Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 13th September 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 13th September 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 13th September 2023 Written Episode

Damini says that these Trivedi’s want to celebrate the JanMashtri then they would let them as there would not be any event after this festival, Kaveri gets shocked asking what is she planning, Damini says such an attack after which there will be no one left to celebrate, she exclaims both Radha and Mohan are thinking of this as their victory but vows that there is going to be such an attack this time that the entire Trivedi family would be ruined, she starts smiling.

In the morning Kadambari brings Shakti who immediately hugs Radha after seeing her, Shakti introduces her aunt to Radha who also hugs her praising Radha for being very beautiful, Radha greets everyone explaining that they have come on a very auspicious day and introduces her husband Mohan jee to everyone saying that on this day both Ba Kai Bihari jee and her husband have their birthday’s. Manaroma exclaims that it is also important as Radha came back to their family on this day, she wishes Mohan for his Happy Birthday, when Kadambari asks if they did not face any problem while coming here, Manaroma explains that they also had to come since they all invited them with such good intentions informing they even had to present the wedding card of Rimghim to Ba Kai Bihari jee, Kadambari congratulates her when Pandit jee invites the entire Trivedi family to the wedding. Manaroma tells Shakti how they are very good people but exclaims how was even Damini able to do such wrong things to him, she curses saying Damini would not even get a place in hell and would be hit with needles, after a while Manaroma exclaims that she might have said a lot and she says she has to even thank Mohan since he made such a nice card for the wedding of Mohan and that too completely free, Shakti gets shocked remembering how she and Dua came to save to her from the jail, when Manaroma questions Shakti what is Radha talking off, Mohan says that Shakti helped them, Radha explains that she has done a lot, Shakti says she just gave them the recipe of Laddo but hearing this Kadambari and Radha both are shocked, Gungun mentions they would enjoy a lot at the wedding of Rimghim and Shakti masi is her favorite as she helped them in jail, Shakti immediately gives her the laddo assuring she will make the favorite dish for Gungun. Shakti signals Radha but then she also tells Mohan how Shakti has not told the truth to her aunt. Shakti asks Gungun if she will not show her the house and she even takes Radha with her, Manaroma thinks her Shakti would have been informed in something dangerous.

Shakti informs Radha she has not told her aunt otherwise she would have beaten her, Radha apologizes saying she had no idea but then promises that she is not going to tell anyone of the sort of help which Shakti offered. Mohan coming from behind explains that Shakti did what only a sister can do for her sister, Shakti asks what is Mohan jiju saying, Mohan replies that Shakti helped him meet his love so now prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should give him some sign with which she can also meet the one whom she loves, Shakti at once gets emotional when Radha asks the reason for it, Shakti relies there is nothing of the sort when Mohan replies her eyes are telling the truth, he says she can tell them whenever she feels like there is any problem. Shakti immediately says they are being troubled when there is nothing of the sort.

Damini and Kaveri both are standing wearing a disguise in the window when Damini exclaims that the end is going to happen when this family ruins, Kaveri asks fi Damini is seeing how they are enjoying after ruining their lives, Damini says they should let them celebrate because after today they are not going to be able to celebrate any event, Damini picks out her knife seeing which Kaveri starts smiling.

Manaroma comes asking if Gungun likes the laddo and has eaten it, she says that Gungun was talking something of jail just a few moments ago but her Shakti aunt completely changed the topic, Mohan asks Gungun to look at who has come, Shakti also gets excited and then they force Gungun to leave with Mohan, while Shakti and Radha also run leaving Manaroma alone,she exclaims they all are working as a team and no one prints the card free of cost.

Mohan informs Gungun that Chachi jee should not find out regarding what Shakti did for them, he sees the people entering the Trivedi house so asks if they are the people which Gungun asked to come in a get up, Damini and Kaveri both enter in their costumes when kaveri whispers that she feels Mohan has recognized them and would surely beat them both like they did with him, Damini replies she is not going to run away and they will have to take the risk in order to take their revenge from the Trivedi, Mohan walks past them and goes straight to the person questioning why is he looking into the house and must come, he leaves with the person.

Damini is shocked seeing Gungun when kaveri asks what if she recognizes her, Damini explains they must enter the house when Gungun wonders why did they both run away.

Mohan takes Dr Shiv to the corner asking why was he peeking into the house, Dr Shiv introduces himself when Mohan asks he was looking at his wife, Mohan warns him to not check his wife since he got her back after so many troubles, Mohan gets a bit worried after hearing his name nd then realizes that he is the one who got Shakti admitted into the collage, Mohan asks Shiv to come inside the house with him, Shiv says that he cannot go and meet Shakti since she does not want to be his friend, Mohan asks if she had told him this in Banaras but even then Shiv came after her. Radha asks Shakti why is she so worried. Mohan forces Shakti to enter the house, Shiv says she is not just named Shakti but also takes out the Trishol whenever she sees him, Mohan forces Dr Shiv inside the house.

Manaroma presents Kadambari devi with the wedding card of Rimjhim inviting the entire family to her wedding, Mohan comes mentioning he wants to introduce them to someone, Shakti is shocked seeing him. Mohan introudces Dr Shiv to everyone, they all greet him but then Shakti angrily questions what is he doing here hearing which everyone gets worried as Shakti blames Dr Shiv for even coming here while following her. Mohan signals Dr Shiv but Manaroma blames Dr Shiv for always being around Shakti and she got in a lot of trouble because of him. Mohan says that Dr Shiv has not come here following anyone but Dr Shiv is his friend, Manaroma is shocked asking if Dr Shiv is his friend, she questions when did they become friends. Mohan explains that they both used to study in the same school and even used to hit the students at the front, Manaroma asks how can they study in the same school when Mohan lives here in Varandhwan while Dr Shiv in Banaras. Mohan keeps telling lies, he whispers asking if Dr Shiv is also going to say something or he would have to tell the entire lie. Dr Shiv says that Mohan used to take all the medals home with him hearing which Kadambari gets worried thinking he used to pass with a lot of difficulty, Manaroma asks if Mohan is also a doctor when Shiv replies he instead became a lawyer.

Shakti asks Radha if Mohan is actually a lawyer since he is telling so many lies, Radha whispers how she knows that Shiv is the one made for Shakti and they both look very good together, Shakti leaves so Radha tries to stop her, Dr Shiv keeps staring at her and only stops when Manaroma angrily looks at him. Shiv immediately asks Radha how is she doing, Manaroma asks if they are also friends and she changed the collage, Mohan replies that Radha was not even born then, Radha says that Dr Shiv is the close friend of her husband so she has met him, Radha leaves saying she forgot something, Dr Shiv once again gets a call. Mohan advises him to answer it otherwise manaroma will surely scold them,

Dr Shiv answers the call of Mandra when she asks where is he at the moment, Radha accidentally hits him causing the phone to fall on the floor, she picks the phone for Dr Shiv and leaves.

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