Queens Hain Hum 20th April 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 20th April 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 20th April 2017 Written Episode

Neil writes the riddle on the board and offers to help. Maya asks him to go. Jhanvi says he can solve as this puzzle is made by a child. Maya asks him to solve. Shreya says it is place related name and says lets think about two letters word and it can be alphabets also. They say that they are many places. Shreya says we have to solve the riddle from the end. Neil says can I tell about namak-susu. He says salt comes from Sea “C”, and Pee “P”. They tell that it is CP. Chitranjan Park, Chanakya Puri. They think about next clue, Tikona makaan. They say Connaught Place.

Maya thank Neil and asks him to play with Dhara. Neil says ok and goes. Maya says we have to search him in two places. Tanya says Baba ji will solve us way. Shreya says we can’t give up and have to reach Aniket. Akku
says lets divide in two teams. Akku says she will go to east, Janvi says they will go to west. They shake hands. Maya says we are queens and will search our son. Shreya says lets go.

They are on the way. Maya, Jhanvi and Shreya come to Sultan Puri park for the clue. Jhanvi says there is no clue here or any building near the park. Akku and her team reach the place and says lets search Aniket. Tanya says where we will search him. Joker woman comes on video call and tells whoever tries don’t fall. Akku asks her to tell minister about his demand. Joker woman gives them clue that next hint is in the park. Meanwhile Jhanvi sees an old man looking at them and signing towards a blue parcel. They come there, the man leaves keeping the parcel. Akku calls Maya and tells that she have to search the blue parcel. Maya says they found the parcel in the park. Akku says she will come there.

Akku reaches there and opens the parcel. They find Aniket’s tab. Akkk says this is Anikets tab and it was with him when he was kidnapped. She checks video message. Tanya asks her to check carefully. It gets switched off because of low battery. Jhanvi says lets go home, charge the tab and see the video. The box is shown on the road which they have thrown.

Suman asks Dev to have food. Dev refuses and throws the plate. Sumitra is angry. Suman cries. Sona enjoys the scene and calls Tanya to upset her. Akku asks Deshu to charge the Tab fast. Deshu says Aniket’s tab. She sees Chinu there. Deshu says he came to meet Aniket. Chinu says I came to meet Aniket, and says can I take him today. Maya says he is not at home even today. Jhanvi says he went to Maya’s house. Chinu says I will pick him from Maya’s house and will drop him here. Akku starts crying. Chinu asks what happened? Tanya says Aniket is kidnapped. Jhanvi says he was kidnapped yesterday. Chinu asks who is the kidnapper. They doubt Sashi Burman. Akku asks him to forget the differences between them and help her.

Jhanvi says we shall arrange the money together and get Aniket freed. Shreya tells Akku that God helps those who help themselves. Jhanvi says she understood her plan.

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