Queens Hain Hum 24th April 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 24th April 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 24th April 2017 Written Episode

Shreya shows mobile and tells that Chinu’s mobile is sync with Akku’s phone. She says we will follow Chinu and reach Aniket. They watch the blue dot. Shreya says Chinu is going to the place where he has kept Aniket. They think to follow him and catch Chinu red handed. Shreya says he is going to Vasant Kunj area. Akku says he doesn’t know anybody there. Jhanvi says he is going to Shelly’s house as he is in live in with her and might have hidden Aniket there. Jhanvi asks Deshu to be there and asks her to stop Chinu if he comes there. Deshu asks them to bring Aniket home. They are in the car. Chinu comes running Shelly’s home and calls Aniket.

He runs to room and sees him. He asks did you go anywhere. Aniket says no. Chinu asks him to bring ludo and says we will play. Chinu thinks
why did Akku lie to me. Queens come to Shelly’s house and assume Aniket is captive in this house. They get down the car. Jhanvi says this is Shelly’s house only. Maya says we haven’t found Aniket till now.

Tanya says we will find him. They go inside, see Policeman, joker and spiderman dress which Aniket had worn. Chinu says lets go down and play ludo. He comes downstairs with Aniket and Shelly. Jhanvi claps and says your game is finished. Aniket sees Akku and asks him to get him down as he wants to meet mamma. Aniket hugs Akku and says mamma have won, she found me. Akku is emotional. Aniket says I told Papa that Mamma will win. She says Mamma is my super mum. Akku asks him to go out with Tanya, and says as your papa lost, he needs punishment.

Aniket goes with Tanya. Chinu is shocked. Akku slaps him, and calls him shameless fellow. Maya says even in our wildest dream, we wouldn’t have thought that you are mastermind behind this cheap game. Jhanvi asks Shelly if she was fooling them becoming joker. Akku says you made her criminal also. Jhanvi says lets call Police. Chinu asks them to listen first.

Chinu says I did Aniket’s kidnapping as I wanted to take revenge from Akku. He says she brought Police to my house and snatched my son from me. Maya asks him to think why she did this? She says it is immoral to separate a child from his mum and says you can’t think as you are not a mum. Chinu says she couldn’t take care of him and says he wanted to prove that she can’t take care of his son and she shall take back the case. Jhanvi says you have thought about plot, but forgot to thought about emotions and says did you see how Aniket came running to Akku to meet her. She says you have failed as a writer and as a father too. Shreya says let’s call Police.

Akku says what will happen if we get him arrested. She says he shall get life time punishment and says you will never show your face to my child else I will take 2 mins to get you arrested. She asks him to stay far from her son. She says I have humanity and that’s why I am not letting you arrested. She says Aniket will be known as Aniket Akansha Bannerjee and says he don’t need your surname.

Tanaya comes home. Dev gets happy seeing her. Sona asks Tanya if she will be out as Dev remarried. Dev asks Tanya to come with him and closes the door. Sona asks Suman what she will do now. Suman goes. Sona taunts Sumitra.

Maya’s husband gets angry on her as Chinu kidnapped Aniket and targeted Neil and Dhara. Maya asks him to calm down and tells that Akku did this so that Aniket can’t be called as a criminal son. He says Akku have taken an important decision. She asks him to sleep.

Tanya tells Dev that Aniket was kidnapped by Chinu. Dev is shocked. Tanya says he was once an angel and now turned to Devil. Dev asks him to tell everything. Sona asks Suman to go inside and check what they are doing. She says Tanya knows how to tie her husband with her pallu. Tanya comes out and asks Suman to go inside. A sad song plays…..

Sumitra scolds Tanya as Suman and Dev are not getting closer. Tanya says Dev is unwell. Later someone calls Maya. Maya is shocked.

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