Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th September 2014 Written Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th September 2014 Written Update by H Hasan

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th September 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Adi talking to Ayesha. Sahil comes and takes the phone. Adi says did they kidnap you Ayesah thinking you are Pankhudi. Sahil is shocked and talks to Adi. Sahil asks Adi not to get police, else it won’t be good. Adi is shocked. They take Ayesha inside the house. Payal asks Rubel to worry for himself, Pankhudi is fine. She cries. Rubel says why are you upset, I m fine. He asks about everyone, I m sure they are not allowed to come here. Rubel asks is Ayesha fine, where is she. She says she will send the doctor. Rubel says whats the matter Payal. She says take rest.

Pankhudi asks Bau ji about Ayesha. Bau ji says don’t worry, Ayesha is very good and our prayers and love is with her, nothing will happen to her. Diwakar says yes, as Lord saved Pankhudi, Ayesha will also be fine. He gives Prasad to Nilofer. Sahil calls Adi and makes the deal to give them Pankhudi and take Ayesha. Nolifer leaves. Pankhudi says she is worried because of us. Baju ji says everything will be fine. Adi says they said someone is keeping an eye on us. Sawant says maybe they are misguiding us. Sahil scolds Sangeeta and Anshul. Anshul says what will we do of her. Sahil says good news, Pankhudi is out of coma. Ayesha is happy and says she knew it, now pack your bags, as Adi and Pankhudi will play your band. Sahil says I like your confidence, but band will be played of your Adi and Pankhudi.

He tells Ayesha how he called Adi and offered to take her and give Pankhudi. Adi says he will give address of jewellery. Sahil laughs and says it means Pankhudi came in her senses. Adi asks why Pankhudi now. Sahil says how to be sure your address is right, till we get the jewelry, Pankhudi will be with us. Sahil gives him one hour to think. Avantika asks Adi how can he give such a bad demand, we can’t handover Pankhudi. Adi says yes. Nilofer asks what did they say. Harish says they won’t do anything to Ayesha. Adi says they will give Ayesha when we give Pankhudi.

Pankhudi hears this and says nothing will happen to Ayesha, she will come home safe. Adi asks why did she come out. Pankhudi says she came to know everything. Avantika says take rest, we will manage. Pankhudi says she is ready to go to them to get Ayesha back. Avantika says no. Everyone looks on stunned. Adi says he won’t let her go. Pankhudi says don’t give false hope, we have to do something. Hari

Harish says are you out of your mind, let us find some way. He asks Nilofer to give some time. Sawant says we can tell them that we are sending Pankhudi and fool them. Adi says things can get complicated and be harmful for Ayesha. Pankhudi says Adi please agree, we don’t have any other way. Sahil says Adi does not have option, I told him to give Pankhudi and take Ayesha. Sangeeta says we won’t let her go till she gives address. Anshul says its not about only jewellery. Sahil asks him not to worry. He says we will take her from where the story started.

He asks them to shift Ayesha and he will do deal with Adi. Nilofer says I felt my daughter is mad to praise Pankhudi without seeing her, but today after seeing Pankhudi, I don’t have words to say. She says you are risking your life to save my daughter, my Allah won’t forgive me. Pankhudi says a mum’s love does not need forgiveness and what is happening is because of misunderstanding, and Ayesha went there where I should have been. She says Ayesha’s life is in danger and everyone’s life is of equal value. She asks Adi to say them yes. Sawant asks him to talk and he will locate the address.

Sahil asks them not to trace the call as they are changing location. He says you don’t have any option now, I m sure you will take decision to handover Pankhudi. Adi says fine, I m taking Pankhudi. Sahil says don’t act smart and asks inspector not to come, else anything can happen to Ayesha. He says we will meet at morning 7am. Sawant gets a call and says we got info about the trio who were SSR college students, we can get some proof there. Avantika says its something else, not jewelry, as they have took care of coma patient, and its expensive. They ask Pankhudi. She says I don’t know, why are they afraid. She says she has a plan and asks Sawant to help her.

Its morning, Harish talks to Avantika. Bau ji asks them not to worry. Nani says I have sent Anuj and Sheela home. Avantika says we should not tell this at home. Bau ji asks Diwakar to go home and stop Ambika from coming here. Diwakar says fine and leaves. Adi says Pankhudi is coming. Sawant comes and says his officers will follow Adi in civil dress, he will also be close, but make sure they don’t doubt on us.

Pankhudi asks Sahil to leave Ayesha. Sahil says Ayesha is not here. Adi asks what do you mean. Sahil says you think I m fool.

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  1. Sana
    October 01, 00:05 Reply

    Vow panku return give more interest to show panku always think abt others ayesha may be selfless but she never be like panku

  2. Awe
    September 30, 14:31 Reply

    Thnx h hasan u rock✌

  3. Awe
    September 30, 14:29 Reply

    Interesting n even more interesting day by day thnx to da producer for bringing pankhudi bac on n thnx to da person who actually took da tym to type dis out

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