Queens Hain Hum 25th April 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 25th April 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 25th April 2017 Written Episode

Sanaya asks Highness to come to Raj Bhavan. Highness signs on the papers and says your new rani will handle the work. She asks Shakuntala to explain her everything in next meeting. Sanaya says we shall leave. Maharaj comes and greets her. Sanaya says we are getting late. Maharaj says better late than never. He says his family is Rathore family and tells that since Shreya gave statement that she will give heir to Alwar, her life is in danger. He asks Highness, why didn’t she tell him. Adhi says it is just rumour.

Tanya packs tiffin for Sona’s kids and says she made pudding for them. Kids thanks her. Suman comes and tells Tanya that Dev is sleeping till now and asks her to check. Tanya hesitantly goes. She checks him and says he is having fever. He brings cloth and water and keeps wet
cloth on his head. Sumitra is angry. Tanya asks Suman to make kada and tell her how to make it.

Maharaj tells that he came to know and says it is not a rumour. Adhi says we are getting late. Maharaj tells that he will pray for Alwar during Gangaur. Shreya says we are going to celebrate. Highness says Shreya will celebrate Gangaur with her people. Adhi says he will not have bear any inauspicious thing. Tanya takes care of Dev. Suman brings kada. Tanya asks Dev to wake up and makes him drink kada. Suman asks shall I make parathas and says we will have it with curd. Tanya asks did Dev have dahi last night. Suman says yes. Tanya tells her that he is having sinus and asks her to be careful next time.

Tanya tells Sumitra that Dev’s fever is lowering down and asks Suman to sit there and says she will make vegetable soup for Dev. Dev holds her hand and asks Tanya to sit there. Sumitra asks Suman to come with her. Tanya takes care of Dev all night.

Maya gets a call from a private number and picks the call. The man calls her hello s…y lady. She asks who are you? Man says he is Nihar Khanna. Maya ends then call saying wrong number. She thinks why did Nihar called me after 11 years.

In the morning, Sumitra takes Tanya outside in the hall and says I have seen enough. She says your concern for Dev is not ending. She says you knows well that Dev is remarried with an intention. She asks her to make Dev and Suman closer and get a baby. She taunts her and says you have no control on yourself. She goes to kitchen and brings turmeric. She makes line on kitchen door and on Dev’s room. She says you will not go to kitchen or Dev’s room and if you try to cross these lines, then you will see my dead face. She says Suman is Dev’s wife and will do all the duties of a wife. Sona says she is a kitchen queen and asks her to let Tanya make food. Sumitra says she will make good food and win Dev’s heart. Sona says who will do work now. Sumitra says suman and you will do all the work. She asks Tanya to stay away from kitchen and from Dev’s room.

Nihar calls Biyani and asks how are you? Biyani invites him home and asks him to text his address. Maya is upset. Nihar says I am back.

Shreya tells that they will go to Alwar anyhow for puja. Nihar asks Maya to let him see her. Dev asks Suman to send Tanya. Suman says she went out. Tanya tells Akku about Sumitra’s torture. Sumitra scolds Dev for not caring about Suman. Sona asks Dev to keep far from Tanya.

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