Queens Hain Hum 19th April 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 19th April 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 19th April 2017 Written Episode

Chinu comes to Akku’s house. Deshu greets him. Chinu asks if everything is fine. Maya says yes, and asks why did you come here? Chinu says I thought to take Aniket for sometime. Jhanvi asks did you inform Police that you want to take him home. Chinu promises to bring him back within an hour and asks where is Aniket. He calls Aniket and asks him to come. Maya tell that Aniket is not in the house, but he is with her children for the pajama party. Jhanvi says he will be at home after school, and asks him to come tomorrow. Chinu says ok. Tanya tells that thank God, Chinu doesn’t know that he is not here. Shreya says until when we will hide, we shall tell him. Akku asks them not to tell Chinu else he will prove in court that I am a negligent mother. She cries for Aniket’s safety.

Dev calls
Tanya and gets worried. Sumitra comes there and asks him to accept Suman and forget Tanya. Dev asks where is Tanya? Sumitra says she went to Akku’s house and will stay there tonight. She says I will send Suman now, talk to her nicely. Door bell rings. Akku wakes up, comes downstairs and opens the door. She hears Aniket’s voice and opens the door. She sees Aniket and smiles. She says you have come and asks him to come near her. Aniket vanishes. It was Akku’s dream. She wakes up and tells Tanya that he is lost in darkness. She asks Tanya to save him Tanya makes her drink water and says Aniket will return safely.

Neil receives the gift and tells his sister that Papa must have sent it. Dhara asks him to keep it back as there is no name written on it. She calls Maya and informs about the gift in which joker’s photo is pasted outside. Neil opens the open and sees the joker toy. Dhara says he has opened the box. Akku asks Dhara and Neil not to touch the box. Maya tells her friends that she will go home. They tell that they will come with her. They all reach home and go to room. Neil scares them. Dhara hugs Akku. Akku gets Joker’s call.

Maya sends her kids away. Akku picks the call and asks why did you involve Maya. She threatens Maya and says she will kidnap her children. Akku promises that they will not help her and asks about Aniket. Joker woman asks her to check Neil’s gift. Maya goes and gets joker toy from Neil. They don’t find anything. Akku sits down in shock. Neil finds pendrive and plays it in which Aniket hints them about his location. Shreya says if you want, I can take Adhi’s help. Akku refuses. Maya asks Neil to playback again. Neil says I know what it is?

Jhanvi says where we will find him. Tanya says we will find him. Akku talks to joker. Maya finds blue box and says I am sure message is inside it.

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