Queens Hain Hum 3rd May 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 3rd May 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 3rd May 2017 Written Episode

Maya asks Pushkar, can I trust you? Won’t you judge me. She tells that it was not her mistake, but her helplessness. Pushkar asks her to relax and says you can talk to me anything and asks her to tell who is trying to ruin her future. Maya says Nihar Khanna, and says he is Avinash ex business partner. She tells she kept this secret hidden in her chest and tells that Neil, his son is actually Nihar’s son and not of her husband. Pushkar asks what is his story? Maya says she is feeling suffocated now and wants to unburden her heart. She tells that the matter happened 11 years ago. She tells that dhara was 3 year old and Avinash was in London. A fb is shown, she gets call from Avinash telling her that he is arrested by the Police and asks her to talk to Nihar, else he will be jailed. Maya says she
will talk to Nihar and will update him. Avinash says ok. She calls Nihar and informs him that Avinash is arrested by the police. Nihar smiles and tells her that he will come to her house and help her. Maya thanks him. He comes home and tells that he talked to lawyer and managed everything. Maya says if he will be jailed. Nihar says no. Maya says I will talk to him. Nihar says what is the hurry?

Maya asks what? He asks what he will get? He says he is a businessman and do business which is profitable. He says if Avinash spends night in the jail then he will get rotten for many days. Maya asks him to take shares. He says he is a big share holder. He tells a story that there were two guys and a girl. He tells that the girl rejected one guy and chosen another. He says that rejected guy is me, and that girl is you. He says you had chosen Avinash and married him. Maya asks why he is talking about that. Nihar says he wants to love her for a night. She brushes his hand. Nihar says if Avinash spends night in jail then everything will be finished. He says one night with you will make two lives. He says nothing will happen to you as you will be same.

Maya cries. Dhara also cries. Nihar says may be she is missing her Papa and asks her to think how will Dhara live without her father. Maya cries. Nihar asks her to tell, deal or no deal. Maya wipes her tears and surrenders herself. Nihar smiles and goes to her bedroom. He closes the door. Her mum in law looks on shocked. Fb ends.

Maya tells that she was helpless and had done what seems to be right. Pushkar gives her water. Maya says Police left Avinash then and things got back to normal. She says I was living in the fear that if avinash came to know this then. She says she tried to inform him, but stopped herself. She tells that Nihar exploited her and also Avinash and made them bankrupt. Pushkar says he was a snake under the sleeve. Maya says then I came to know that I was pregnant. She says she thought Avinash will doubt on her, but he thinks Neil is his son, but truth is something else. She cries. Pushkar says I can understand your pain and asks her to share her pain. Maya says Nihar returned and stayed at our house. He is blackmailing me again and I don’t know what to do. Pushkar asks her not to give explanation.

Pushkar asks what does he want? Maya says I don’t know why he wants to ruin my life. Pushkar says he knows your weak point and asks her to tell truth to Avinash. Maya says if he comes to know that Neil is not his son then my happy life will end. She says Nihar confirmed that Neil is his son through DNA sample. Pushkar says why he called you here? And says he wants to do something. He says I will be with you. Maya says she will manage alone and says her meeting is in the evening. She asks him to go and complete assignment in Paris. Pushkar says atleast you can take Queens’ help. Maya says they can’t come here at a short notice and they don’t know anything. Pushkar asks her to let him come with her. Maya says we will be on our ways and asks him to go. She picks her hand bag and revolver falls from her bag. Pushkar is shocked. Maya is also shocked.

Nihar calls Maya and asks her to message her hotel address. Akku and Tanya meet him and tell that they won’t let him succeed in his wrong intentions.

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