Queens Hain Hum 28th April 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 28th April 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 28th April 2017 Written Episode

Sanaya asks Highness why she is stressed. Highness is worried for Adhi and Shreya. KT says hello to Shreya. Shreya hugs her happily. Shreya says you are alive. Adhi asks about her fakek death. KT tells that she acted to die so that she can do her work. She tells that there is a danger to her life today and runs with her helper. Guards come and asks them to come as Highness is calling them. Arvind and his wife taunts Highness. His wife says he was betrayed else he would have been Raja. Arvind says if anything happens today then. He laughs. Highness is doubtful about them.

Maya calls Club and asks about Neil. She says Neil haven’t reached home yet. She is tensed. Neil reaches home whistling. Nihar comes with him. Maya asks where were you? Neil tells that Nihar came to cricket ground and
he was with him. Maya asks Nihar to go back. Nihar says destiny is making me do this. Maya asks what rubbish. Nihar says Neil and I have so many similarities. He says Neil has a passion for cricket, and I was a professional cricketer. He says we both like same icecream and says destiny. Maya gets tensed.

Adhi and Shreya do puja in their palace. Shreya prays for Adhi’s life. Someone is seen coming there. Pandit ji asks Highness to apply sindoor to Shreya. Chachi says she will apply and applies to Shreya. Sanaya assures Highness that their security is on high alert. A man is seen wearing mask and looks at them. Adhi breaks her fast. Main tenu samjhawa plays…man cuts the chandelier’s rope and tries to make it fall on Adhi. Just then Maharaj comes and pushes Adhi and Shreya, and gets hurt himself. Shreya sees him and says pitaji. She thanks him for saving their lives. Maharaj tells that Adhiraj is raja and Alwar’s future. He says it is my duty to save him, and tells that they had done many mannat to get him. Adhi says until Doctor comes, you shall rest and asks him to come inside. Highness scolds Sanaya for her weak security.

Nihar and Avinash are drinking wine. Nihar asks Maya to come and says he will make her favorite cocktail. Avinash calls her. Maya comes to them. Avinash says we met after 11 years. Nihar says Neil was not at that time. Avinash recalls everything and says I was forced to shift my shares to you.

Avinash makes him jealous and says he owns 500 crores wealth now and have a beautiful wife and lovely kids. Maya asks Avinash to stop it. Avinash says my friend will not feel bad knowing his value. Nihar gets angry and says your growth happened since Neil was born. Avinash says yes. Nihar says Maya is behind your growth and says there is a deep secret, and whatever you are today is because of maya. Maya tries to take him. Avinash agrees and says Maya’s wish is my command. He goes with her. Nihar looks on angrily. Avinash says he will not feel bad.

Pushkar tells Jhanvi that he gave ticket to Maya. Nihar asks Maya to do a new deal with him and says new deal for Neil.

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