Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Episode

Radha starts screaming, Tulsi wonders what can she do against the wish of Ishwar, she exclaims only Ishwar can go against his own desire so she would have to talk with him, Tulsi is also crying seeing Radha struggle. Tulsi asks Radha to listen to her, advising that she must hold this photo in front of her as this light is going to call her towards itself but she must fight it, Tulsi advises Radha has to fight for Mohan and Gungun, revealing she knows Radha will feel immense pain but she makes Radha promise that she will not go anywhere, Radha at first is not able to do it but then takes out her hand to complete the promise after holding the hand of Tulsi, she is also crying. Tulsi informs she will come back very soon while Radha would not go anywhere. Tulsi stands up to leave while Radha is struggling to fight the light, she seeing the photo of Mohan and Gungun remembers how Tulsi advised her to not stop fighting even if she feels the pain, she keeps thinking all of those moments when Mohan jee protected her from all those problems an she mentioned Radha and Mohan are hit only if they are together. Mohan jee angrily stood for her in front of Damini and the entire family. Radha tries to use the powerful memories she has to keep fighting the white light, and not even let the frame drop, she recalls when Gungun explained Radha is her mother now when her biological mother had died in her childhood. Radha is still struggling.

Tulsi stands in the Mandir asking Bihari jee what is he doing and what sort of justice is this, she explains he first took her away from her own family after which her husband was left heartbroken and he snatched her away from her daughter when she needed her the most. Tulsi explains then he brought Radha into their life who gave them both even more love than her, and after a while they all became a family and Mohan even got a life partner but then he once again took Radha from them, Tulsi questions Bihari jee what has Radha not done for this family, Mohan and Gungun. Bihari jee should have given her his blessings but he instead put her in the struggle between life and death.

Radha while holding the frame remember when Mohan said that he prayed she should also never come back life Tulsi, the light starts using its tremendous power to pull Radha towards itself, Radha says to Bihari jee that if something happens to her today then Mohan jee would never be able to forgive himself and he will blame himself for the rest of his life, he will always blame himself as he even considers that the death of Tulsi jee was his fault, so this time he would actually kill himself. Radha explains Bihari jee cannot take away the love of a mother from Gungun, she while crying requests him to not do this with her family as she cannot die tonight. Radha starts crying while trying her best to hold the frame in front of her, Radha mentions he has immense powers and can even change the rules of this world, she holds her head due to the immense pain explaining he can even change the dead into a living person, informing she must live for her Mohan jee and Gungun. Radha explains she is not asking him to change the rules but is just praying that he should not separate her from Mohan jee and Gungun, explaining she just living due to his immense support. Radha starts reciting the mantar while hiding behind the photo frame.

Tulsi says she is not begging for the life of Radha but giving him the instruction that she should be given her right, and the happiness for her family. Tulsi says Bihari jee has already taken away the happiness from the life of Mohan then why did he bring Radha to his life when he had to do it all over again. Tulsi crying mentions she heard he never wrongs the good people but he has to prove it today, as Radha has never done anything wrong to anyone, so if anything happens to her today then Bihari jee would be blamed for anything that happens, she mentions he does everything for this world, and not even a petal can move without his permission, she says then today he is going to change his decision and with that the fate of Radha. Tulsi informs Radha cannot die today because her work in this life has not ended, she crying demands Bihari jee should bring back Radha and change his decision. Tulsi says Radha is his biggest Bhagt and she never stops from spreading the instructions, but she mentions if anything happens to Radha today then she would tell the entire world that he is just a Murti while even if he has any presence then it is just to play with them, and make them all obey his decisions. Tulsi blames he does not care for anything that is wrong and is just glad after seeing them in trouble and starts laughing.

Mohan is sitting at the dinner table when Dulari serves him the dinner, he asks where is everyone so Dulari replies they all have refused saying that they are not hungry. Mohan explains he will surely eat it, he is just about to eat the first bite but stops thinking how he forced Radha to eat the food when she was performing the Varth.

Radha is still reciting the Mantar which causes the windows and doors of the entire house to suddenly open, along with a sudden wind that causes everyone to be tensed. Kadambari wonders how did the weather change suddenly. The flowerpots in the Mandir start moving, Mohan along with Kadambari slowly start walking towards the Mandir, Ketki and Ajeet also wonder how can the weather change so quickly.
Mohan is walking when Gungun suddenly stops him, she is crying and mentions Mohan believes she is lying. Gungun swears on her mother Tulsi that she does not know where is Radha. Mohan wiping off her tears asks her to not lie, Gungun once again replies she doensot know where is Radha and she is in a problem.

The Murti of Radharani placed in the Mandir starts moving, seeing which everyone is left shocked as the Murti starts swinging, Mohan runs with all his might to the Mandir, he manages to catch the Murti before it falls on the floor. The entire sky is covered with immense thunder which scares everyone, they start praying. Mohan remembers when he took Radha Rani away from Bihari jee until his Radha comes back. Mohan while crying informs that his Radha is not fine, he finally accepts that Radha is in some sort of trouble. Mohana in desperation screams the name of Radha hearing which Damini drop the glass, and even Kaveri is shocked. Mohan once again yells the name of Radha which she hears, he vows to not let anything happen to her.

Precap: Gungun informs this is not the time to be sad but to help and find Radha. Mohan pleads with Bihari jee to protect his Radha while he is once again placing Radharani alongside Bihari jee in the Mandir. Radha slowly starts moving while still being trapped, she wakes up after taking a deep breath.

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