – Uploaded by kamleshsulanki’s channel
      Kahin To Hogi Wo full song from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

  5. swapna
    May 24, 01:12 Reply

    Missing Arya and kids -aayu ,ansh palak,payal -adorable kids of aarya Scenes are missing

      May 23, 22:40

      Anu,,,I don’t know,,,, but these two are the best on scene couple that are loved by everyone that watch the original PV…………….. And even though they are off the air,,,, they are still the best……………..

  6. ammara& agastaya
    May 23, 21:39 Reply

    hey guys i know everyone is grieving and sad but lets give the show a chance they had to name it punar vivah for a reason so it may take a little time but it’ll make sense sooner or later

    • Suni
      May 23, 22:07

      I agree dear . The PH spent money and time on this production , they must have a plan for its future . We can’t go back to PV1 . . There is no harm in giving this one a try . If we don’t like it after some time , we can simply move on to something else .

      May 23, 22:41

      We will try………….. And you are right………..

    • Thanks MK those pics were very nice.
      Kratz in the gold sari beautiful!
      I remember the scene when yash saw aarti in that sari,he was spell bound.
      Heading to bed had tough day at work really tired,and sad about pv ending. Have a good night everyone.

    • MK
      May 23, 19:09

      night sweetie

  7. Hi guys,I”M havin a pv1 meltdown today I miss my aarya,I never felt this way about any type of show.
    All the looks they shared,how they didn’t need words to understand wat each other were feeling,I miss the kids always interupting their parents romance,I miss vidhi and partik teasing! I even miss maya!
    Not a good day when it comes to my feelings about my show not being here anymore.
    I”m finally having the meltdown.

    May 23, 18:30 Reply

    The serial is just two or three days old,, but I am very much confuse as to what is happing right now……………. When it first air,,, there was a wedding going on and the groom was missing,,,, next episode we saw Divya walking down memory lane and today something else,,, she at Raj house……………….. What is going on because the beginning,,, she get an assignment as a wedding planner and was thinking about her Love, her life and now,,,,,,, I am confuse,,, very confused……………

    • MK
      May 23, 18:34

      So so confused to dear.
      And to top it off the name is Punar Vivah Ek Nayee Umeed
      I think the title is inappropriate.
      I don’t mind a new serial with a new name, same makers.
      And they could have used PV to promote their new show with new name.

      May 23, 22:46

      MK,,,, it hurt a lot,, and words can nor express how it feels………..

  9. MK
    May 23, 17:05 Reply

    You know talking about lost love etc. We or shall I say most of us including myself have lost in love at least once in our lives.
    I know I did. It took me like what seems like forever to get over, but I moved on eventually. You don’t get stuck in a rut. Yes you cannot and will not ever forget that first love because nothing can be as beautiful as that.
    But when one is gone the other has to pick up the pieces and get on with life.
    Raj has gotten married to Sarita for whatever the reason. But she is a person, someone’s daughter, sister etc. with emotions and expectations just like anyone else. He should live up to his responsibility and what the PH trying to say here. That you get married just for name sake with no regard whatsoever for the other party.
    Remember, the other party parents and relatives have certain expectations from her. So to the other. Remember Raj parents wants an heir. He choose to get married to please them. Now be a man and live up to your responsibilities.

    This show is just so wrong on values and characters etc. and I am not referring to characters in the sense of the actors and their characters they play.

    And further, it does not matter if the show aired for one day two days three days, or one minute, it is all “About the Show” notice it’s in inverted commas. the PV “About the Show” was about remarriage and a new life and what happens after.

    This show is about a couple being separated before marriage, one getting married and not accepting etc. It certainly not PV.

    Gosh, is this my life all over again? Naaaah, I’ve moved ahead.

    • Magi
      May 23, 17:10


      Appreciate your sense of humor much needed here today. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    • MK
      May 23, 17:11

      Thanks Magi

    • Anu xD
      May 23, 17:25

      Well said MK, and it is the pure facts Punar VIvah is and let put this simple for all those in PH (my respects to them for PV1) PUNAR VIVAH OR REMARRIAGE IS THE MARRIAGE OF TWO PERSONS WHO WERE MARRIED BEFORE OR PERVIOUSLY!

    • Anu xD
      May 23, 17:26


      just a continuation!

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 23, 17:32


      poor sarita suffering in her in-laws

      darn it

      I shall write my story with these 2 names…a better punar vivah 2 never to replace PV1 but a great storyline…to tumblr

    • Suni
      May 23, 17:41

      Thank you MK . Much appreciated ..
      I am still in disbelief that the plot can be what it appears to be . How will they turn this story into one will be able to stand on moral grounds ??

    • PAT
      May 23, 18:10

      MK,,,,,, I am right there with you……….. Mine is still going on,,, and for some reason,, at time my mine do wonder there and it plays the what ifs game………… But we have to move on…………… But 10yrs is too long for someone to just sit and be waiting for what may or may not happen…………….

    • MK
      May 23, 18:18

      Thanks Anu, Suni, MU and Pat for understanding.
      Yes Pat, I know exactly what you mean, the mind is something you can control with great will power. But we are not all saints. My mind also goes to that place sometimes the “what ifs”, the “if only” and “it should have been” etc.
      but life is what it is and we move on.

  10. Divya
    May 23, 16:37 Reply

    Ladies,I have to agree with anonymous,the show has aired for only three days and that is not enough time to make assumptions.The new job vs old job reference is a good example.The choice is yours to give PV2 a chance or just leave the people to do their job.You have not invested your money in this show,whether good or bad your opinion is null and void. Their are many people who have lost their first love partner because of similar situations and they will find the show very interesting.You can have Punar Vivah not only through death.I was an ardent follower of PV1.I look at PV2 it is definitely a different show. I need time to accept everything that has been happening and also keep a check on my valuable time that has been vested in these shows.These people work for a salary while we look at their acting for entertainment..Viewers do not get me wrong,you cannot be condemning the show in this manner.You did the same with PV1. Understand that this is a new show with a new concept and you can make your choice but do not bring the same negativity here.I would like to think that some of you people here can only see the negative in everything around you.

    • lmfao
      May 23, 16:42

      not to be mean but I disagree the concept is BS thus far!

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 23, 16:45

      yes true

      but im concerned for Sarita. Her character makes me pity her and Im afarid they will make her the scapegoat for raj-divya reunion. Punar Vivah 2 I’ll only observe this show to see the logics and understanding of this. Where is the plot going? Raj is heartbroken Sarita is struggling and lonely Divya is heartbroken yet has success. Love Triangle

    • Suni
      May 23, 16:51

      Divya , I began assessing this show since the first day the characters made their appearance . I did so with a very open mind . This forum consists of people who are adequately informed to make their comments ; we do not speak from a point of ignorance . We are very familiar with the PH and we can speak about their modus operandi .
      You are very wrong about the concept being different ; the name says Punar Vivah 2 . .You are also very wrong to believe that our opinions do not matter . The Mittals did not produce their show for Apes in a Zoo . They have an intended audience . I watch , so I am a part of that audience . I will express myself in the way I feel comfortable and if that means that I do not find everything perfect with this show , then I will say exactly that .

    • Magi
      May 23, 16:59

      Hey Divya,

      Appreciate your POV but I cannot honestly say that I have found persons on this forum to dwell on or see only negativity in everything around them. When one follows a show there are certain expectations in terms of the preference in the development and execution of the script, no doubt you, yourself have also had your moments in this regard. The nice thing about this particular forum and I sure do hope it remains that way is that we can rant and rave express our various opinions freely and agreement is not needed but we must all be agreeable. I cannot say that because people express views different to my own that their views are negative; Your own view may be at variance to my own but I appreciate it and see it as an opportunity for discourse and at the end of the day to have some fun with a worldwide community (with different views.)

    • Anu xD
      May 23, 17:01

      Divya, I too am in disagreement with you! There is PV1 and there is PV2, the logical and plot of PV1 was understandable but not PV2 and it is the same concept! And we do have a right to express our views and my view is the Pv2 will never be as great as PV1 or even close, for I have tried with an open heart to understand it and from my attempt I know I can’t understand it or learn to love it! But this is my view and that won’t change you or anything else!

    • MK
      May 23, 16:54

      hi Farzz

    • Suni
      May 23, 17:51

      Thank you dear πŸ™‚

      May 23, 23:22

      Asya4ever,,,, thank you very much,,, you brought back our old memory and it felt great………………… Now I can’t stop the tears,,,,,, Thank you…………………

    • MK
      May 23, 16:54

      Thanks Anu

    • Suni
      May 23, 18:01

      Thanks Anu

      May 23, 23:32

      Thanks Anu,,, it was great watching it from the very beginning and it felt wonderful…………….

  11. MK
    May 23, 16:18 Reply

    Hi Suni cooking dinner dear. Yes Suni. No violence and want to keep it that way. According to admin they are going to create a separate page for us to discuss or PV. I think it is good, you know, to avoid conflict and hurting anybody with comments etc. it’s not nice to do that you know.



    • admin
      May 23, 16:43

      We started doing updates from may / june 2012

      You can google for earlier updates and shall find on other site(s)

    • Anu xD
      May 23, 17:02

      okay thanks Admin!

  13. Suni
    May 23, 16:11 Reply

    Hi Everyone πŸ™‚ . Great points from all of you . I’m so proud of you guys πŸ™‚ . No one resorted to any anger , you simply explained your POV .
    I’m wondering , why all the mystery around Raj’s wife ?? Why is he so sulky ??
    The Mittals seem to like starting their shows with forlorn , broken hearted men .

    • Magi
      May 23, 16:38

      Ms. unbelievable,
      I unequivocally agree with you. Many if not all of these serials centre around the theme of marriage to some extent but PV took it a step further to deal with second marriages. where I would say PV1 fell short is that it was too much of a β€˜who done’ sometimes and we did not get to see the gelling of a family and the fostering of a bond between husband and wife, for all that however it did have enough content to make us see the possibilities for love and bonding in remarriage.
      Now as these initial days seem to suggest, is the breakup of a marriage going to facilitate a remarriage – sure it may and no doubt is most prevalent but is it something we want to give credence to? It would be very displeasing to me to see Sarita being discarded like an old shoe to give Raj his happiness back.

    • Magi
      May 23, 16:43

      Hey Suni,

      Sorry I posted the wrong thing… Is this PV1 withdrawal symptoms. loll.

      You’re right the first one was sad and forlorn because his wife died, Raj is sad because he does not seem to love his wife and would rather to have married someone else. Are we now going to see the death of a marriage because one partner is unhappy or are they going to kill off Sarita so that Raj can have his punar vivah? The thing with this punar vivar is that it is a one-sided affair since Divya seems to have remained single making films and planning to return to Raj with the expectation that he would be also waiting for her so for Divya this may be a first marriage. This brings a new dynamic and one I don’t mind exploring but not at the expense of an innocent spouse who would have lost 10 years of their life in a loveless marriage.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 23, 16:47


      THAT is what i fear is coming from this PV2

    • Suni
      May 23, 16:58

      Magi , MU , we can never tell what would happen . If there is one thing that I learnt from PV1 it is that things can take a very unpredictable route . It does not seem as simple , Raj is sad despite having a wife at home to serve him .
      Divya gave up her love for her career . Both Raj and Divya moved on physically in life , but their hearts remained trapped in a time and space from 10 years back .

  14. Anu xD
    May 23, 15:53 Reply

    Anu xD is currently holding all comments till PV2 Forum is created as she does not which to add comments to a show which she has no interest. She is currently on youtube reliving Arya and GurKratz moments for the start….

    • Magi
      May 23, 16:03

      Anu xD.
      thought I was the only one doing that. lolllll

    • Anu xD
      May 23, 16:05

      awww MU *hugs while the tear run down* …..lol MU had to respond to that!

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 23, 16:12

      no (smiles innocently)

      yeah i had to lol

      i already started watching the shaddi last night

      i hope you saw the Ye Dil Hai music videos…(sniffs)i posted it yesterday

    • Suni
      May 23, 16:12

      Hi MU , Magi , MK , Anu xD . How are you guys doing today ??

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 23, 16:27

      here Suni…today is labour day in JA so im home relaxing before i have to back to work tomorrow

    • Suni
      May 23, 16:38

      Enjoy MU πŸ™‚ .

  15. MK
    May 23, 15:26 Reply

    Anonymous, I don’t thin magi is comparing dear. There is not comparison between PV and PVENU. They are poles apart.
    What the concern here is the entire concept of the story as stated so far.
    A loveless marriage that has never been accepted by the husband.
    A girl leaving for 10 years, with now contact with her love interest, suddenly returning and expect him to be waiting for her.
    So what are the cv s trying to portray here, you marry for the sake of keeping family and property, business etc and ignore your wife, the mother in law treating her like dirt or a curse.
    We have characters totally no classy oh I could go on.
    But this is not PV and can never be compared to PV.
    The Mittals should change the name of this show. It should be called something totally differently because if the talking PV, it only means that raj is going to divorce his wife to marry Divya?
    Where is the morality of this show.
    Are we to become so Americanized that we put divorce as the order of the day?
    This show so far has not portrayed any class or culture pertaining to Indian culture etc.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 23, 15:33

      MK you are right…Sarita is collateral damage like I said..

    • anonymous
      May 23, 15:33

      Mk. i respect your pov.
      what you are doing above- isnt that comparing?

      anyways, im not here to create an issue.
      everyone has a choice.
      i choose to move on and enjoy the show.
      as i mentioned before these ppl need to act to make their living.

    • Magi
      May 23, 15:45


      One of the great things of this particular forum is that we all agree to disagree and due to that we learn so much from each other and become faceless friends who actually look forward to hear from each other and share our views different though they may be (sometimes all I have time to do is read what you guy think but I also look forward to that) that’s what I in particular like about this forum so let me make it clear that I value your input and opinion even if I may differ, at the end of the day your views challenge me to be introspective in terms of my own views and see where I may or may not have to make certain adjustments in terms of how I view some issues. We may concur or we may beg to differ but at the end of the day we are all better individuals for it, What say you, MK?

    • MK
      May 23, 15:58

      You are so right Magi, and anonymous I am not attacking the actors, dear. At the end of the day they have to earn they bread and butter just like anyone else.
      You are missing my point totally.
      Anyway enjoy your show dear.

  16. Magi
    May 23, 14:41 Reply

    Our PV1 was a compelling story from inception so that they stole our hearts and captivated our attention from day one.. PV2 has yet to make me feel that I just have to see tomorrow’s epi. Already, I don’t like the storyline if as it suggests, Sarita has to actually go out of her way to get the attention of the man she married ten years ago. What kind of life did she have if this is the case; what was her fault if she was not the reason for the break up between Raj and Divya? Is Raj going to divorce her to be with his true love (would hate to see this trend as a reason for Punar Vivah 2) This new chapter seems very contrived and hastily put together.. only time will tell how the plot pans out but as of now it can’t hold a candle to the original in terms of initial impact.

    • anonymous
      May 23, 14:47

      just give it time. the show is not even 3 days old.
      im sure everything will make sense later.

      everyone is busy sulking over pv1.

    • Magi
      May 23, 15:02

      Hi there anonymous,

      I would hardly call it sulking but I would conclude and agree that there is valid sense of disappointment. And you have echoed my point nicely… it has been three days… at the end three days of PV1 the PH had accomplish what it had set out to do and then some, viewer appeal and interest was through the roof. Simply observing that this time around they have not been able to match the viewer appeal. Have you ever bought a product liked it so much that you went to get another and the second just did not cut it? that is my initial view but as you say it may very well go on to amaze but for me there is no opening ‘wow factor’ in this new plot. Just my opinion.

    • anonymous
      May 23, 15:09

      magi..i understand how you are feeling.
      similarly..if you just started a new job and after 3 days on the job you are being compared to someone who was working at the same company and position for over a year. How does it feel to be compared in such a short time span?

      Just trying to make a point same as you are.
      Everything takes time. These ppl are here to entertain.
      Its fans like us that will “make them” or “break them”. this is how they make their living.

      i was also an avid pv fan as well and the thought of the show ending brought me a lot of sadness but you just get over it. Its just not fair to point fingers and judge.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 23, 15:23

      call it betrayal in a sense. If PV2 was suppose to be so good and great then why did they have to keep the cast of PV1 to introduce it? I beleive Rubina and Karan are great actors but I beleive its an insult to use the talents of the old cast to promote a new cast just to keep/persuade the fans and audience to watch the new show. Its at its saying to me rubina and karan cant keep the fans alive without KS & GC.

      A new show should have its own cast to promote it and promote the effectiveness of their own talent. Choti Bahu and YMGGK were awesome!Talents were seen and appreciated but them using KS & GC to comepell us to watch it says something.

      People may sulk but in time persons will come out and see for themselves

      And you are correct Magi. 10 years of marraige then your old love comes back to break it and take back her man? This already shows too much heart-break I pity sarita, Im upset as Raj did not stand up for Divya or go with her to make a new life together. So to me sarita is the collateral damaged one here

    • Magi
      May 23, 15:33


      Well , see your point but I could also view that in terms of performance versus content, It would not be fair to judge someone prematurely based on the performance of another person’s performance in the workplace – albeit over time given the same factors this could be done. Notwithstanding, competence is not the duplicating of actions – people can be competent but use different ways to deliver the results. The only measure here would be delivery of the outcomes of the job function in a fair and measurable system.

      But that aside, I believe it is entirely possible to judge something for content as opposed to performance; I am not even venturing at this early stage to compare the acting capabilities of the PV1 team vs. the PV2 team, if indeed I will ever do this since I would not want to see GC and KS clones. Ever actor/actress brings his/her own unique characterization to the drama being portrayed and I will defend their right to be allowed to do this. As viewer’s ,in my opinion, all that we should expect is that they do so well and not that they imitate other actors well.

    • Magi
      May 23, 16:01

      Ms. Unbelievable,

      I unequivocally agree with you. Many if not all of these serials center around the theme of marriage to some extent but PV took it a step further to deal with second marriages. Where I would say PV1 fell short is that it was too much of a β€˜who done it’ sometimes and we did not get to see enough of the gelling of a family and the fostering of a bond between husband and wife, for all that however it did have enough content to make us see the possibilities for love and bonding in remarriage.
      Now as these initial days seem to suggest, is the breakup of a marriage going to facilitate a remarriage – sure it may and no doubt is most prevalent but is it something we want to give credence to? It would be very displeasing to me to see Sarita being discarded like an old shoe to give Raj his happiness back.

  17. anonymous
    May 23, 14:10 Reply

    everyone boycutting pv2?
    sometimes ppl need to act like adults and grow up.
    It is just a show. they are here to entertain us.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 23, 14:20

      thats true. But everyone has a right to choose their own show to watch correct? Its not being children or adults its about decisions and some persons just choose not to watch. If you enjoy it Im happy for you

    • Magi
      May 23, 14:43

      Ms. Unbelievable


    • anonymous
      May 23, 14:45

      thats right. we all have our choices.
      cut your losses and move on.
      this is the entertainment business.

  18. shelly
    May 23, 13:55 Reply

    divya darling..find yourself a new guy!
    dont leave a man for 10 years and expect him to wait on you forever.

    • shelly
      May 23, 13:56

      im guessing she didnt stay in touch with raj .. and still expected him to wait on her. how sad

    • Magi
      May 23, 14:46

      great point

  19. shelly
    May 23, 13:55 Reply

    sarita is trying very hard to get raj’s attention..hahaha

  20. fan
    May 23, 13:11 Reply

    nice epi.
    waiting for the story to unfold!

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