Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th June 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th June 2024 Written Episode

Radhika says he wanted to sell the house, Mohan and Ajeet are stunned, Radhika replies this is why she brought Khatar jee to help him while she can do this being his neighbor, Khatar says that he with so much effort arranged this house but Mohan jee does not like it however he is going to get a lot more fees, Radhika asks Khatar to not be worried since he will get his fees, Khatar asks Mohan about the rate he desires for this house, either the same or a little higher when Mohan asks him to go back home while they will call him after thinking about it, Radhika asks Manan to come as they have to pack their bags, Mohan asks where is she going, she replies she is going Barsana, she threatens to leave forever if he does not go away till she returns from Barsana and even take Manan along with her, hearing this Mohan is stunned while Kadambari is relieved. Radha replies she came to Delhi from Varandhwan and can go anywhere from here while Mohan knows how her husband loves her a lot and can go anywhere with her, Mohan walking ahead tells Radha that she cannot take his son from him, Radha replies she can do it a thousand times as Manan is not his son, while the son of Yug and herself. Gungun comes with Manan, Radhika leaves after taking him away, Mohan exclaims that Radha cannot leave him like this, Gungun also asks how will they stop Radha now, Mohan assures he would do something to stop her, Gungun thinks how she knows what she to do before papa can do anything.

Gungun calls Ramaa saying she wants to talk her about Yug uncle and it is related to Manan while she will tell her the place very soon, Yug is holding the phone of Radhika wondering what is Ramaa, he wonders how it might be that he cannot understand, he says he has to praise Gungun who is planning to tell Radha his truth. Ketki asks if Mohan saw that Radha is planning to sell the house but he is still after her so should think about his self respect, Ajeet says one cannot think about the respect in love, Mohan wonders how can he stop Radha thinking there would be a way.

Radha is furious thinking this is the only way to get away from Mohan jee, Manan coming is excited saying they are finally going to the house of their Grandmother. Gungun thinks she has to tell the truth about Yug uncle before Ramaa leaves, Mohan also vows to not let Radha leave.

Yug is standing at the door while holding the knife, Gungun thinks that she will once and for all tell the truth about Yug uncle to Ramaa who will then leave him and return to her father, Gungun requests Ramaa to meet her in the old street behind her school while she would be waiting for her, Yug starts laughing exclaiming that Gungun gave the address and but to him, explaining in the newspaper tomorrow there would be a news that once again in Delhi there has been a murder of a girl, he says he warned Gungun to stay away from him but she did not listen.

Ajeet is massaging the head of Ketki who wonders how can they stop Mohan bhai when Ajeet asks her to just enjoy the massage, Mohan sees them both thinks how he would do the same to Radha at their house, he slowly walks to stand beside Ketki while then sits on the couch, Ketki notices him staring at them both and then asks what happened to him, he replies she should remain seated as he is massaging her with a lot of love, Ajeet says he had tears but Mohan replies they will not come while he started remembering Radha after seeing them both, Ajeet says he would not massage Ketki from now as she ruined the mood of Mohan bhai but he orders Ajeet to stop, explaining the connection between husband and wife in which they pamper each other should not be left behind as they make the relation even more strong, they should never stop enjoying the small moments. Ketki replies she thinks she should fire the one massaging her, she shows the hairs explaining he pats her head more then massaging her, Ajeet says that it is not his problem but something else, Mohan starts smiling when Ajeet says he is enjoying it, Mohan gets excited so hugs Ketki and Ajeet while thanking them both, Mohan says he could not have gotten the idea, Ketki does not understand so Mohan says he will prove Manan is his son, Kadambari wonders what plan has Mohan gotten and thinks he will surely bring Radha and Manan to this house, Mohan runs away saying he will tell them later, Ajeet wonders how would Mohan bhai be able to prove that Manan is his son by her hair.

Gungun while walking in the old street seeing Ramaa sitting looking in the other direction and so reveals the entire truth that Yug uncle is the one who trapped Manan in the school while even attacked him wearing the hoodie, she can say it as she found the same mask in her house which scared Manan, Gungun takes out the mask but gets a bit worried when she does not respond and then asks why is she not saying anything, Gungun is stunned when she realizes that it is just a mannequin, Yug coming from behind asks if he slits her throat, Gungun gets worried.

Radhika packs her bags but then starts calling Manan however is not able to find him, she asks Punam is she has seen Manan who replies he would be somewhere in the house, Radhika replies he is no in the house so they both start searching for him.

Yug asks if Gungun enjoyed it explaining she is a detective who peaks into the house of others, saying one should mess with people by looking at them and exclaims he is far worse then anyone Gungun has seen in her life, he once again points the knife at her when Gungun replies he does not know her father, but Yug replies her father does not know who is he explaining that he knows about her father and even her Grandfather cannot do anything to him, Gungun warns him to not misbehave with her, Yug replies even she has started threatening, explaining he has not done anything but then she would not be able to even recognize him, she warns him to stay away so he takes a step back when she tries to run, he asks if she thought he would let her get away so easily and then exclaims her work has finished, he stops just before stabbing her as Champi is once again biting him on the leg, Gungun sees the injury on his feet which he has covered with a fake skin, she exclaims she was right to suspect hi for being the one behind hurting Manan and now says she will reveal his truth in front of everyone, Yug replies it would happen when he lets her leave alive from here, Yug tries to hit Gungun but she runs with Champi after pushing him away, Yug starts following them both while Gungun and Champi are running to the best of their abilities.

Radhika tells Punam she has seen Manan everywhere but cannot find him and thinks about calling Yug, so requests her to go and look in the corner so Punam leaves. Radhika starts calling Yug.

Gungun and Champi hide behind the cart, Yug gets a call from Radhika but he does not answer it, she wonders if Manan is outside so thinks about going there and check it. Yug exclaims if Gungun tells Radhika then it would cause a very big problem so he has to stop Gungun, Yug turns back when he is able to see them hiding behind the cart. Gungun gets worried.

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