Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 6th February 2024 Written Update

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 6th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 6th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Purnima hugs Rati. She asks are you okay? She says why did you leave the school? She says I won’t go again. Sumitra says this girl keeps bringing danger into Raj’s life. Purnima tries to thank Raj but he leaves. Chiragh looks at them.

At night, Purnima comes to Raj adn says thank you. He’s shocked to see her. He says you here? Purnima sits with him, she says I am sorry if I hurt you. He’s imagining it. Sumitra comes and says who are you talking to? He says nothing. Rati cries in sleep. Purnima says let me bring burn cream. Her mom says to apply it or she will keep crying. Purnima applies medicine to her hand. Mai says I have only given them pain. Sumitra gives Raj milk. She says, Raj? She says God has given me such a good son. He’s a doctor. Everyone is so proud of you. He says so much appreciation? She says I met Rai. He told me about Sahina, she’s going to Canada for free. He says it’s called a scholarship. She says you both will make a good couple. She’s accomplished like you. She also works in a hospital. He says it’s hospitality, not hospital.

Rati asks Purnima to give God a flower from Raj’s side too. He saved her.

Scene 2
Purnima waits for Raj at the temple. She sees him coming with his family. She wonders if she should say sorry or thank you. She recalls how many times he saved her. He goes to a different shop for flowers. Purnima gives him flowers. He says I won’t take them what if I take your advantage. She says I made a mistake. He says but we are not introduced. She says I know I got you wrong. He says you said I always wanted to take advantage of you and I would even sell you. I am ashamed. She says I thought you’re like the rest of the world I’ve seen. No one helped me cross a road, not taking out of fire. He says what did I do? I tried to help and you insulted me. Some people have humanity too even if they’re rich. He leaves. Raj goes to the temple.

Sumitra shows Purnima’s picture to Damayanthi and asks if is this a danger in Raj’s life. She says we can’t tell what the danger is. Chiragh follows Raj. Sumitra says I don’t know how to save Raj. This girl always brings him trouble. We’ve to part her. Damayanthi says we can’t cut their bond. They’re tied by God. She has something special. The time will not be on their side. They will not be one in this life.

Scene 3
Purnima brings Rati to the hospital. Raj is also there. Raj is shocked to see her. Rati says you’re the one who saved my life and will heal my wound too now. Raj says of course. I like people who have no issues with healing. Purnima falls, and Raj holds her. He says sorry. Rati says you’re too nice. He says some people don’t think that. He cleans her wound. Raj comes to the hospital. Raj asks Rati to apply the medicine every few hours. He says you are brave. she says like my sister. Raj says I know you will listen to me. She says so will Purnima. Raj says can we give you an injection? It won’t hurt in the hall. She says you already gave me the injection. You’re a magician. He says you’re too brave. If you ever need my help, Rati, you can call me. Keep this card. Rati says my sister must have remembered, she’s good with math. Purnima asks what are your fees? He says you’re good with math. It’s 5k. She says I don’t have that much right now but I will pay you soon. He says keep giving flowers from my side in the temple. She says I will do that for 200 days. He says then ask for something for me as well. She asks what? He says you. I want you to get every happiness that heals your pain. Someone you can trust. She says I found him. She says thank you and leaves. Purnima asks Rati to wait. He asks Rati to take care.

Raj goes in the elevator. Chiragh cuts the cable of the elevator. Rati asks Purnima if she also likes Raj.

Episode ends

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