Queens Hain Hum 4th May 2017 Written Update

Queens Hain Hum 4th May 2017 Written Update by MA

Queens Hain Hum 4th May 2017 Written Episode

Pushkar sees gun with her and asks what do you want? Do you want to kill Nihar? Maya says it is a toy gun and can scare him. Pushkar says nobody knows that it is fake. Maya asks him not to tell anybody and asks him to go. He tells that she can use this room as he got exhibition guys pay for it. Maya thanks him. He says final bye. Maya hugs him and says bye. Pushkar thinks few relations are like morning tea and feels that he is feeling attraction while separating from her, and thinks if he is in love, and says no. He comes to other room. It shows that Queens have seen their conversation. Jhanvi says it is disgusting. Akku says she can’t believe this. Jhanvi says may be she didn’t tell us thinking about our reaction. Akku says she has hidden this big truth from Avinash and us, and says they will
blacken Nihar’s face and will make him sit on donkey. Shreya says she is worried thinking her married life will be spoiled. Tanya and others are worried. Pushkar says she is stubborn and is adamant on her decision. He says if you can manage then I will go else stay back.

Akku says we are with her, and says now Nihar Khanna will know Queen’s power. Tanya says we don’t know anything about him and says Maya will be hurt to know about the cam. Akku says we have to meet Nihar. Shreya says we have to make him say how he forced maya and made him helpless. Jhanvi asks Pushkar to relax and go to Paris without any stress. Pushkar praises their women’s power. Maya thinks don’t know what Nihar wants, but don’t think me weak like before. Nihar calls her and says you are away from me in the hotel. He asks her to message her hotel name. Maya asks why he called her here? Nihar says to discuss Neil’s deal and asks her to come soon. Maya says I will be there.

Queens come to Nihar’s house. Jhanvi tells that they will go in two teams. Akku and Tanya are going to meet Nihar with a hidden cam. Jhanvi asks Nihar not to get nervous. They ring the bell. He opens the door and says yes. Akku says we want to discuss about Maya. Nihar says Maya have sent you here. He asks them to come inside and locks the door. Tanya opens the door. He asks about their names. Akku says lets come to the point and says whatever you are doing with Maya is not good. Nihar says Maya must have presented her story as if she is savitri and I am prem chopra, laughs.

Maya is coming and is on the way. Akku says she can send him to jail. Tanya captures everything on cam. Nihar acts to be scared and says he is afraid of jail. He requests them and laughs. Maya thinks his intention is something else. Akku says you had forced Maya for a one night stand. Nihar says she was always interested in him, although she married Avinash. Akku says you are lying and I won’t let you succeed in your plans. Tanya says we can sit and talk calmly. Nihar asks them to leave. Akku gets angry and says she knows how to bring protest against him. Nihar declares that Neil is her son. Tanya says Maya has a happy family. Nihar says Maya have to do same deal again to save her son and says I want to live those moments again. Tanya and Akku are shocked.

He says once Maya spends night with me then she can return to her family. Akku calls him shameless creature. Nihar says she doesn’t have a choice. He sees camera in Tanya’s bag and says that’s why Maya sent you for sting operation on me. He aims gun at them. Akku asks him to listen. He is about to shoot them. Akku asks Tanya to run from there and inform Shreya and Jhanvi. Tanya runs from there leaving cam there. Akku picks the cam, but Nihar holds her and says he will make her MMS with the same cam. Just then Avinash comes and tries to snatch gun, and tells that you took Maya’s advantage. Nihar asks him to stay back and sees his romance with Maya. Maya is coming there. Avinash says I won’t leave you. Maya sees Tanya running out of Nihar’s house. Akku gets hurt on her head and gets unconscious. Maya is shocked to see Tanya and runs after her. She hears bullet sound. Akku also faints.

Precap: Jhanvi reads in the newspaper that Nihar Khanna committed suicide as he was bankrupt. Maya asks Akku who killed Nihar. Avinash comes and tells I know everything as I have killed Nihar. Maya is shocked.

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