Punar Vivah 2 24th May 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 24th May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 24th May 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s mansion
Divya is stunned to silence, hearing about the wife of her first love. She clenches her fist in hurt. Sohan’s wife goes on to taunt sarita in front of her too. As she takes the tea from Sarita, divya faces raj’s wife for the first time. She folds her hands and greets her, and sarita silently nods. She leaves from there. Sohan’s wife goes behind her, to taunnt her and reprimand her.

Sarita loses her temper, and goes on to say nasty words herself to her mother in law, who instantly starts comparing her to Divya’s character in choti Bahu. Divya is a silent spectator to all of this. Sarita goes on to say that even choti bahu is equally worse in real life, and that reel life isnt to be believed.

As she goes inside after a huge verbal scuffle, with her mother in law, Sohan’s wife goes on to tell divya, about the girl who raj loves, and who left him, because of which they had to get him married to someone else, and if she could find that girl again, she would readily get raj married to his love. Sohan’s wife, hearing a thud on the floor, coming from the kitchen, asks divya to wait while she goes inside. Divya is too shocked at the latest turn of events to be able to react. As sohan’s wife goes inside to teach sarita a lesson, divya remembers what sohan’s wife just told about raj’s scorned lover. she is in tears, and goes off from there.

Later, Sarita is again reprimanded by everyone in the house, for the same that had happened earlier in the morning. The two useless sisters of Raj, continue to taunt and tease sarita and make her intentionally work extra, by spilling crap on the floor, after she dusted it once. The girls and everyone go on to reprimand sarita, as to how she isnt like Choti bahu, who is so well mannered, unable to bear which, she goes and holds the youngest girl’s hand, and asks her to clean it now. However sohan’s wife stops her. seeing the commotion again, raj’s granny steps in and asks them to stop fighting. As they continuously keep taunting her in the name of Choti Bahu, Sarita says that they should have stopped her and send a marriage proposal and made her the daughter in law of this house, and get raj remrried to her, which is so common these days, and that would give her a way to be rid of this family too, onec and for all. The eldest one comes and hearing this, says that noone would mention Divya to raj. She reminds them what had happened last time divya was mentioned. Their mother instructs them not to ever mention divya’s name to raj.

Scene 2:
Location: Divya’s residence
All are upset to find Divya in anger. They continuously ask him what happened, as she had gone to meet raj, and ask if he got angry seeing her. Divya says that she didnt meet him, and after what she saw today, she wont ever step foot in that house again. She says that its not his fault, as he wont be able to see the pain he is in right now. She is very upset at the way sarita was behaving with the mother in law. She says that he could never bear carelessness, and that he always told her how to dress up, and is responsible for the entire change of wardrobe. And that his own wife dresses shabbily. She says that she’s sure that raj isnt happy. Divya is very upset. Her brother asks her what is she angry about, that he married a girl like sarita, or that he married at all. His wife asks him not to talk like that to divya, as she already is upset. But Divya says that he is right, and that she’s indeed angry that he married without waiting for her, hsi true love, when they have been always told, that when nothing else waits, true love always does. She says that she’s waited for him for the past 10 years, and yet he couldnt understand her helplessness.

Divya is out on the balcony, crying at the latest turn her life has taken. Seeing a couple helping each other, Divya is reminded how she used to get jealous when raj ever talked with any other girl, and Raj teasing her about the same. He promises that he would always be hers, in this and the next many births to come. She cries thinking about that memory. She runs out of the house, in the rain, starts the scooty, and drives off, while her bhabhi wonders where is she going in this rain and that if anyone saw her like this, they would recognise her as the tv star, and she could be in trouble.

Scene 3:
Location: Raj’s shop
Raj is shown to be working in the Raddi shop, nonchalantly, romantically disengaged, throwing off all romantic poetry, in the garbage.

Scene 4:
Location: Jagotia’s mansion
Taking clothes off the roof, in the rain, sarita sees raj, coming in the bedroom, and is romantically kindled. She comes inside shyly, and raj casts a glance at her, and then goes back to his work. she is feeling cold, under the fan, but raj doesnt seem to notice it, immersed in his work. sarita closes off the door, and goes on to blow dry her hair, and water droplets sprinkle on raj, which unnerves him. But seeing that it didnt have the desired effect, Sarita takes off the saree, to seduce him, he looks startled and then gets back to his work. She goes on to undress herself, in the wardrobe area, and tries to distract Raj, who’s busy working, but does know, when her clothes land on his feet. She leaves.

As sarita comes out with a change of saree, she finds raj talking to someone on the phone, regarding a delivery, and walking out of the room, while she runs desperately. after he’s gone, she looks at herself in the mirror, teary eyed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sarita tells granny, that the irony of her life is that, banging her head against the wall, would result in giving pain to her only. Granny curses the girl, who destroyed raj so much so, after leaving him, that left him emotionally incapable to attach himself to someone else. Sarita says that once she finds that girl, she would definitely have her way with that girl.

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    • Suni
      June 01, 05:27


  1. fulaanty
    May 27, 04:33 Reply

    Hey guys punar vivaah was my number 1 show. I loved it very much.
    then qubool hai came and stole my heart since the very first day it began
    Till now punar vivah is still one of my best shows but the writer screwed up we have no options than to forget
    And this punar vivah 2 storyline is very good I like the starting too much so full of mystery
    And I like mystery ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Amaica
      May 26, 19:44

      Suni or MK I am sorry to be calling up on you
      so often but I am sure that you will understand my predicament….
      I notice that there are two forums now…
      Before we had just one…Punar Vivah…
      Now we have Punar Vivah 1 and Punar Vivah 2
      I will prefer to remain with the present
      Where do I post my views….1 or 2….
      It’s a bit confusing.

    • Suni
      May 26, 19:52

      Amaica dear , you can post them anywhere . I will post my PV1 related items , like links , on the fan page , but , I cannot avoid discussing some PV1 matters here also , since both shows share the same PH and a very similar style .

    • Suni
      May 26, 19:54

      Oh , and Amaica , you can call on me anytime , never a problem . It is such a small matter really . .

    • Amaica
      May 26, 20:07

      Thank you so very much Suni…
      Remember this…The love is always
      there.High tides low tides the ocean
      remains unaffected.Therein lies the
      greatness of it all.

    • Suni
      May 26, 20:28

      Thank you Amaica , we will be like the ocean ๐Ÿ™‚ . .. . .

    • MK
      May 26, 21:05

      Hey Amaica, you can comment on new show here, and we can also discuss issues on PV 1. So as not to upset PV 2 members with our gup chup. Lol

  2. Anu xD
    May 26, 12:50 Reply

    Anyone excited about MY version of PV tomorrow don’t forget to tune in!!! And like they do I’m gonna replay the promo once more!

    Opening cover to Punar Vivah-
    Yash and Aarti are on a swing in the backyard of their mansion in Mumbai and they are hugging closelyโ€ฆthen a guy in a black suit comes into view in front of Yash and Aarti and is holding Aarti photo and he is staring at it the over voice says,โ€ Yash and Aartiโ€™s marriage has been trough may test, but can it stand this one or will this be the end of their Punar VIvah?โ€

    • Suni
      May 26, 12:52

      I’m excited dear . But , you should post it on the fan page so as to not annoy the new PV2 fans .

    • Sangeetha
      May 27, 02:08

      I realy like ur written update . I like u @ ur imagine power. Pls tell timings for ur writen coments

    • Sj
      May 26, 12:23

      For sure Affresh and Suni are very intellegent
      Suni some time act like one good child like right or wrong while Affresh come along and shut us up with her good logic in practical world. And calm me dwn when I moun and make stupid comment

      Hu ha …. three idiot team still alve LOL
      You know tat LOL word we ad sed so many time 6 month ago, I thn we forgot what is even LOL means

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 12:24

      Hi Ammara…. Thank you for your positive words….once you said, you like Rubina….right???… how do you feel about her at this time???…
      upto me, she looks pretty but she is very lean, she has to gain weight…

    • Suni
      May 26, 12:26

      You are correct ammara ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 12:36

      Hi Sj darling….you are here….wow

      Tell me who is that man performed with GC???… Sj, did you notice, all the acters were seated with their on screen pair although their real lover or wife was present over there….
      I think, madhubala leads deserve that best Jodi award yaar…. That actress Drasti is doing exceptional work at romance part. I used to watch madhubala at times, recently I watched a scene where Vivian & Drasti had romance scene in a bathtub filled by water…. she is professional actress…

    • Suni
      May 26, 12:51

      Hi SJ darling ๐Ÿ™‚ . It is good to see the Lol from you .
      Afreesh , I saw the dance also . It was very entertaining , I must say ๐Ÿ˜€ . I laughed when the girl covered her eyes and the the other one dropped her jaw , so funny . I know exactly how they felt . GC’s muscles looked superior to the others ; he seems to act a lot when he is dancing. He is very conscious about being on camera .

    • Sj
      May 26, 13:13

      Yah Suni that us true, you put the right words, gc is superb but h us very concious, lik hus ake up is o/ k will pull his shirt or night short whe he sit or stand, even when he speaks hs dog lounges. That s why he has so much Gap between his dialogue.
      He is very sexy and hot, his eyes ad expression do it all, he does not need to overact at all
      Well yah I notice Affresh every one was their in screen Jodi Jodi
      Well n one was there frim PV anyway secondly, Gc never SITS with his PV family or
      With KS n Zee rishay awRd he was sitting with his wife while everyone was with there tem and with their spouse too
      So what happned GC loved his wife s mc , I admire that, and respect that , his wife should not carted way, GC affraid from hs wife he is calm and gentle person later tey becme controversial
      And it is not good fr his carrier.
      I was looking smthng in Internet , I found an article, reporter ask debeena how Luke you feel gc doing close acting with his female co star, sG got angry, she said, as long as my stove burning, he will not hurt me.So poor guy hav a sword hanging n hs head all the time
      Wip even n GC’s movie yar mea rab varga, she is in there for just for be dance

      She has no other act there
      Yah I feel bad with all that controversy pv end up prematurely and we as the audence
      Are ditched iff, but on the other note, we should expect that.
      may in other show he will come we will be able to watch him, we should give chance to PV 2 like you and in Saud
      Y know KS and G neve Saud hey Ra ong I miss each other KS was keep saying she old like to wrk with KSG . Never Saud hw much he lern from GC all the dances and many thng
      It bugged me a little , may be because Debeena had issue with KS once
      Love you all mss you guys, orum des not seems the same, it seems we all scattered

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 13:18

      Suni…. The other guy (watch man costume) fitness attracted me yaar….Yeah, of course facewise not good looking than GC. Do you think stomach part has perfect fitness for GC???… I don’t think so..
      Yes Suni….it’s very true, he is very conscious when he is around the camera, because he know the importance of it…..LOL

    • Suni
      May 26, 13:27

      Afreesh , we are seeing his flaws for what they are , now that our hearts have been broken by PV , and the light is shining through ๐Ÿ˜€ . Too much of GC on PV also , and not enough Yash for the romantic scenes .

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 13:38

      Lol Suni…. No yaar, I always used to feel that whenever he appears shirtless in the dance shows.
      Yeah, the towel scenes in PV had perfect fitness….hahaha

    • Suni
      May 26, 13:43

      Ahhh so true :D.

  3. lisa
    May 26, 07:46 Reply

    I think I am going 2 enjoy pv2

  4. Afreesh
    May 26, 06:49 Reply

    Suni…..Sj…..friends…..Good morning….Good afternoon….Good evening….โ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™ก

    Suni…..yes I saw the fan page my dear….but I don’t like to cherish my sad memory for those who doesn’t deserve it. Did you see my last reply at 22nd yaar. I’m glad that you read that DC book yaar, we will discuss about it until the present story attract us…okey….
    However, I should reply for your comments, I will do it after some time…

    Sj…. I’m very glad that you watched the award function at colours…. yeah, me too surprised yaar, but Sj PV cast was under nomination (GC nominated for best lead acter, chetan and KS and children name were in that list) but no one win the award. Yes, other shows of Mittals won awards. I don’t understand the reason either, but I’m not upset my dear. Let the professional acters/actress who is dedicated fully to their job must get such pride nonetheless of their popularity & fame.
    Sj…..that desi boys dance was excellent, who is that man performed with watch man costumes???? He performed with effortless ease yaar….why GC is troubling himself too much while dancing, I felt like he is somehow wasting whole energy to perform well. That’s why he looks very tired after such dance performances….

    • Suni
      May 26, 06:58

      Good Afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Suni
      May 26, 08:10

      Afreesh , the most profound teaching that I took from the book I read recently , is that everything in this moment was meant to be exactly as it is . Pv1,was great while it lasted yaar . It wasn’t perfect , but we loved it .
      I found it funny , while reading the book , that if everyone followed these teachings exactly then life would be kinda dull . There wouldn’t be any soaps because no one would make mistakes and there would be no such shows because no one would have to learn anything since they would know it all already . But , what I appreciated is that we have to keep trying to understand that our decisions and our actions from today will affect our tomorrows . We must have a clear idea of where we want to go , before we journey towards that destination . We should rest the soul just like we rest our bodies , don’t worry , don’t stress , just trust in God’s plan .

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 08:37

      Suni….. yes you are very correct about the symbolic notes of Ayas khan characterisation ( I had seen him in Bollywood movie…he is the same one???.. I’m not much aware of this guy Yaar)

      And regarding Divya & Raj…. she covered her identity from Raj eventhough she is looking for him just to escape from the fans…Is she going to hide herself forever from Raj’s vision just to fulfill the rules of society???… and that depressed Raj didn’t even try to notice who is infront of him.
      Does the destiny is trying to unite them (which was represented by that white pigeon) despite of their unwillingness????….

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 08:57

      Suni….before coming to the serious topic, let me convey my opinion regarding Divya’s complaint.

      Divya is basically a soft natured, well mannered, courteous female who had changed her personality according to Raj taste & wish . When she recognized Raj wife was just front of her, she greeted her wholeheartedly although she shocked terribly by her entry. But Sharita nodded her head as if the servant is infront of her. Divya didn’t like Raj mom’s approach & her taunts towards Sarita, but Sharita proved herself worst than that uncouth lady.
      I think, Divya didn’t complain about Sharita, perhaps worried about the wrong choice of Raj whoย emphasises the perfection at everything.

    • Suni
      May 26, 09:00

      You may be correct yaar , about Divya wanting to follow society’s rules and keeping herself hidden from Raj .
      The pigeon is usually used to suggest a new beginning , their love story is shrouded in darkness and regret symbolised by the black veil . The white bird , able to take fight , suggests hope for the future . Divya revealed her true self to Ayaz’s character by lifting her veil , he saw her as Divya not as Radica .
      Even if Divya enters Raj’s family , they will expect her to be Radica and still would not be content with her . Raj pleased his father , not himself ( he would have had his reasons , we will see ) he didn’t wait for the person he thinks of as his true love . Even Divya was forced to put her family first , we saw that her parents are deceased . But , will love did a way. . . or has too much happened in 10 years ???

    • Suni
      May 26, 09:07

      But Afreesh , could Divya herself have done better ?? She cannot judge what she hasn’t had to face . Should Sarita have been like CB ?? Is that their message ?? She is human . Look at Raj , why is he not fulfilling his role as a husband ?? He is heart broken and bitter because of something that was lost 10 years before . Love should bring happiness , he got separated from Divya , but his life did not end .

    • Suni
      May 26, 09:11

      Afreesh , the most profound teaching that I took from the book I read recently , is that everything in this moment was meant to be exactly as it is . Pv1,was great while it lasted yaar . It wasn’t perfect , but we loved it .
      I found it funny , while reading the book , that if everyone followed these teachings exactly then life would be kinda dull . There wouldn’t be any soaps because no one would make mistakes and there would be no such shows because no one would have to learn anything since they would know it all already . But , what I appreciated is that we have to keep trying to understand that our decisions and our actions from today will affect our tomorrows . We must have a clear idea of where we want to go , before we journey towards that destination . We should rest the soul just like we rest our bodies , don’t worry , don’t stress , just trust in God’s plan .

      Afreesh , for some reason this comment is still awaiting moderation :S .
      But , no one moderates our hater/fan’s comments LOL .

    • Suni
      May 26, 09:32

      Kahin To Hogi Wo – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na – Full Video – YouTube
      โ–บ 5:16โ–บ 5:16
      Jul 13, 2008 – Uploaded by kamleshsulanki’s channel
      Kahin To Hogi Wo full song from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

    • Suni
      May 26, 09:35

      I really hope that his character doesn’t meet a similar faith as in the video yaar , ROFL .

    • Suni
      May 26, 09:37

      Afreesh , I’ve got to go for a little while dear . . Take care until .

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 09:40

      Suni…. Earlier, we worried about the prevailing truth amongst the endangering advancement of one part whilst the lack of basic advancement at other parts of the world.
      This is what exactly happening at Divorce concept. There are couples who gets divorced for valid reasons, and there are some people gets separated for invalid & silly reasons too.
      The most dangerous thing is some couple doesn’t want to get divorce and treating their marriage as a commitment or sacrifice.
      Which is causing them to hurt themselves forever by continueing fruitless relationship????… there are countless reasons are said by society…
      But Suni….what is the necessity of marriage????…. what is the necessity of love between the partners??? Does the marriage meant for heirs????
      Does the marriage without love is sustainable????…. should the marriage encourage the individual to sacrifice their soul purpose???…
      What is the soul purpose of each individual????…. definitely, not to torture themselves….
      Why should the humen punish themselves by the name of marriage???…

      I hope PV2 is focussed on the above questions…. definitely, I don’t want to see two females fights for getting a man. I believe, the PH knew the fact that the very typical triangle love story never attract the audience.

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 11:58

      Suni…. I should share with you the impact of the word ” FAN ” within me yaar….
      To be honest, I don’t feel glad or proud for saying that I’m a fan of someone whoever it is. Yes, I admire the talent and beauty wherever it exists but without any specified criteria. I can’t encourage or discourage anyone or anything blindly by the name of attachments or love.

      There are countries ruled by wrong government or authority due to blind trust or attachments of it’s own people. The famous acters/actress are created by group of people’s deep attachments &ย support, what do they get out of it???…. seldom we hear about the true heroes who does thingsย forย the betterment of their fellow human beings.
      The word ” fans” emerge me to understand the nuisance of my belief or attachment. Let me explain through our favourite subject “PV”. Yes, we loved it for many reasons… it was a complete entertainment package. We didn’t find any imperfections as long as the dedicated team work carried out by them ( I can say until August 2012) . We appreciated them, granted our support wholeheartedly, we enjoyed and accustomed to it. Later on, we found things are not going upto our expectations but we didn’t lose hope, despite it’s imperfections we continued our warmth support again and again…. but they didn’t respect our emotions, they decided to close. The PH is busy with their new business and the cast are very busy towards their new project. But the ‘fans’ are crying till now…..why???… why should we pay for other’s mistake????….

      Now tell me Suni…. how can I feel glad by saying myself as a fan of someone or something????…. This is what happening everywhere, nobody has interest for other’s desires. They are interested towards their own dream and achievements. Therefore, I don’t want to spoil my inner peace for the sake of unwanted attachments.

    • Suni
      May 26, 12:37

      Afreesh , I can’t return to the past and undo any of my reactions . I can only move forward with what I have learnt from my experiences . If at that time I supported the PH despite its mistakes , it was only done, because my love for the show made me hold hope for its future . My reason for hoping would be admittedly a little selfish because I wanted good entertainment . However , we must also factor in the others involved , while some did not care for us , others were hurt just like us .
      I am not blaming myself for how I felt then , nor am I blaming anyone for acting according to their level of understanding . Not everyone understands that their actions have consequences . It is just how things happened to be . I am going to be appreciative of what exists now . If PV 2 fails or succeeds , it doesn’t really matter to me . I will enjoy it if I can , I can’t do the job of the PH , I am merely a spectator yaar .

    • Suni
      May 26, 12:45

      Afreesh , you have raised some very good questions . I have also wondered the same , especially since we live in a world without many successful marriages around us . The arranged marriages are now very popular and are done through astrology guides and on -line dating services . It reminds me that the more things change , the more they actually remain the same . This generation with all its modernity , depends so much on old logic for guidance . Young women are still pressured to get married despite having successful careers and social lives . Marriage seems to be everyone’s future plan , after they have established their careers . Love is scheduled rather than accepted as it comes .

    • Sj
      May 26, 12:51

      Affresh. Am talking Indian Telly award, Pv was not nominated for anything, that is why there was no one from PV 1 . No one was nominated . KSG got personality of year he got very upset
      He was expecting best acter award.
      Yas Gc was putting so much effort , that s his probem, if you see hs action scene he get over acting.and in his exciting dialogue he het over act, his acting is very good with rues and facial expression,and in calm acting with less dialogue, he can win anything
      So all his actin dance h over act and ake himself tired, while e is such a good dancer
      H does not need to do tat he can do sch a danc si effot lessly
      See everyone have to pull rather cloth may be he was uncomfertable with the pain part, I knw h is comfortable with shirt part
      This is funny JAY MC starting to joke on stage with KSV said you know Hav a question when sime marride acter dance with other woman , they get beaten by their wife when they go home
      KAran said , no I am very good in it I introduce the girls I am gong to dance to my wife first
      So dance and di close act who ever I want my wife hav no problem in it
      Is not that funny how the news about GC travelled. His wife was not even here on ITA cerinmy

    • Suni
      May 26, 13:12

      LMAO , you correct dear , it is very funny that everyone knows about GC’s life . Everywhere you looked before it was always him and Debina on PV promotional pages and events . He is very image conscious , that is why his acting suffers .
      SJ , did you notice the PV1 fan page ?? It may be the more appropriate place for discussions about PV1 only . We might offend the PV2 fans here .

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 13:21

      Suni dear…. why should we give up this forum yaar???… we never had any limitations for our topics….then suddenly why should we hesitate to talk my dear???…

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 13:31

      Sj….I had seen at fb page regarding the nomination list yaar. It’s for 12th telly award….

      When GC asked for the expectations of that award, he replied ” let the best man win that award”.

      You are right Sj, it’s open secret in the television industry… everyone knows everything but not ready to say to us.

      Yeah….I also read ” ksg is upset for not getting best acters award ”

      Suni….you know, when KS asked by the media ” which serial is best” she replied QH and also she appreciated the on screen chemistry of Azad & Zoya

    • Suni
      May 26, 13:32

      No dear , not to give up on this forum . I suggested the other forum to discuss PV 1 related things . This is officially PV 2 forum now and PV2 supporters , who have just joined , may not appreciate our dialogue being here , especially since the admin. has allocated a special forum for PV1 friends to discuss .

    • Suni
      May 26, 13:41

      But you know Afreesh , KSG’s wife is so beautiful and talented in her own regard . I feel KSG has more to worry , she outshines him yaar .
      I am happy that KS is honest . Did you see the article that Blue posted on the fan page ?? KS was asked if she might join PV2 and she said that PV1’s cast has nothing to do with PV2 and that it was done that way by the Mittals , she smiled at the end . I feel that she is still a little hurt by what transpired .

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 13:48

      People have problem at discussing in pV2 at this official forum too… Then why should we bother yaar.

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 13:56

      She has every rights to be hurt yaar…. she has given her full time for PV but was not appreciated enough by the PH. They were supporting GC blindly despite his irregularities. I think at the final stage they (PH) also regretted for their actions, that’s why Arthi shined at ending time of PV.

    • Suni
      May 26, 13:57

      Because , it is now PV 2’s forum yaar . I don’t mind comparing the two shows , I just feel a little uneasy about commenting only about PV 1 . Some people have no interest in PV1 the way that we do .

    • Suni
      May 26, 14:06

      There is a little book called ” Who Moved My Cheese ” . Have you ever heard of it dear .
      KS was aware of the TRP’s . Was she satisfied with the storyline and romance ?? She would have been aware of the tension around her. I agree , she did the best that she could have done as Aarti .

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 14:23

      Suni….That’s what I indicated by madhubala heroine yaar….. Mb was in the leading list until it had great romantic scenes between the couples. Then the writers separated that couple, immediately it came to second, later third place . Gradually, it’s trp started falling down, then they united the leads and hot romance scenes are portrayed everyday…. That’s how the leads are supporting to improve the trp my dear….

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 14:31

      Yes Suni….KSG wife is looking beautiful. I had seen at telly talks, they commented ” KSG should worry because a lot of bed romance are waiting in a row at SC”
      When they asked her ” Do you feel bad when he does romantic scenes” she replied ” as a wife I feel bad and as a husband he would feel bad but it’s our career, we should consider that”

    • Suni
      May 26, 14:56

      She gave a very intelligent answer ๐Ÿ™‚ . Gautam Rode is also very attractive . They are showing maturity as a couple and not allowing work to affect their personal life . Well , at least no publically . They seem like an ideal power couple .

    • Afreesh
      May 26, 16:39

      Suni…..I think I already told you, here in my Zee channel the serials comes from Saturday to Wednesday. So, I always used to be back of 2 days episodes. But I used to watch PV by online, nowadays I don’t have interest to watch immediately, yesterday I had seen through mobile.

      Just now watched pV2 in the big screen yaar, Rubina is not looking beautiful. She seems like a patient, really someone has to feed her…they should reduce the makeup…. she is looking horrible… but she resembles like the old actress jayapradha yaar… do you know jayapradha Suni….

      Okey dear…I will go to bed….see you tomorrow….

    • Suni
      May 26, 16:56

      I looked at her image when you mentioned her before dear . I remember her a little from old movies , but she never left an impression on me . I had liked Mumtaz from that set of older actresses and I remember her the best . Rubina suits KVG very well yaar . The Mittals may have no problem , while telling their story , from fans liking the cast more than the show .
      My Internet was very troublesome today ๐Ÿ™ .
      Good night , sweet dreams .

    • Sj
      May 26, 17:08

      Suni ever one else is aking about GC and about PV1 , on ths forum. If ther us a problem
      I will nt comment in anything. It is hard fr me to go back and forth. Was not in ther favor of have PV 1 and pv 2 , sme new FORUM friend who never even watched eve before jst started to watch and started to akng fuss about everything.
      Yes I saw PV 1 on same note every be hacpve discuss pv 1 on ths forum

    • Suni
      May 26, 18:24

      Yeah , I know what you mean dear . I also saw no problem with it remaining the same . But , there are benefits to this way also . Many PV1 fans are still very uncomfortable with the PV2 forum . They are still sad and unwilling to let PV2 replace PV 1 . But , that can never happen , because PV1 will always remain special to our hearts and close to our minds .

    • Suni
      May 26, 18:29

      SJ , our boss Afreesh found no problem with things remaining this way , so please don’t change how you express yourself here . We will remember what we want to remember because we knew PV when there was no number after its name . We stuck it out with the PH and no one should really feel bad if we have things to say about PV 1 here . In the same way that we will understand others , they should also be trying to understand us and our feelings .

  5. hate pv2 like hell
    May 26, 02:20 Reply

    hey afreesh how dare u compare pv1 with this idiotic thing? get ur senses girl.pv1 was 1000 times better than this crap.u enjoyed watching our aarya’s pv right and after its over your talking bad about it b****

    • Sj
      May 26, 18:53

      Hate. A very strong word people who hate people an not love themselves either
      Please do to use ths kind of vocalabery for Affresh ever. I will not lie it

  6. MK
    May 25, 17:35 Reply

    Oh Suni, I have a half hour for myself with the TV, so taking a peek at this new PV now.
    So they riding motor bikes without helmets?
    Still don’t like how skinny Rubina looks.

    • Suni
      May 25, 17:40

      To be very honest , I never really care much for the leading females appearance as long as they act well . I personally didn’t like her role nor her acting in CB . But , maybe she might do a good job here . I am usually most concerned with the male lead , and well …. he is what he is in the looks department . But , I am going to judge his acting .
      I am making the best out of what I have to look at ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    • MK
      May 25, 17:46

      Good attitude.
      Never liked CB. I looked because of the storyline supposed to be about a devotee of Lord Krishna. But they made a mockery of being a devotee of Him. It was very disappointing for me.
      She looked great with Avinash. They looked good together. Especially Avinash. I liked him. I looked at it more for him. I like to see two people look good together like Aarya, Asya Kabha and then some.

    • Suni
      May 25, 17:55

      I only looked at CB when the devil was there and lord Krishna was adopting Radica’s form . That was very interesting for me because at that time the devil was defeated because of Radica’s pure heart .

  7. Afreesh
    May 25, 16:56 Reply

    Hi Everyone….

    Firstly, I should agree with everyone regarding the ridiculous 10 years leap…. but we are familiar with such illogical plot through the widower Yash, who couldn’t forget his dead wife and avoided remarriage more than three years!!!!!!!!….. He lived with the photographs of his dead wife in front of his second wife, and his second wife Arthi didn’t have any objection to that indecent act!!!!!!!!!….. we accepted that illogical script without any questions……right????…
    However, later on they added some logic by Arpita accident…..Probably, they May come up with logic in future.
    MK…. In PV1, the hero & heroine didn’t like to get remarried because they didn’t believe “life can exist once again through remarriage”. In pV2 the hero Raj & heroine Divya may believe the remarriage of Raj would bring the life which he lost before ten years. Therefore, I don’t find any wrong on keeping the name “PV” for this new story….The previous chapter dealt with the consequences after remarriage, the new chapter may deal over, what are difficulties to be conquered to remarry when the first marriage is not fruitful to the concerned individuals…….

    SJ…. you and other forum friends annoyed about the ignorance & low standard of Sohanlal family. But it’s not bothering me much. You know why?… The classic Scindhiya family members indulged themselves with all sort of criminal attitudes. The prideful man SP had done adultery with effortless ease and eluded from his sin. That brave woman Radha swapped the innocent children and destroyed the future of an infant to achieve her selfish motives. Their daughter in law Paridhi entertained all sorts of criminal activities. The heroine Arthi decided firmly to deceive her husband and his family on long-term basis by the name of sacrifice. The middle class Dubey family cheated scindhiya family with the big lie to obtain the proposal and later stages continued their deception & kidnapped his own blood. The lawyer pankaj never ever behaved like decent & educated personality whenever the problem arises. How can we proclaim scindhiya had class????. THEY ARE HYPOCRITES WHO LIVED WITH STANDARDS INFRONT OF THE SOCIETY BUT INSIDE ONLY GARBAGE….
    Sohanlal family replicates the reality…yes, they are ignorant & low standard people but not hypocrites like scindhiya family. I’m looking forward, how could this family would survive against the advanced thoughts which is awaiting in the near future through their children.

    Suni…. The actress who is portraying sarita role seems very professional. Just now I saw yesterday’s episode. She is delivering the frustrated & furious emotions of a woman who has been rejected by her man despite her countless positive seducing attempts. She amazed me through that undressing scene, such a bold performance yaar… Suni, this is what I pointed out regarding the natural visualization of the script , only professional actress can bring such intensity to the script. I should applause her..
    But….why should she waste her ten years life for the man who doesn’t love her???…. Does she loved him
    unconditionally????… The writers should bring logic on it
    We have no clues regarding Raj & Divya separation….So, we have nothing to discuss about them at this time.
    Raj seemed kind hearted depressed man who lost all hopes in life. We don’t know whether he is waiting for Divya or regretting for his first love.

    Suni….we can’t blame Divya for her comments towards sarita since she doesn’t know what’s going on with Raj & Sarita. She has only witnessed her ill mannered behaviors and arrogance. Let’s see

    • Suni
      May 25, 16:58

      Yes dear , I am looking at repeats now . Sarita is doing a good job so far .

    • Suni
      May 25, 17:01

      Did you notice the fan page that Admin has created for us yaar ??

    • Suni
      May 25, 17:12

      Afreesh , I will blame Divya because she has allowed her own bias to prevent her from hearing two sides of a story before drawing a conclusion .
      It was pointed out that Sarita is a simple girl . She is not the type to look for a divorce . She was probably thought to grin and bear it . She has no one in that household willing to help her empower herself . She had simple hopes and dreams very unlike Divya . She wanted to please her husband , Divya went away to follow her dreams . The dramatic irony is that , their paths crossed , and although they both got what they wished for , neither one of them became happy .
      Why ?? What s marriage ?? To fulfill a need ?? Does it always require sacrifice from one side in order for it to be fruitful ?? . The love between Divya and Raj has left Raj bitter and with overwhelming despair . Why didn’t Divya understand the repercussions of her actions upon a man that she supposedly loves ?? Why doesn’t Raj move on and see that he has a woman by his side who is willing to give him all happiness ???

    • Suni
      May 25, 17:22

      Afreesh , we know that one of Divya’s reasons for leaving was in order for her to take care of her siblings . She didn’t just leave Raj for her career . Raj’s father pressured him , he seems like a tyrant far worse than Papa S . This new family is interesting yaar . I am happy that there are girls who I hope will challenge their male chauvinist father at some point .

    • Suni
      May 25, 17:26

      Oye Afreesh , the soulmate theme is back yaar .

    • MK
      May 25, 17:30

      Hi Afreesh, wow, you have really studied this show so far.
      Well thanks so much.
      But would like to say that upon reacingh Sohanlal place, she should have noticed how rude the mother in law was to Sarita. She continuously taunted the girl in front of Divya. Why did she see how Sarita was but overlooked all the taunts the poor girl got from the mother in law. And the mother in law comparing her to CB etc. there is a limit to everything and this girl has had to hear such taunts for ten years. She must retaliate at some point. She is not perfect. They portray a real life family. Real world daughters in law are not that submissive anymore.
      She saw how uncouth and disgusting raj mother was from the start too.

      She should not have judged Sarita then and there. Wait till she becomes the daughter in law. Would she act like CB? Or would she answer back? CB was not of submissive after all, when there was adverse situations she stood up for what was wrong. She was not rude. But that was tv.

      Maybe Divya and Raj promised each other that they would wait for each other no matter what?

      We will see.

    • Suni
      May 25, 17:31

      Afreesh dearest , the guy in the red shirt by the train station … is he Ayaz Khan ??

    • Suni
      May 25, 18:28

      Ok . he is Ayaz Khan . That was a very interesting first encounter that his character had with Divya . Did you notice the colours Yaar ?? Divya covered with black like a veil of sadness but the white dove indicating her innocence and pure heart . She affected Raj , but , he managed to brush her off . Along came Ayaz’s character in red , to add colour and maybe some passion to Divya’s life . He passed between Raj and Divya .
      She dragged him along unknowingly , he seemed enthralled with her, Divya , and not her on screen character like the people around him . She made a mess of his papers . Maybe she might greatly affect his well organized life . I remember the dramatic way that Akash had entered Schindia Mansion and the prophetic way that he had met Yash .

    • Sj
      May 26, 01:03

      Yah Affresh you are right , but in case if you have watched pv2 sohanlal family s doing tat too
      She saispd my son raj s upset if. Find raj lover I will bring her for him, sinthia’s were oing behind back sohanlal’s are dong upfront like dowery ect. They got rich daughter in law ad treating her bad. She s frustrated, her husband does not even liver her, she told arthi. Do not need nyhing jst my husband’s love

      One ths s bothering me in tee award n colours, every one wne somthng, PV was not nominated for anything, KSG got award ARJUN frm pV got award PURVI got an award.
      Nomination was even much before than PV 1 was finish.
      Gurmeet dance in tele award but no win for anything.
      Mittals won 5 award for dia aur batti
      Pv was not even nominated for anything. It hurt m s much

    • Sj
      May 26, 17:27

      Affresh Pv was not nominated you must have sen naudience pollon fb
      There was an audience poll to vote on fb to vote fav Jodi, males, female, children and
      S if fb vote were not enough they were not nominated
      Ya question being ask by reporte from GC h said let he best man win
      And yah to,d you KS was keep saying Best jodi OH, best show and she would like o work with KSG.
      Did no like it, GC is good n own way KSG is good n own way
      Well did not have good dancin skll hat much GC helped her a lot
      I feel there was something between GC and Ks was not right ether
      KSG and Zoya said one interview after the shot we compliment each other
      I never saw like one time reporter adk GC about KS h said yah I like her outfit
      Ks sad many time like GC is famous and a good actor
      Anyway wat is the scence of bea around he bush, it s now past , history , done gone. Bye
      Be healthy smile cheer up so done done , hum hum ,
      By the way I never watched madhubaa so. Do not know her acting keeping pv was so much
      Vested s much emotions in pv1it feels like my long time boyfriend ditch me, will take time to recover

    • Suni
      May 26, 18:19

      Awwwww , dear dear SJ my precious , don’t be sad , PV will come and go , they can reach to PV 23 , if they wish , but we will always love you the same ({}) .

  8. Suni
    May 25, 15:47 Reply

    Ha ๐Ÿ˜€ , no ,no MK dear , no guy will break my heart . I do the herat breaking , not the other way around ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was referring to our broken heart over PV .
    How you interpret my present pic depends on your present perspective .
    The heart is either being pulled apart or being put back together .

    • MK
      May 25, 17:19

      Hehehe, I knew that already Suni ji, just pulling your leg. Lol
      We are all heart broken dear. That pic says a lot.

    • Suni
      May 25, 17:24

      MK , I am allowing mine to be put back together .
      I need it to be strong and healthy ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    • MK
      May 25, 17:30

      Good girl, time is the greatest healer.

    • Sj
      May 26, 19:07

      Yah Suni, generally I do not are about shows that much but we go our friendship , affection an love and tender loving care for each other, thr pv1 how we can forget, we nest termendious emotion with pv1. It ae m feel we forgot to smile.
      When ever I as migraine headache, Affresh always made me green tea
      When ever you about to fin with blood thng, I try to hold ou
      When ever I was falling u pck med up
      I thnk ths is about time I need some Affresh strong lecture doze to calm m pv1 dipresion
      Waitting she us oing o screme any minute at me
      This is a long weekend I m home will leave tomorrow.
      I will get more involve with patients , they give you so much affection an ask for you
      An make little craft things, on ad like my grandma, sh made me a beautiful scarf.
      When she was leaving I ave her a plant Then she send me a note, I planted it to my garden
      And water and watch every day,and thnk of you and see your smile in it
      Wha a beautiful note, I fared it and put in my oom table.
      Give me so much nspriation.
      Love love le, think I need some depression medication, I hop they re not finish too
      If I do not find them in pharmacy I will fly nd kidnap gc and is nd tie then to a tree
      In a jungle and ask them why why why.
      Let’s go to Affresh place, she a more handsoe men

    • Suni
      May 26, 19:48

      Oh SJ , LOL , you are so funny !! Yea let us go to Afreesh’s place . I will call the travel agent tomorrow , since our pilot has abandoned us ๐Ÿ™ .
      Your grandma is so sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ . Just like you .
      You have a great career and I understand why your patients adore and miss you in your absence . Don’t stress and don’t get depressed . The doctor shall not become the patient while we are here to support and love her , XOXOXOXOXO .

    • Sj
      May 26, 23:53

      She was not my grandma, she was a patrient in hospital, shte kneeted me a scarf in hospital
      Was old like my grandmother
      I hav so much mistakes in typing sometime auto correct and after when I see somtime meaning totally change, and when my right and get tired I use my left and Than I relize so any errors.
      Well e
      Who care , I don’t care I do nt read after what I Wrote anyway

  9. fulaanty
    May 25, 15:39 Reply

    Pls guys stop taking out your anger on pv2

    • Suni
      May 25, 15:50

      Hi fulanty ๐Ÿ™‚ , I am no longer angry . I was initially , but anger is a negative emotion so I just let it go .

  10. MK
    May 25, 14:05 Reply

    Hmmm Choco…. From the pics one name keep popping in my head, could be wrong,
    But it’s ks and GC lover too. Starts with a T?

  11. Suni
    May 25, 12:11 Reply

    At times it is only when a heart has been broken then the light will be allowed to shine through .

  12. Choco...............
    May 25, 10:29 Reply

    I’m bck again…………….

    Reply to suni & amaica dat u given d cmts on 22nd may w.u.

    sry 4 my delay fstly………., noooooooooooooo am not Apple …………… I”m chocolate ,choco ………………… 4m chocolate Factory ๐Ÿ˜‰ …………….. ๐Ÿ˜†





    And dis is 4 all krathika and Gurmeet Fanzzzzzzzzzzz………………

    Suni, MK sis, …. i”m known to u ……………………….. guesss me who i am?????? ๐Ÿ˜› even i”m known 2 Trinity & Bluesnow tooooooooooo …………………..

    • Amaica
      May 25, 10:58

      Hello Choco….Fr. Chocolate Factory:

      Thank you for taking the time to post those links.
      The pictures are amazingly beautiful.Love them.
      But you do sound similar to our Apple.
      Apple where are you…Did Yash and Artie Kidnap you….

    • Suni
      May 25, 12:08

      Hmmm , our very first PV 2 mystery !!! Where did Apple go and who is Choco ???
      Well , this is more interesting than the current PV2 track ๐Ÿ™‚ . Choco your name is so much yummier than Apple . Maybe you might be much sweeter also . Pretty soon I may be saying Apple who ๐Ÿ˜› ???
      But no !!! I will never forget my sweetest , most mischievous Choti behan .
      P.S. Choco , do you know Willie Wonka from the Chocolate Factory ??

    • Suni
      May 25, 12:12

      Thank you for the pics Choco…………..

    • Suni
      May 25, 12:15

      Ok , if not Apple , the I will guess Preeeee ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    • Suni
      May 25, 12:16

      But Preeeee had a gravatar , so I’m going to stick to guessing Apple .

    • MK
      May 25, 13:55

      Hmmmmm, I wonder who could this be? I love chocolate?
      Any clues would be good.

      Suni dear, broken heart? Like your take on a broken heart.

    • Suni
      May 25, 07:15

      Good Morning Blue .

    • MK
      May 25, 09:29

      Hi , good morning, Bluesnow, Suni, Anu, all friends
      Good afternoon/evening etc.

    • Amaica
      May 25, 11:02

      Good Morning,
      Suni,Aff,SJ,MK,MU,Lenor,Anu,Blues ,Jai,other forum members.
      Just came to say Hi and to wish each of you a safe and happy weekend.

    • Lenor
      May 25, 21:04

      Hi Amaica, hope your day was good, Sorry for late response now going thru’ comments. Enjoy your weekend dear.

    • MK
      May 25, 09:30

      Welcome dear.

  13. Jai
    May 25, 01:34 Reply

    Hi friends vanakam.

    I m not watching in this show because no ks, so no comment

    • Jai
      May 25, 01:35

      I hit to dislike.

    • Suni
      May 25, 07:14

      Vanakam Jai .

    • Amaica
      May 25, 11:16

      Vanakam Jai…

      Suni I like that word Vanakam….does it carry the same meaning as Namaste.

    • Suni
      May 25, 11:54

      Hi Amaica , both are salutations , one is Tamil and the other Hindi .

  14. Anu xD
    May 25, 00:56 Reply

    Before I post anything further please note this disclaimer!
    Disclaimer; I do not own Punar Vivah, its name, logo or plot concept or characters, What I have wriiten is just merely FANFICTION and I don’t mean to mislead anyone to think its the actual show as that is fully owned and kept by Zee TV and The Mitalls.

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