Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1st June 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1st June 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1st June 2023 Written Episode

Radha is trying her best to climb into the vent, the owner instructs the watchman to hurry up while Tulsi is sure that Radha might be inside this cold storage. Tulsi enters ut then in the meantime Radha has managed to climb into the vent, Tulsi sees that the entire place has been thrashed so feels she would have been locked here. Tulsi hears the owner instructing the watchman to quickly open the door and see what has happened inside, he is shocked to see that the entire cold storage been thrashed.

Kadambari agrees saying they both will surely bring back Mohan and Radha, they try to leave when Gungun turns back instructing Dulari to keep an eye on both Damini and Kaveri Dadi, kadambari also agrees instructing her to even take the phones, Damini stops Kadambari explaining she is also coming with her but Kadambari says that Damini is not coming with them, mentioning how she suspects that Damini is involved in the disappearance of Radha, so is trying to find ways to get out from this house but she is not going to gave her any reason.

Radha thanks Ba Kai Bihari jee for helping her reached this vent as it is somewhat warm, Radha sleeps in the vent, the owner wonders what has happened in his cold storage as they have suffered immense loss, he blames the watchman. Tulsi wonders where is Radha.

The inspector threatens to break all the bones in Mohan’s body because he raised his hand on a police inspector. Ketki and Ajeet try to enter the police station once again when Ajeet says that the constable should let them enter and even offers to suffer the beating for Mohan. Ketki explains Mohan has even protected her from getting injured with a needle but she is not able to do anything when he is being tortured. Ajeet assures that their mother in law is coming and would surely help them very soon.

The owner of the cold storage gets very furious seeing the condition, the watchman says he will go inside and check it but the owner refuses to allow him saying that if he does anything then the insurance company will not pay even a single penny against the damages, the watchman is adamant to help but the owner starts pulling him outside but does not notice that the parchment has been attached to the under side of his shoe, he just keeps pushing the watch man out of the cold storage so that he can get the insurance claim.

Radha in the vent, remember when she got a sprain in her neck and started arguing with Mohan jee for scolding her when she is in hurting. Mohan knelt towards her explaining when the pain becomes insufferable then they must think of the moments during which they had a lot of happiness as it causes them relief, Mohan then twisted her head towards the other direction, Radha smiling asks if he said it all to make her not pay any attention towards her pain. Mohan replied in moments of turmoil they should only think of the happy moments of their life as then they donot feel any sort of pain. Radha lying in the vent is only thinking about the beautiful moments which she has spent with Mohan.

Mohan while being locked up in the cell, thinks of when Gungun called her as papa and the time when Radha hugged him, to show her affection, how he has also always cared for her and been there to protect Radha. Mohan start smiling thinking about it, seeing which the inspector gets even more furious asking how is Mohan smiling even after suffering such extensive beating.

Radha starts coughing after waking up in the vent, she tries to crawl but is not able to move and starts screaming, the vent also starts shaking due to the pressure. Radha thinks that she cannot lose hope and has to fight, she once again starts reciting the Mantar before crawling ahead however she lies down.

Mohan replies this is the power of love as his sister and brother in law are standing outside while his mother and daughter along with Radha are in the house, and their love is always by his side because of which he has the strength to bear this beating, but the Inspector only thinks of himself so can never understand it. Mohan informs he has the prayers of his family members so nothing will happen to him and even Radha, as they have the support of Ba Kai Bihari jee. Mohan assures that once he finds Radha then neither Ba Kai Bihari jee nor he is going to leave the Inspector, hearing this he once again starts beating.

Damini mentions how can she not go since the Inspector has started beating Mohan, Kadambari angrily asks whose fault is that Mohan is being beaten, she refuses to allow Damini to leave the house. Damini stops Kadambari explaining she can never harm Mohan and Maa knows it.

Radha keeps tryng her best to escape informing Mohan that she is coming however she keeps falling, Tulsi wonders where can she search for Radha, she is sure Radha is here as Mohan felt her presence and he cannot be wrong. Tulsi thinks she has to make Radha believe she is here, Tulsi then starts throwing the shelf, Radha hears the noise and wonders how did she feel as if someone is present in the cold storage, she thinks if someone managed to come inside while searching for her, she thinks she has to go back inside quickly so the person does not leave. Radha turns back towards the cold storage, the vent is shaking very badly. Tulsi pleads Radha for a sign, she keeps throwing the shelf, Radha hearing the noise thinks someone is surely present there, she thinks she has to go back there as soon as possible. Tulsi screams the name of Radha.

Radha starts crawling towards the cold storage, Tulsi not being able to bear the thought starts crying and sits down, Tulsi sees the blood on the shelf, she gets shocked but finally sees the bag of Radha under a box of ice cream. Tulsi once again starts calling Radha, who is trying her best to crawl back to the cold storage but she keeps falling down. Tulsi thinks she was right to suspect as Radha was surely present here but is not anymore, she once again calls Radha however no one responds. Tulsi wonders how could have Radha gone out of here since the door was locked.

Tulsi thinks she would have to go and call Mohan here as Radha would be around here, Radha reaches the end of the vent when she sees her bag hanging in mid air, Radha is able to realize that it is Tulsi, she is glad.

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