Queens Hain Hum 2nd May 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 2nd May 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 2nd May 2017 Written Episode

Neil asks Nihar not to go and requests him. Avinash asks him to stay for more days and says Neil is attached to you. Nihar says when you are going to London what I will do here. He asks Neil to come with him and says he will play with him in lord’s stadium. Neil gets happy. Avinash says I will take you to Lord’s. maya says he will go with all family members. Nihar says I will see you in vacations. Avinash says I will drop you. Neil says bye Nihar uncle. Maya’s mum in law looks on. Maya plays piano and feels relaxed. She thanks God for sending Nihar away. She thinks to call Queens. Just then she gets call from Nihar and says he is missing her. Maya asks didn’t you miss flight yet. Nihar says I left flight and coming to meet you and Neil, thought to spend some quality time with you both. Maya
is shocked and asks him not to come home. Nihar says alright and asks her to come to Mumbai to discuss about Neil’s deal. He asks her promise else he will come there. Maya asks him to try and understand. Nihar says then I will come to your house. Maya agrees to come to Mumbai tomorrow.

Nihar agrees and asks how I will manage without you. She ends the call. He laughs. She calls Pushkar and says she is coming to attend exhibition with him. Jhanvi is in restaurant with Aaliya. She gets Pushkar’s call and he tells her that he has a news for her, and says Maya Biyani is in love with me and coming to Mumbai with me. Jhanvi says she might be going to attend some beauty conference. Pushkar asks her to come and see. Jhanvi asks when she told you that she is coming to Mumbai. Pushkar says now and asks her to come. Jhanvi says she will come with queens. Pushkar says we will meet in Mumbai. Jhanvi calls Queens and asks them to get ready for party in Mumbai and asks them not to tell anything to Maya. Jhanvi tells Aaliya that she wants to see if Maya fell for Pushkar. She hugs her.

Akku gives instructions to Deshu about the do’s to take care of Aniket. Deshu says I know and have 5 kids. Akku says ok. Deshu asks what you will bring for me. Jhanvi says we will bring Salman Khan for you. Deshu asks her to bring autograph. Shreya comes. Jhanvi says she is looking hot. Shreya says she enjoys spending time with her. Deshu teases her. Shreya asks what is the surprise? Jhanvi asks them to have patience. Jhanvi says nobody will feel bad. Akku says where is Tanya? She says may be she went to shop for snacks. Tanya comes and says gossip girls. Jhanvi says cab is waiting. Tanya asks what is the surprise? Akku asks where is Maya? Jhanvi says she is in Mumbai already. Tanya asks Jhanvi to tell. Jhanvi says we will talk in flight. Akku asks Deshu to take care of Aniket. They leave.

Maya meets Pushkar. He says welcome to Mumbai and says I knew you will come surely. He takes her to her room. Maya asks what is these arrangements. Pushkar says for you. He tells that he want to tell her something important and asks her not to think him wrong and says he has no intentions to hurt her. He tells he was fulfilling the challenge. Maya asks what challenge? Pushkar tells about his theory that by extra marital affair, one improves their marital life. He tells about betting with Jhanvi. He tells that because of him, Avinash and you got closer. He says I thought I have lost and says you can make friendship with anyone, but can’t have affair with anyone being sanskari. He tells but you came to Mumbai and it was like win win situation for me. Maya cries. Their conversation is recording in the came.

Pushkar tells that his friendship is not fake and true like that of queens and that he can test him. Maya says I didn’t come here for your love, and is not upset knowing your bet story. Pushkar asks then why you are crying and why you came here, do you have any problem. Maya gets up and tells that her past. Pushkar asks what past? Maya tells that some incident which happened in past is trying to ruin my present and future.

Pushkar asks her to let him come with her. Maya says this is her own fight and she will deal with it.

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