Qayamat Ki Raat 16th February 2019 Written Update

Qayamat Ki Raat 16th February 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Qayamat Ki Raat 16th February 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanjana sees Viraj fainting and says who is doing this?

Vaidahi is in den and looking around for Raghav, she sees him lying on a bed. She says Raghav. Raghav looks at her. She cries.

Priest is praying with Vaidahi’s body and says we dont have much time.

Kalasur tells Sanjana that there is someone in this den.

Vaidahi sees time passing and says I have to leave, I will comeback for Raghav, she leaves. Sanjana and Kalasur comes there and doesnt see Vaidahi there. Sanjana says you were wrong. Kalasur says you are challenging me? he hits her and says she is here. Vaidahi hides. Kalasur says I am sure, she is here, if she tries to leave then she will be seen by me. Vaidahi thinks I should wait. Kalasur says she is here.

Priest see Vaidahi’s

thread breaking. Shekhar says do something. Priest says she doesnt have much time.
Kalasur finds Vaidahi and brings her out. She says let Raghav go. Kalasur says I knew you dont know anything so you cant stop me. Sanjana says finish her. Kalasur says we have time, she doesnt have time, when sunlight comes then her protection thread will break. Vaidahi says I didnt lose, I will take Raghav from here. Kalasur says you think you can fight me? you didnt change. He charges at her. Vaidahi tries to hit him but cant touch him. Kalasur says you died, you are just a soul, you have 12 minutes and then I will kill you, try to leave. Sanjana says what are you doing? Kalasur says let me have fun. Vaidahi tries to leave but Kalasur makes a wall on way out. Vaidahi thinks that there is nothing pure power here so I have to fight on my own. Kalasur says you are dying Vaidahi.

Baa prays for Vaidahi and says why is it happening with her? she is a good person, please dont let evil win, God please. They all pray.

Raghav wakes up. Vaidahi thinks that if he crosses wall then it will break, it was made for me so he can cross it. Raghav gets up. Sanjana says listen to me, he says no, I have to go. He goes and crosses wall. Vaidahi sees it breaking and runs from there. Raghav sees Kalasur and asks who are you? Kalasur tries to stop Vaidahi. Raghav says who are you? Sanjana goes behind Vaidahi.

Vaidahi is running in jungle and says I have to go to my world before time passes, she hides. Sanjana says I will find her. She uses her powers but doesnt see her. Vaidahi runs from there.

Suddenly Vaidahi wakes up as her soul comes back. All family members are happy. Vaidahi says I know where Raghav is, we have to go.

Scene 2
Raghav asks Kalasur who are you? Kalasur says I was saving you from a girl. Raghav says I didnt see any girl. Kalasur thinks that she was a soul so he couldnt see her. Raghav recalls him and says I know you, who are you? Kalasur uses his powers to make him stop. Sanjana comes there. Raghav says who is? his eyes were red. Sanjana says he wanted to save you from witch. Raghav says he is scary, he is not a saver, I think he wanted to kill me, he is not a nice man. Kalasur faints him. Sanjana says you didnt do right. Kalasur says dont tell me what to do. Sanjana says Vaidahi ranaway. Kalasur says she will comeback, you couldnt do anything, do what I say. Tonight we have to make God lose, you have to make Raghav yours.

Vaidahi takes family and goes to jungle to find Raghav. Vaidahi sees two paths and says there was only one path before, I dont know where to go now. She looks around and says both ways are same, they were not here before. Priest says this is Kalasur’s trick, one path is right and one is dead end and will kill us.
Kalasur sees Vaidahi at junction and says go back, you dont know which path to go. We will take Raghav from here. Sanjana says I am ready.

Vaidahi says to family that I cant put your lives in danger, I promised Raghav. Shekhar says we have to save him. Vaidahi says I will go and bring him back. Vaidahi sees a path cracking up, she falls down.

Scene 3
Kalasur uses his magic and says Vaidahi cant come there, you can make Raghav yours there. She sends Raghav to that place. Sanjana goes too.

Vaidahi falls from cliff. She hangs there. Family pulls her back. Vaidahi says we have to go to other path.

Vaidahi brings all family members to den. Vaidahi sees Raghav missing from bed. She says where did they take him? Vaidahi says I saw Raghav here. They all look around. Priest says Kalasur took Raghav from here, I can see some hints here. Vaidahi says find out where he took him. Priest checks dust on ground and uses his powers.

Family members come back home as priest couldnt find where Raghav went. Preeti says please bring my brother back, it all happened because of me. Baa says pray to God, he will listen. Vaidahi says where did he take him? Shekahar asks her to pray. Vaidahi looks at mandir and thinks.. she says mandir, devils must have their evil mandirs too, Kalasur might have taken him there for black magic. Priest thinks about it.

Sanjana smirks at Raghav in devil’s mandir. All devils bow down to Kalasur. Kalasur says I have been trying to get powers for you all, today my mission will complete, this witch will give birth to devil that no human will be able to beat. Sanjana uses her powers on Raghav.

PRECAP- Kalasur says Vaidahi that get ready to become mine. Vaidahi says to Raghav that I will wear mangalsutra from your hands only. Raghav holds her hand. Kalasur says you both cheated me again. Vaidahi says evils can never win. She and Raghav run to attack Kalasur.

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