Queens Hain Hum 27th April 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 27th April 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 27th April 2017 Written Episode

Shreya asks Highness if they are not going to Alwar. Highness says yes, and says you will have puja here as Raja Saheb is in Alwar and I can’t push you in fire. Arvind and his wife come to meet Shreya. Shreya takes their blessings. Highness says you came to know the news soon. She calls Bheem Singh asks them to take care of them. Maya sees the similarities between Neil and Nihar. Nihar tells that he will make him practice cricket. Avinash asks Nihar what will be his fees and says he son can afford a good coach. Avinash leaves. Maya asks Nihar to leave. Nihar says I got a chance to spend time with you and asks her to let him see her. Shreya is making arrangement for Puja.

Pandit ji comes and tells Shreya that he will make her familiar with Gangaur puja.. Shreya says she is familiar with
the puja as she belongs to royal family. They do the puja. Arvind asks about Maharaj Yuvraj. She tells him that he went to Alwar for Gangaur. Folk dancers dance. Adhi signs Shreya to dance. Dancers take her to dance. Adhi smiles seeing her dancing. Shreya asks Adhi to dance with her. Adhi says men don’t dance. Shreya asks highness to permit Adhi. Highness signs him to go. Shreya and Adhi dance with each other. They have an eye lock. Adhi sits on his knees and picks someone bangles and says you might have got hurt. Tum Mile song plays.

Nihar tells Maya, you haven’t changed since 11 years and talks cheaply. Maya asks her to stop his nonsense and says she is not helpless Maya anymore. Nihar says I thought destiny wants me to meet someone and want to open secrets which can be of heart and of blood. Maya is shocked and goes. Adhi gets a chit from a boy and reads. He is shocked to see the message from KT asking him to meet. He thinks KT is dead and thinks her friends might be trying to reach us. Shreya asks Adhi what happened? Adhi says I will be back.

Shreya asks him to tell what he is hiding. Adhi says she is calling me in the parking area. Shreya says may be this is our enemies trap. Adhi says I have to go. Shreya says I will also come with you. Highness sees them going out and calls Bheem Singh and asks him to bring best security guards. Shreya and Adhi are in the parking area. Shreya says we shall leave. Adhi asks her to listen and says we shall wait here for 2 mins, and asks her to trust him. Suddenly someone throws tyre near her. She shouts. They see a mechanic. Adhi asks who are you. She shows his face. They are shocked to see KT. KT smiles.

Highness asks Shreya where they went? Shreya says KT is alive. Nihar tells maya that destiny is making him do this. Maharaj pushes Adhi and Shreya and saves them as the chandelier’s falls down.

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