Queens Hain Hum 1st May 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 1st May 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 1st May 2017 Written Episode

Highness asks Maharaj why did he come back to Delhi, when he said that he is going to Alwar. Maharaj tells that he was going to Alwar, but on the way he saw Raj Guru returning back to Delhi. Adhi says I will be thankful for saving Shreya and my life. He asks I will be happy if I could do anything. Maharaj says he feels as if he is the happiest person in this world. Shreya reminds Highness that she asked her to ask something from her. Highness says I will fulfill your one wish. Shreya says I will be happy if you permit Maharaj to stay with us in this palace as a father and father in law. Highness is tensed.

Avinash tells Maya that he was insulting Nihar. Maya asks him to send him back. She tells that Nihar went to pick Neil today from cricket stadium. Avinash asks her not to be sensitive about
them and tells that his son will be his only. Maya hugs him.

Jhanvi calls Maya from Pushkar’s mobile. Pushkar takes back his phone. Jhanvi says Maya haven’t picked your call and this means you have lost the bet. Pushar says Maya might think he is after her. Aaliya says you are gentleman. Pushkar says I will send you picture Katyal. Jhanvi says you lost. Pushkar tells that he gave ticket to Maya and may be she has a change in plan and she might come. Jhanvi says there is no hope that you will win, and asks him to give party in a hotel. Pushkar tells her that because of him, Maya and Avinash are staying together and are happy like a newly wedded couple. Jhanvi asks what your theory wants to prove that extra marital affair is good for a marriage. Pushkar says I lost, but maya got her love and like this, I have won. He tells that Maya have never crossed her limits and my friendship have won. Jhanvi says ok fine and asks Aaliya if she can see how he is diverting us from party. Pushkar asks them to have party.

Shreya thanks Adhi and says you asked Raja Saheb to stay here and he sees to be happy. Adhi says yes, he was happy, but nobody can wipe his impression which is in my heart. Shreya says she is thankful to him. Adhi says if Raja Saheb had attacked me before then he wouldn’t have saved me. He says he is saved due to Gauri Maa else….Shreya keeps her hand on his hand. Oh Karam Khudaya plays…….Bheem Singh calls Adhi and asks them to come for breakfast.

Nihar is exercising on treadmill. Maya asks when you are leaving and asks him to leave. She asks what do you want? She says I will write amount on the cheque and will give you, and asks him to leave. Nihar asks how much you can give me. 10 crores, 20 crores, 100 crores. He says you and your husband shall stop showing off money. He tells that when your husband know that his so called perfect wife had a one night stand with me then his ego will break. Maya says if you want to tell truth to Avinash then go ahead, I am not scared. Nihar says I don’t want to tell anything to anyone. He tells that he wants to see her tensed and scared and wants to enjoy it. Maya asks him to forget it. Nihar says how can I forget it, as it has taken a beautiful shape and have taken a life, whose habits are like me, my son…Neil. Maya is shocked. Nihar says I know that Neil is my son when I found similarities between us, then I got doubtful and calculated his time of birth and matched it with the time of conceive when we……Maya is shocked.

Nihar says at that time, Avinash was in London and then my mental calculation is confirmed by the DNA test which I got through his hair sample. He tells that Neil is my son and asks her to say, what she wants to say. Maya breaks down and cries. She folds her hand and says you are right. She says Neil is born of that one night stand, and says I did a mistake. She says one mistake can’t be life. She asks him not to ruin her life and go away from her life. Nihar smiles and holds her hands. He says Avinash’s wife don’t look good folding hands and says he will go on a condition. He says we have to make a new deal for Neil and says I will tell you when and how when the right time comes. Maya agrees. Nihar gives ball in her hand and goes.

Maya asks Nihar not to come to her house. Nihar asks her to come to Mumbai for Neil. Pushkar calls Jhanvi and tells that Maya is in love with him.

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