Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 24th May 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 24th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 24th May 2023 Written Episode

Radha is still shivering, she exclaims it is just twelve in the night so there are seven to eight hours left till the morning shift starts.

Mohan in the house advises everyone to keep their eyes open mentioning they are first going to go to the office. Damini offers to come with them but Mohan replies there is no need, Damini informs she does not want to come because she cares for Radha but because even if he finds her there then she should not say anything that makes him suspect her, Mohan requests Kadambari to keep an eye on her since he does not trust her even a bit and she can do a lot even while staying in the house. Gungun also requests to come with him when Mohan kneeling informs that she herself said they both are on the same team and so he desires she must stay back home and handle everything, because someone might call them to inform about Radha so someone should stay back, he explains Radha is her best friend so she can say the best information. Tulsi also explains they donot know where is Radha so it is not safe for her to go with her father. Mohan asks Gungun to pray to her Bihari jee, she asks if he will surely be able to find Radha. Mohan makes a promise to Gungun so she hugs him, Mohan advises her to keep an eye on Damini after he leaves, suggesting she must call him if Damini does anything of the sort, Mohan informs this is her task, asking if she would be able to do it Gungun assures she will do it without any problem. Mohan is about to leave but Gungun stops him, she runs back into the house mentioning she will come in a moment.

Radha while sitting against the ice cream boxes, kneels to one side as she is getting sleeping, she however stays awake and then checks the time on her watch. Radha sees the blowers thinking that she might be getting weak because she has not eaten for so long, she starts coughing. Radha sees ice cream boxes placed beside her, she slowly tries to go near them however starts screaming due to the pain, Radha tries to reach the box but is not able to move quickly, and her shoulder starts hurting once again, she while screaming tries to pick the box however it falls on the floor. Radha thinks if Gungun was here then she would have brought something for her to eat. Radha remembers when Gungun brought the chocolate for her, informing she has a bad habit of not eating at the proper time so she has brought this chocolate for her which she must keep in her bag and eat at the time when she is feeling hungry. Gungun also started making something on it, she was really glad to see the heart that Gungun drew on it. She then hugged Gungun after thanking her. Radha sees her bag placed under the shelf.

Kadambari asks Mohan and Ketki to always keep calling them, Gungun comes back with the yogurt seeing which kaveri and Damini both get furious. Gungun asks Mohan to have this sweet yogurt which he eats, she wishes him all the best, explaining she has already lost her mother once but this time he should not let it happen. Mohan promises that he will bring her mother and his Radha, Damini gets furious hearing it. Mohan once again kisses Gungun on the head before leaving with Ketki and Ajeet. Tulsi also follows them. Gungun prays to Bihari jee that he should protect Radha and make sure she returns back home. Kadambari notices how Damini and Kaveri are tensed.

Radha slowly starts crawling towards her satchel, she finally manages to reach it however is getting really dizzy, she then taking out the chocolate explains Gungun has become a fortune teller as she did not give her anything before but yesterday gave her this chocolate as she knew that it might help save her life. Radha quickly opens the chocolate which she tries to eat but then exclaims even Gungun would not have eaten anything so how can she eat it.

Gungun is sitting in the house when Dulari comes requesting her to eat something but Gungun tries to walk away when Kadambari informs that she knows Gungun is worried for Radha, but she has to eat something. Gungun explains that Radha does not eat anything without making her eat firs, she angrily goes to sit on the table.

Ketki in the car is constantly trying to contact Radha but her phone is still switched off, Mohan gets a call from Kadambari who informs she is very worried about Gungun who is not eating anything nor talking with anyone, Mohan requests her to give the phone to Gungun, Kadambari informs she has placed the phone on loudspeaker. Mohan requests her to eat something when Gungun informs that she does not eat anything without Radha, Mohan replies he is sure even Radha would not have eaten anything, Gungun replies this is also one other person without whom she does not eat anything, he asks who is she talking about when Gungun replies she is talking about him, Mohan says that it is nothing to be worried about as his car is always filled with snacks, Mohan sees that the packet of biscuits is empty so he twists it to make Gungun believe that he is also eating them after which Gungun finally starts eating them. Gungun asks Mohan to also eat the entire pack of biscuits when Ketki says he is driving the car so she would make sure he eats them, Kadambari ends the call when Mohan starts driving while Ketki is consoling him.

Radha in the cold storage mentions she knows Mohan jee would have surely made Gungun eat something and they all would be really caring a lot for Gungun however she knows he would still be hungry and not eaten anything. Mohan while driving exclaims their daughter has had the dinner, he however prays that Radha should not remain hungry and should have eaten something.

Precap: Everyone is looking for Radha. Radha’s hand catches fire, she shouts in pain for help. Mohan listens her voice.

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