Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th March 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th March 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th March 2023 Written Episode

Radha forces the hand of Bhushan in the cooking oil, he screams and so the entire family rushes to him asking what has happened, Kadambari and Kaveri both are shocked to see his burning hand and Kadambari question how did it burn, Radha says she is going to tell her how his hand burned, Bhushan says it is nothing like that and he was just helping her but then his hand fell into the burning oil but she does not have anything to do with it, they all are shocked when he questions why are they looking at him like this because she is innocent, Kadambari questions why did he hurry so much, Kaveri exclaims that he hurt himself, Kadambari instructs Radha to go and bring cold water but she requests her to at least listen however Kadambari is more worried about caring for her brother, Damini seeing the opportunity rushes to bring the water, Kaveri is glad that something big did not happen and she says that where ever Radha goes, then such bad things surely happen there, and she feels that wherever Radha breathes she causes evil things to be present there. Damini says this is why she offered to help him but he is more interested in taking help from Radha so must not bear the consequence, Radha once again tries to explain it to Kadambari, she says that her brother cam into this kitchen to make food for them due to his loving nature but she was not even able to take care of him, Damini says she would do it when she gets time to not make plans against them. Kadambari explains she was asking Dulari to help him, but Radha insisted and now this happened, Kaveri mentions it is their mistake because they desired to eat the sweets however Radha once again made the mistake.

Radha tries to explain but Bhushan questions why are they all shouting explaining Radha is just child and does not know how to take care of the elders but she would surely learn, Radha steps back and angrily walks out of the kitchen, Kaveri asks if they saw how she reacted as if their brother is at fault and she is innocent.

Radha thinks she was right to suspect that Bhushan uncle was not a nice person, she feels irritated thinking about what he was trying to do, Rada thinks she gave him the place of Bhagwan but he is not like that, Radha thinks she is going to tell everything to Mohan, and he will surely teach him a lesson. Kadambari angrily walks to Radha instructing that she should complete preparing the breakfast which she started as everyone would be hungry. Radha sees Bhushan walking out of the kitchen, she warns him, but he replies it is not of any use when everyone loves her so much then how would she do anything against him because she saw they all really love him so would not believe anything she says. Dulari also comes calling Radha, Bhushan advises to make his food aa little spicy as he tends to like it, he leaves when Kadambari calls him.

Dulari asks Radha what do they have to make, and how does he like his food when Radha says this is what she ahs to inform everyone but they cannot hurry, she asks Dulari to go while she would come back later, Radha thinks she will have to inform Mohan the entire truth but just after he has had the breakfast, she thinks that even if everyone is against her but Mohan jee would surely believe her.

Mohan is combing the hair of Gungun, she says that he would take her for shopping when she comes back, he asks what does she want to buy so she explains that she wants to purchase with her own desire, he does not agree with her but she says there are also organic colors, she says that old people do not have the ability to think like the younger generation, she explains these colors do not ruin the face and are very nice. Mohan says he is going to tell Ajeet, Gungun explains Ajeet is already very busy, Mohan says then he would ask Dulari, Gungun mentions but Dulari is also very busy whenever there is any function. Mohan asks since when did Dulari become her Bua, Gungun says they should not take the name of elders as it is disrespect, Mohan says that this means Radha would have taught her this but she still takes his name, Gungun explains but now she doensot want to go with him as she is really busy but he does not do anything, Gungun explains he is always busy with his mobile or staying in the house, Mohan is furious with Radha for teaching her daughter like this, Gungun explains he should go back to his office. Damini is shocked so starts listening to their conversation. Tulsi explains they both are the ones who know why he does not want to go to his office.

Gungun explains all of the fathers of her friends go to office but when they ask what her father does do she has to lie to them, she explains if he goes to office then she along with Radha would bring tiffin for him, he smiling asks if Radha even said it to her. Gungun explains Radha even said an idiom for him, Mohan says that it does not have any meaning and she should not believe anything which Radha says to her. Gungun explains he must forget to bring the colors for her which are organic, Mohan agrees he would bring it the asks her to wear her bag, she leaves the room. Damini thinks that Radha does not let any opportunity to let Mohan stay away from her but she is asking him to go to office, she wonders if Radha saw those papers.

Damini enters the room when Kaveri asks if the breakfast is ready since she is really hungry, Damini explains she is really worried and why is Radha asking Mohan to go to the office, but Kaveri explains they have taken care of the entire proof however Damini asks if she is sure that she took all the proof, Kaveri assures she is like cat and has taken care of the proof while ate the last piece which was burnt.

Rada is in the kitchen preparing the Jalebi when she feels someone is coming behind her, so she turns warning the person to stay in her limits, she is shocked to see Ketki so apologizes to her when Ketki asks if she is fine, Radha is about to inform her but then noticing she is worried asks why is Ketki so tensed, Radha explains she knows Ketki is furious with her but she felt there is something because of which she is tensed, she informs she has noticed there is something which Ketki wants to tell her, Radha explains something which is related to Bhushan uncle, Ketki remembers the day when she was studying, Radha notices how she is quiet so once again asks Ketki what has happened however Ketki says there is nothing but she just came to ask if he is fine since his hand got burnt, Radha says this means Ketki was worried about her but Ketki replied she is worried because Radha might once again blame her family, she leaves angrily. Radha wonders why she is feeling Ketki is hiding something from her, only a women can realize the fear of another women so she wonders if what she is thinking is the truth, she feels she has to talk with Mohan.

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