Punyashlok Ahilyabai 7th September 2023 Written Update

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 7th September 2023 Written Update by Amena

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 7th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the man coming to Raghoba and telling about their plan failing. Raghoba leaves. The man says you can go ahead of this tunnel now. Raghoba leaves. He gets shocked seeing Malhar and his team. Malhar says I sometimes make mistakes because of people like you, I made a big mistake to leave you alive, we should kill you. The minister says Peshwa will decide about him, he got to know everything about Raghoba’s crimes, Malhar can give any punishment, Holkar family and Pune Darbar will always have good terms, Pune darbar ordered you to give an apology letter to Malhar and pay a big compensation, else you will get disowned from Maratha clan. Ahilya looks on. Maina waits for Malerao. Dwarka looks on and smiles. Malerao is with Kesar. They have a romantic talk.

She says its late, you should go home. He says I don’t want to go, I find peace here, I want to spend time here, I just want to love you, I want our love story to set an example. She asks is this possible, you are a prince and I m a Daasi/slave, I feel scared thinking about it, I m also scared of myself. He asks why. She says I love you, I know, will the world understand this truth. He says look, I know… She says I can’t bear the insult of our love. He hugs her. He says I won’t give them a chance, I will marry you in the temple today. Raghoba stamps the papers. The man asks Raghoba to bend down his head and leave. Raghoba leaves. Gunu ji says Raghoba’s anger ruined him, he didn’t take my name. Dwarka says it happens, don’t forget that Raghoba is an old player in politics, he knows we can make a way for his return to Malwa. He says Ahilya got Malerao on her side. She says no, it won’t happen.

She says we will make a new topic and not let them unite. Maina comes and asks what’s happening, you want to keep Malerao and Ahilya away, I can go and tell this to Ahilya, but I don’t want any other issue, I won’t let you succeed, you will face my faith. She goes. Dwarka says she challenged us, we have to make Maina away from Ahilya first. Malhar talks to Ahilya. He says I didn’t expect such incidents, this land is cursed, own people become enemies for the greed of power. She says yes, we had been attacked many times, Malwa’s army always supported us, we should do something for our soldiers. She says we can arrange a feast for our soldiers, our family can also enjoy the feast. Malhar says I m proud of your thinking. She smiles. He says I feel very proud, I agree with this vanbhojan plan, it should happen today. She says sure. Maina asks did Malerao come. The guard says sorry, he didn’t come back. Gunu ji comes to her and says you are like my daughter, I have to alert you about Malerao, he visits the village to meet someone, I know everyone has freedom to live, I m just telling you what I heard. Kesar says don’t think so, you will get defamed, Ahilya will get cheated, the biggest cheat will be with Maina, no, this is wrong. Malerao stops her.

He says don’t worry, I m with you, there is just one way, that we get married, I will handle Ahilya, Maina and the society, just trust me, do you trust me. She hugs him. He says wait for me in the Devi temple, we will get married today. She smiles. He leaves.

Ahilya says we have organized the Vanbhojan, I want you and Maina to welcome everyone. Malerao says I have some imp work. She says postpone it. Kesar gets ready for her marriage.

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