Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 9th February 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 9th February 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 9th February 2024 Written Episode

Mohan says that Radha should not be worried as he has brought back her Mangal Sutur, Tulsi furiously asks Radha where is Mohan, she says that Tulsi should come to the Mandir of Ba Kai Bihari je, she lights an Agni when Mohan asks if it is all necessary when she replies it his choice, Tulsi vows to kill her while Radha says Mohan has to perform the ritual of circles with her.

Some time earlier, Kadambari advises Radha to start counting backwards because very soon Mohan is going to throw her out of this house hearing which Radha gets shocked, she thinks when Mohan told her that from now on Tulsi is going to live in this house after which he even took off the Mangal Sutur from her neck, Radha leaves while kaveri tries stopping her, Kadambari mentions Radha should run away but the shadow of her destruction is going to follow her, Kaveri vows to take revenge from her as her daughter died due to her, kadambari says she also wants to take revenge because for the first time someone has been able to stand in front of her, Kadambari vows to not let Radha live as she knows a lot of her secrets, thinking one of which is that she killed Tulsi so Radha will also go to Tulsi with the secret.

Mohan walking to the hall starts calling Radha but she does not answer so he then tries contacting her, he wonders why is she not answering the call. Gungun coming says that today Papa has hurt her Ramaa a lot, he recalls when he took the Mangal Sutur from her neck. Gungun says even she is very angry with him because he knows the Mangal Sutur is very precious for her Ramaa, he remembers how Radha said that today he has asked for everything from her, Gungun explains how Ramaa said they should not break their old relation to form a new one but what has he done, he remembers when he said to Radha how they should return what belongs to Tulsi. Gungun asks if he remembers that they both did not liked her when she first came to this house but she became friends wit her and had she not been present then they both would still be fighting, Mohan remembers when he first made a plan with Gungun to not let Radha get married, Gungun informs Ramaa has changed her life a lot so he should not even think of hurting her, Mohan thanks Gungun for opening his eyes but she asks him to apologize to her Ramaa as she would be very tensed, Mohan wonders where can he search for her, he remembers how he scolded her when she first came to this house after which she went to the Mandir, he tells Gungun how he knows where she goes after arguing with her, Gungun threatens to put spice in his food if he does not return with her Ramaa, Tulsi wonders if she is her daughter as she is the enemy of her own mother, and hen the daughter is not siding with her mother then they even become enemy, Tulsi exclaims that Gungun has just seen the love of her mother but is now even going to see the punishment.

Radha is slowly walking towards the Mandir, after entering she straight walks to stand in front of Ba Kai Bihari jee asking what sort of crime has she committed that he is punishing her and what has she asked like this, when she just asked for the protection of her family and to keep them all happy but then why is her family always put in such troubled situation, she has never ran away from any problem nor gotten disheartened but this time the path is even more difficult for her because this time the enemy has chosen the face of someone whom they all love and is even harming her family, she recalls when Tulsi vowed to show Radha her true place. Radha says she is even playing with the emotions of their loved one, and took her Mohan jee, Gungun and family from her, Radha says she can neither see nor bear it so is breaking down emotionally, Radha sits in the Mandir when she hears Pandit jee talking of MahaBharat and how a lot of warriors had been martyred when karan and Arjun faced each other while during their battle, Karan asked Arjun to let him take out the wheel after which he will face so when Shri Krishan told Arjun to not accept his words because when the evil face any problem then they think of religion, and even after the exile they did not return the kingdom and sixteen years old Abhimanyu was murdered so what is it not wrong, Shri Krishan told Arjun that his duty is the war and he should not stop but keep fighting as the enemy doesn’t have any right to talk of religion, Arjun accepting the advice of Shri Krishan immediately attacked and then got rid of the evil. Pandit jee sees Radha standing in front of him, he goes to her saying that they sometimes have to do the wrong for the right cause as this is what Shri Krishan Bhagwan says, when Arjun was hesitant to attack an unarmed warrior then Shri Krishan advised him to just keep fighting. Pandit jee apologizes as he heard all of what Radha was saying and he feels she is fighting something very problematic in her family, Radha says her entire family is troubled but she is not able to do anything, Pandit jee recites some verse telling Radha she must just do her work as it is very difficult for her just like Arjun faced difficulty, so he says Radha should understand her power and fight because when life is a battle then it is their responsibility and religion to fight, while in real terms this being true to their religion. Radha agrees with pandit ee saying this is the true meaning ,s he praises him so Pandit jee leaves after blessing Radha.

Radha exclaims Mohan jee is her love and husband this is why she has right over him and now no matter what happens she is not going to beg for her love, as today only a fake Tulsi has come but what if in the future the real Tulsi comes then would her presence end from the life of Mohan and will he stop loving her, and turn his face from her, she thinks Mohan jee would have to give an answer to all these questions and decide what place does she have in his life. Radha is praying and turns back, she is shocked to see her Mangal Sutur which Mohan jee took from her in the house, she sees him standing in front of her.

Mohan says Radha should not be worried as he has brought her Mangal Sutur, she looks at him but tries to walk away however he stopping her pleads with her saying he knows she is angry with him and has every right because he has wronged her. Mohan says he took the Mangal Sutur from her so Tulsi does not get affected without thinking what she will suffer when she loses her Mangal Sutur, Radha tries to hold her tears and then says Mohan is very nice and honest, with each and every person but it does not mean that someone takes advantage of his honesty which he would not allow, Radha vows to not let the fake Tulsi take advantage of him, she says that today even when he is right then this Radha is going to fight with him and he must forgive her, Mohan turns Radha requesting that she should turn away from him, Radha requests him to stop saying she did not turn her face but he is the one who left her side, Mohan is shocked.

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