Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th December 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th December 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th December 2023 Written Episode

Mohan opening the bottle is about to give it to Radha but Mr X stops him saying he would not give her the water, Mohan says it is wrong she herself said that Radha can break her fast, Mr X replies but she would have to open it with the food, Bunty brings the plate for her revealing the chicken in it. Radha is about to vomit due to it and asks Bunty to take it away but he is just smiling looking at her, Mohan says that this is non vegetarian and they informed they are vegetarian, Radha informs they donot eat it but Mr X replies they would have to eat it today, Radha informs they said they cannot eat it as it is their personal matter and Mr X cannot force them to eat it, Mr X threatens to take the life of the person for whose long life she has kept the Varth, she places the gun at the forehead of Mohan seeing which they all ask her to stop, Bunty threatens to take their life if they donot stop talking, Mr X gives Radha two choices either to eat the chicken or let the love of her life lose his life, Damini requests Radha to have the chicken otherwise they would kill Mohan, but he stops her saying she does not have to eat anything as they would not be able to do anything, Radha keeps looking at the gun pointed towards Mohan who is asking her to not do it, he once again says she does not have to eat anything as nothing will happen to her. Mr X warns her to think quickly. Damini asks Radha to not waste any more time, Radha slowly turns back while Mohan keeps asking her to not do it, Bunty is laughing with the other hijackers.

Radha cannot even look at the chicken and is about to vomit just by thinking of it, Mohan feels the pain she is going through so once again instructs her to not do it, Radha looks at the chicken, Damini questions Mohan what is he saying Radha is about to reach for the chicken when Mohan angrily asks her to stop, requesting that she should not eat it. Mr X says then he should be prepared to die, hearing which everyone gets worried. Mr X loads the gun seeing which both Radha and kadambari start requesting her to not shoot, Mr X fires the bullet after which everyone on the plane close their eyes, Damini is also terrified. Kadmabari is relieved to see that Mohan is fine along with Gungun, Mohan turns to see that Radha has raised the hand of Mr X, everyone is terrified, Mohan turns to Radha who is not able to control her emotional, Kadmabari praises Ba Kai Bihari jee for saving her son, Radha holds her hands in front of Mr X promising to do whatever she orders her but pleads with her to not harm her Mohan, Radha kneels in front of Ba Kai Bihari jee apologizing to him as she would have to break whatever she had been doing for so many years because today it is about the life of her Mohan jee so she would have to eat meat in order to save the life of Mohan jee. Damini while crying orders Radha to stop this act and quickly eat the meat. Mr X orders Radha to quickly have it. Radha slowly stands up, Mohan is still stopping Radha but she slowly walks towards the plate containing the meat, Radha first covers her mouth with the saree, Gungun is also requesting her to stop. Radha slowly reaches for the plate once again when Mohan says that Radha does not have to do it, Gungun also asks Ramaa to not eat it.

Radha slowly picks a piece of chicken with the tissue, she is about to vomit but manages to control it, Damini pleads with Radha to eat it otherwise they would kill Mohan, Radha looks at Mohan who is also crying and requests her to not have it but Bunty threatens to kill him, everyone is looking at Radha who closes her eyes, she opens her mouth to have a bite of the chicken when someone hits her hand causing the chicken piece to fall on the floor, everyone gets shocked but it is the pregnant women who gathered the courage to help Radha, Mr X is furious at her who says they have had enough of the drama, she questions if MR X is not ashamed after mistreating a women, because for them KarwaChawth is the biggest festival on which a wife not only keeps the fast but can do anything for her husband which is why Radha agreed to eat the chicken knowing it is against her belief, she questions what does Mr X think that she can make anyone do it after pointing the gun, she exclaims then Mr X would have to kill her before reaching Mohan, Radha is shocked when the other lady also stands up agreeing to die along with all of the other passengers, kadambari exclaims Mr X can kill all of them women present in this air plane after which they would see how she negotiates with the government, Damini is terrified.

The hijackers are also not able to understand, Mr X exclaim they all are ready to die then she does not have any problem with it and would kill everyone, Damini immediately kneels down, Bunty stands with Mr X questioning what is she doing they both take her inside when Bunt requests Mr X to not get angry as if they kill them then the hostages would attack them and they are just five so would not stand against the hostages, the air hostess says they have to fulfill their mission by taking the pacemaker, Mr X agrees that things would be complicated by killing them so they have to get the pacemaker, she sends Bunty.

Bunty says that Radha does not want to have the chicken so would not eat t, he gives Mohan the water while ordering everyone else to sit down quietly. Mohan makes Radha have the water so she can break her fast seeing which Damini is furious, Radha immediately hugs Mohan while everyone else is smiling, Kadambari hugs Gungun assuring that everything is fine.

Mohan asks Radha to not cry, she placing both of her hands on the face of Mohan prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should give him a long life, he says he should spend each and every moment with her after which they hug once again, the couple prays that both Radha Mohan should live like this for the rest of their life, the elder says that his wife used to keep this Varth for him but now how would do it, he is consoled by the other passenger.

Mohan remembers how he heard Tina say that they need the pacemaker to fulfill their mission and Mr x agreed with her, Radha asks Mohan jee why does he seem tensed when she has had the water, Mohan says he has heard the hijackers who are waiting for the pacemaker and he cannot understand what are they planning with the pacemaker.

In the morning Kavita advises Dr Shiv to give this fake bomb to Mohan and inform him to replace it with the real bomb safely, while they would unfortunately have to give the pacemaker to the hijackers, Dr Shiv gets worried wondering what is the agenda of the hijackers, Kavita gives Dr Shiv the bag wishing him all the best, the Trivedi family also wish him. Dr Shiv thinks that Kavita said the final plan of the hijackers if to blast the plane then why do they need this pacemaker.

Mohan tells Radha that the hijackers needed the battery to start the bomb after which they released ten passengers and are now getting a pacemaker, so what would they need to do it. Radha says that she has never seen a pacemaker and how can a tool do what Ba Kai Bihari jee is supposed to do, the hijacker opens the door of the airplane asking Dr Shiv to enter, he keeps thinking about the common thing in the bomb and a pacemaker, Mohan says that pacemaker runs with the help of a battery and they are planning to use it to activate the bomb. The hijacker asks dr Shiv to enter so he think he is taking the tool that would cause the death of the passengers.

Radha gets worried thinking they have to do something to stop the people from sending the pacemaker, Radha asks Kadmabari to have her Ba Kai Bihari jee while she will come back after a while, she is about to stand up with Mohan when they both are shocked to see Dr Shiv enter the air plane along with Gungun and Kadmabari who are not able to stop looking at him, Radha is about to greet him when Mohan stops her, even Gungun tries to get up when Kadambari signals her so she looks to Dr Shiv who also signals her to not greet him. Damini wonders what is Dr Shiv doing here, Dr Shiv thinks he has to destroy the pacemaker otherwise it would be a threat to the life of everyone, the hostages are looking at Dr Shiv who drops the pacemaker but it is caught by Mr X who stands up holding it, telling Dr Shiv that he got late but she gets whatever she desires, Mr X ask if he is a doctor and when Shiv agrees then Mr X says he would have figured out why she needs the pacemaker because Dr Shiv is also her guest would not go out, Damini exclaims it is the best idea. MrX says she does not want anyone to give the information so he has also been kidnapped. Damini is smiling along with the other hijackers. Mr x says they will even check his bag which the other hijacker takes, Dr Shiv is staring at him while he is checking but the bag is filled with the medicines, he stops the hijacker from opening the pouch informing that they are medical supplies because there are a lot of hostages in the plane so anyone might need it, Dr Shiv says he does not have any problem and they can check it, Mr x agrees so they place the bag on the chair beside Radha ordering Dr Shiv to sit down when Mr X remains standing staring at Radha Mohan, Tina tells Bunty that this doctor does not know that those people whom he has come to protect would die because of him because they will remove the battery from the pacemaker and activate the plane causing everyone to die, they all are worried. Mr X mentions it is the last time they should talk with the ATC, she asks Bunty to come forward so they both leave. Mr X sits on the chair talking with Kavita who says Mr X got what she desired and when is she going to release the other passengers, Mr x replies she has not thought about it for now but is going to keep the doctor as he is very cute, Kavita replies Mr X cannot do it and should send him away, Mr x replies so he gives the information about them, she ends the call smiling at Bunty.

Shiv is sitting with Radha Mohan when Damini exclaims that Shiv along with Shakti really caused problems for her and so she thinks she would tell the hijackers that Shiv already knows Radha Mohan, she is walking ahead when Gungun forces her to sit down saying she does not have to tell anyone, mentioning that Shiv has come to rescue them including her, Gungun says if she is interested in dying then should say it clearly, Damini says she hates to agree but for the first time she has said something good so Damini sits at the front seat. Shiv says that Gungun has said everything right except for one thing as he is not her uncle, Gungun smiles.

Mohan tells that Shiv should not have come here risking his own life, Shiv questions hw wold he ave not come since they are childhood friends, Radha asks Dr Shiv how is Shakti when Shiv says they should first think about getting out of here, Mohan agrees with him when Shiv says he had come to help them and Mohan explains that the hijackers got hold of the battery and had he known that only that battery could activate the bomb then he would not have brought it. Mohan asks Kadmabari, Gungun and Damini to remain quiet because they need a battery to activate the bomb, Shiv says that the pacemaker that he brought has the battery, Gungun says does this mean they will blast this plane but Shiv says they can still save everyone. Radha asks how will it happen when Shiv says he has brought a solution with him, Dr Shiv slowly opens his bag after looking at the hijacker, he shows Radha Mohan the bomb in his bag seeing which they all are shocked. Mohan gets worried asking what is he doing with the other bomb and is this the solution , Shiv says that ti is a fake bomb that was given to him by the officer, they desire that they should replace it with the real bomb which is their solution. The hijacker notices that Shiv is talking with Radha Mohan so comes to stand beside them asking what is Shiv showing hem all, he demands the bag from Shiv who says it just has the medical supplies, the hijacker places it over the seat of Damini, Mohan and Radha are really worried along with Gungun, the hijacker keeps searching the bag.

Bunty takes out the bomb from the bag of Radha giving it to Mr x who after opening it takes out the pacemaker, she slowly removes the battery from it and then paces it in the bomb, after which it starts working. Mr x exclaims that she is going to activate it when Bunty gets worried saying that they all will die but Mr X exclaims that she promised that nothing would happen to any of the team members, she asks Bunty to keep an eye on the passengers while she will talk with the ATC. Mr x talks with the ATC Saying she wants to negotiate, explaining that they all care for their civilians so she has decided to let go of everyone on this plane, Kavita asks what does she desire in return when Mr x exclaims she needs a helicopter along with five hundred crore so she can get away, Kavita questions what is this rubbish but Mr X says this is the deal and if they donot like it then she will kill everyone on the plane, after which she will be arrested and put on trial. Kavita asks for some more time when Mr X exclaims that no one is going to leave this plane alive beside her.

Shiv tells the hijacker that this lady is ill so he was just giving her the medicine, the hijacker returns the bag so Shiv opens it but is shocked questioning where is the bomb as it is not here, Mohan gets shocked.

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