Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 30th November 2015 Written Update by MA

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 30th November 2015 Written Episode

Bade papa asks family to stop engagement. Ishan asks what happened. Bade papa says just after engagement, Mr. Kapoor started his illegal demands. Ishan asks what did he demand. Bade papa says Kapoor said Sid’s life is insecure because of Ishan and Ishan will loot whole Hooda industry. Preet is Kavya’s stepmom and will behave same Whole family is shocked to hear that. Mr. Kapoor and his wife say their demand is valid, they are worried about their daughter’s future. Naina asks why did they do that, she is happy with Sid without any property. Ishan says Kapoor that his worries are valid and shows him a will in which he has transferred all his shares to Sid after his death and out of his 3 properties, he transferred each in Preet/Kavya’s, Trisha and Neeti’s names. Bade papa asks how can he sacrifice everything again like this. Ishan says he came here bare handed and got all their love and Preet, he just needs their love and Preet, nothing else. Sid says his bhaiya/bhabhi are his second parents and he learnt loving family through them, they are utmost important to them than Naina, breaks engagement and leaves. Trisha and Neeti snatch property papers from Kapoor and walk behind Sid. Kapoors leave with Naina.

In room, Ishan says Preet that Sid did wrong. Preet shows him shagun thali and says she brought engagement thali for him as per his wish and shows their 4 years gathered gifts and memories. Ishan thinks he does not have anything to give her, he gets his mother’s taweez and gives it to her. She asks what is this. He says someone important gave him this taweez for his protection and her protection is important to him. She gets emotional and says she is happy to see his love for his siblings. She then gets a call from Shergill to meet him to discuss about Rizwan.

Whole family sit and discuss about Sid’s engagement breakup. Sid says it is good engagement broke up as his bhaiya/bhabhi are more important to him than greedy Kapoors. Biji says he overreacted and Kapoors had valid point. Badi maa asks how can she take their side, they would have broken her house and taken control over it. Trisha and Neeti says mama is right, family is more important to them, Kuku and Bilal never demanded property till now, then how can Kapoors demand. Preet comes with tea and asks them to enjoy it first. She says Kapoors are Kavya’s grandparents and Naina’s parents, so their worr is valid.

Preet goes to meet Shergill. Shergill’s dog barks at her. She panics and asks to take away dog. Shergill comes and controls dog and says it won’t bite. She says he should not let dog free like this. He says dogs are more loyal than human. He shows her Rizwan’s approximate sketch and says he may be among them.

Precap: Atif and Sana tell Ishan about important secret military meeting to discuss about weapon order and howmuch foreign donation they get and ask Ishan to get that information.

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