Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th February 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th February 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th February 2024 Written Episode

Tulsi says only two people have right over the house first who is the wife of the son of this house while the other who is the second women in the life of the son, Mohan and Radha both are shocked hearing this. Tulsi gets dizzy and is about to fall when Mohan asks them to call a doctor but Tulsi replies there is no need to call the doctor and she demands an answer from Mohan asking what is the relation between him and this Radha, she is pressuring Mohan, Radha thinks this fake person is playing with the entire family while her Mohan jee is being hurt in this all, she thinks of stopping her. Radha says that Tulsi wants to know the relation and she is going to tell her, Mohan stops Radha saying she will not tell the truth but Radha vows to tell the truth however Mohan says Tulsi will get ill but Radha leaves furiously when Mohan pleads with her to not do it. Kaveri tells Kadambari that she might make a mistake so Kadambari warns her to stay quiet

Radha returns holding the Ba Kai Bihari jee and Bhagwat Geeta in her hands, she comes to stand in front of Tulsi saying that this Radha from Barsana while holding the Bhagwat Geeta is going to swear that she only has a relation with her husband and he is the identity, or Bhagwan so when her husband belongs to her then why should she fear anyone else, Radha praises her husband saying that the love for which people are born again and again, she found the love in this life and if a women finds husband like her, they tend to get happy for seven lives, Radha says he fights anyone after seeing tears in her eyes and is always by her side, and whenever he is not around her then is always ready to support her, she sees him whenever she opens or closes her eyes so her husband is her future and if she says in his words then whenever they both are together then are hit, so when she has found the entire world in him then what does she need with anyone. Radha says her husband is her truth, Tulsi once again apologizes to Radha saying she should not have said it, Kaveri is shocked. Tulsi asks what could she have done as she returned to her house after so long but is worried, however Radha would not be able to understand the pain of a wife who has returned after eight years to her own house but does not know anything about his life, she pleads with Radha to forgive her when Radha relies she is going to give a suggestion explaining that trust and belief is needed in any relation, she says her husband always abides by it therefor Tulsi must believe in him because he does anything due to a reason while if there is no trust in the relation then it breaks very soon. Kadambari says that now everything is fine and she asks everyone to go and sleep in their rooms. Kadambari leaves when Tulsi walks to Mohan requesting him to forgive her as she made a mistake, she asks him to come when he looks at Radha who is just staring at him. Mohan walks past Radha who is forced to walk in the other direction, he turns to look at her while she is not able to stop crying. Tulsi is adamant in her desires while pulling the hand of Mohan.

Radha is not able to control herself, she places the Ba Kai Bihari jee and Bhagwat Geeta on the bench after which Radha sits down while crying a lot, suddenly Gungun comes to sit by her side and hugs her tightly requesting Ramaa to stop crying but she hugs her again.

Gungun sits with Radha on her bed saying that papa told her a child can have two mothers but a husband cannot have two wives, she asks Ramaa to sleep but Radha relies she cannot sleep so Gungun says she would do what Ramaa does for her, Radha rests her head on the lap of Gungun who is singing the song while also being emotional however Tulsi is furious witnessing it.

Tulsi angrily enters the room while Mohan is asleep, Tulsi says she knows the biggest strength of Radha in this house is Gungun and Mohan so she has to ruin the strength in this house.

Kadambari and Kaveri watching Tulsi from the window are just staring at her, kadambari says that Tulsi is going to teach Radha a lesson when kaveri replies she knows that the women is not the real Tulsi, kadambari stops Kaveri asking if she wants to take the revenge for the death of Damini so must stay quiet as for them she is the real Tulsi.

In the morning Radha suddenly wakes up saying she got really late so must wake up Gungun as she must go to school, Radha runs to the kitchen where she is shocked seeing Tulsi preparing the breakfast who explains she made the breakfast for everyone and even prepared her lunch, Tulsi asks Radha if Gungun will like the lunch she made, she shows the tortilla made in the teddy bear shape, Radha replies she does not have to do this drama as they both are present here, Tulsi apologizes to Radha for what happened yesterday night, she taking the phone warns Radha to not be so clever with her, Radha says she will surely reveal the truth about her in front of everyone, Tulsi says she would just say she is Tulsi even when she is asleep but Radha says it will always be a lie. Radha replies she will not let her snatch her Mohan jee and anyone from the family, Tulsi asks why does Radha involve Mohan every time saying that she has already snatched Mohan from her because all that happens between a husband and wife has already happened, Radha furiously slaps Tulsi warning to not even utter anything against her husband, Tulsi picking the pan is about to hit Radha who gets scared by it, Tulsi asks if she got scared so says the injuries from the body can be recovered but injuries on the soul would not be filled, Tulsi says she is going to pay Radha back for this slap by snatching the most important thing from her life, Radha wonders what is she going to do now.

Mohan comes asking Tulsi if Gungun got ready for the school, he goes to place his hand on her shoulder when she turns back holding the knife in her hand, Mohan is shocked seeing her, Radha wonders if she is not going to do anything to her Mohan jee when in the room Mohan starts struggling with Tulsi to let go of the knife. He asks what is she doing when she replies she is not her Tulsi but someone else, Radha from the door wonders how did she reveal the truth. Tulsi asks Mohan if he really thinks she is like this because she suspected him and said a lot of things to that Radha, Mohan consoles Tulsi asking her to calm down when she turns at Radha winking at her so she leaves, Tulsi asks if Mohan knows why does she suspect him and Radha, she replies because she does not have the sign of his love.

Radha is walking when Mohan comes to Radha so she asks what has happened, he says he wants something from her when she asks about it, he is tensed so she questions why is he tensed with her since she can give anything for him. Mohan says what he wants is more important then her life, she ask what is it, he replies he needs her Mangal Sutur, he requests her to give it saying it belongs to Tulsi, Radha is stunned.

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