Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 11th June 2024 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 11th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 11th June 2024 Written Episode

Lakshmi tricks Sadhu into admitting in front of Janvi that he is not married. Lakshmi then reveals that Sadhu is telling the truth and admits that she is not his wife and the police are not real. She explains that this act was set up to make Sadhu confess that he isn’t married, giving credit to Aryaman for the plan. Aryaman thanks Lakshmi for helping expose Sadhu.

Brij Bhushan praises Vishan for taking care of Anya and impressing her. Premchand receives a call from MLA Koyal about Aryaman. Brij Bhushan assumes it’s a complaint, but Premchand reveals that MLA Koyal praised Aryaman for helping Anya’s followers surpass 100,000. Brij Bhushan is surprised.

Sadhu tells Janvi that he did everything out of love for her. Janvi slaps him, saying she would have slapped him even without Aryaman’s exposure, as she heard his threats to Kian over the walkie-talkie. Janvi and her family decide to beat up Sadhu. Janvi and Lakshmi take sticks and beat Sadhu, joined by Reva and Dadi.

Aryaman declares he will expose Sadhu to the hotel staff. When Sadhu tries to escape, Aryaman stops him and takes him away.

Janvi thanks Lakshmi for her help. Lakshmi praises Janvi for caring for Kian and reveals she knows Kian isn’t Janvi’s biological son. When Janvi asks how she knows, Lakshmi explains that she was in the hospital five years ago when her sister abandoned her baby after giving birth. Lakshmi promises to keep Janvi’s secret and advises Janvi to marry someone who cares for her, suggesting Aryaman. Janvi insists they are just friends, but Lakshmi urges her to consider it.

Suhasini and Vishan return home to find the house in disarray. Abhay explains that Prince’s nanny ran away again. Suhasini comments on the difficulty of finding a nanny for Prince due to his behavior. Ujwala suggests she knows someone suitable and offers to call them. Vishan silently praises Ujwala.

Aryaman beats up Sadhu in front of the hotel staff, forcing him to confess that Janvi is innocent. Sadhu admits he wanted to marry Janvi and adopt Kian to frame her for the escort racket and then leave Kian to beg on the streets. Sadhu then tries to attack Janvi with a broken bottle, but Aryaman saves her and forces Sadhu to confess more of his crimes. Raina intervenes, telling Aryaman to back down and saying the matter will be resolved once Brij Bhushan arrives.

Janvi takes Aryaman aside and bandages his wound. She thanks him for saving her.

Raina makes a deal with Sadhu, promising to get him out of jail within a week and give him money if he takes the blame for everything. Sadhu agrees and signs the statement.

When Brij Bhushan and Premchand arrive at the hotel, Aryaman informs them that he has called the police. Raina scolds Aryaman, saying he only got Sadhu to admit to one crime, while she got him to confess to everything. Raina tells Brij Bhushan that Sadhu was involved in the escort racket, stole money from the hotel, and attacked Brij Bhushan. Brij Bhushan praises Raina and scolds Aryaman for calling the police without permission.

Janvi defends Aryaman, telling Brij Bhushan that Aryaman saved her and uncovered the truth, and she should be grateful to him. Janvi declares Aryaman is an angel and takes him away. Brij Bhushan, furious, plans to expose Aryaman to Janvi, but Suyesh stops him with an excuse. Premchand thinks Janvi has achieved what he couldn’t by standing up for Aryaman.

Janvi tells Aryaman that Brij Bhushan shouldn’t have scolded him and says he is very special. She writes “Aryaman is my best friend” on a coffee mug and gives it to Aryaman before leaving.

Precap: Aryaman calls Janvi and says reach Bundela school right now because your brother Pushkar took Kian to Bundela school by tricking everyone and if you don’t reach Kian will know he is been expelled from school then he will break from inside. Security checks Kian’s ID and says you can’t go inside. Kian asked why this is my school and today I’m back after six days of holiday. The Security Guard says the principal has informed me that Kian cannot go inside because you have been expelled from it.

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