Queens Hain Hum 26th April 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 26th April 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 26th April 2017 Written Episode

Maya asks her husband why did you call him. Avinash says forgive, but do not forget. He says I didn’t forget anything and remembers how he betrayed me and kicked me out of our company. Maya says we were bankrupt, my jewellery was sold etc. Avinash says I am still thankful, as I am in this position. He says let him come. He says he has no personal and professional life. He says he is living on rent now from his London properties, and says if he comes here then he will get jealous seeing our home and lifestyle. Maya says it is waste to argue.

Sanaya tells that it is risky for Shreya to go to Alwar for Gangaur and says Maharaj is going there, and many people will be coming there to see him and if someone attacks Shreya. Adhi asks how did Maharaj come to know about it. He tells Sanaya that
someone is giving info to Maharaj and asks her to tell why she couldn’t find anything. Shreya says we are thinking much and says may be Maharaj came to know about it, and is concerned for her. Highness says she knows Maharaj and says he will use someone to harm you. Shreya says I am very excited to do Gangaur puja. Adhi says you are Rani of Alwar and shall be inspiration to Rajasthan’s ladies. Shreya asks Highness to bless them. Highness blesses them. Adhi promises that this time puja will be memorable.

Dev wakes up and asks Suman to send Tanya. Suman says Tanya went out. Dev calls Tanya. Tanya is sleeping at Akku’s house. Akku wakes up Tanya. Deshu says you will dance after having my tea. Tanya tells that she couldn’t sleep in night as Dev was unwell. Deshu says Sumitra might be happy. Akku asks Tanya if Sumitra’s behavior got better seeing her sacrifice. Tanya tells that Sumitra thinks she don’t want them to get closer. Akku says may be Dev don’t want to get closer to Suman. Deshu says Dev loves Tanya a lot and says everyone gives their example of love in the neighborhood. Akku tell Tanya that Dev will not let Suman get closer. Tanya says that’s why Sumitra kept restrictions on her and asks her not to see or meet Dev and marked a line stopping her to cross the room. She says I can’t go to kitchen also. Deshu says it is a limit, and says Sumitra is playing cleverly.

Tanya cries. Akku tries to console her and asks her to stay in her house in day time and says you can use my kitchen here. Deshu says we will make food together and have it too. She takes Tanya to kitchen and asks her to make paneer and pav bhaji. They try to cheer up Tanya.

Dev searches for Tanya in the house. Sumitra asks him to ask Suman to do the work. Dev asks what you are saying? Sumitra asks him to leave Tanya and accept Suman. Sona tells Dev that Sumitra has drawn lakshman rekha and says now Tanya can’t go to your room or kitchen. She says Tanya will never ignore the promise and advices him to stay away from Tanya for her betterment. She advices him to give wife rights to Suman. Dev is upset and goes. Sona provokes Suman against Tanya and tells that Dev’s life starts with Tanya and ends with her. Suman asks her not to worry and says she will manage.

Avinash plays cricket with Neil. He says mummy plays better than you. Maya watches the match. Neil hits the ball. Nihar comes and catches the ball. He gives tips to Neil on how to hit the shot. Maya is tensed. Neil and Nihar introduce themselves. They walk towards Avinash and Maya in same style. Avinash is a bit surprised. Maya is tensed. Nihar tells that the house is built like a palace. Avinash gives credit to Maya and says kids brought in shine in the house. Nihar says she is behind your success and says you are lucky. He tells that he met Maya after 11 years and few months. Avinash asks him to come inside.

Shreya dances in the function. Adhi gets a message from KT and is shocked. Nihar tells Maya that she hasn’t changed since 11 years. Shreya says how KT will come.

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