Qurbaan Hua 15th December 2020 Written Update

Qurbaan Hua 15th December 2020 Written Update by Sona

Qurbaan Hua 15th December 2020 Written Episode

Baleq along with some people drag Chahat and they are constantly beating her, Neel is running with all his might and he is able to come and hug Chahat.
Some time before Chahat takes off the veil, Godamabri inquires why sis he with Baig and the reason she is wearing a Burqa, Chahat reveals that she is a Muslim.
Neel is running towards the Dargah when he sees Chahat however he gets into an accident and gets unconscious before he is able to reach her, Baleq mentions that she has been threatened which si why she is taking his side however Chahat reveals that her name is Chahat Rahil Baig and her father is not a terrorist but an honest person, they hear the voice of Azzan and Chahat starts praying, Baleq explains that she has tricked their entire family however when he is about to hurt Chahat, Viyas jee stops him saying that her prayer should be completed first, when they end the prayer ends, Viyas jee orders the police to arrest Dr Baig because he killed Saraswathi, Baleq mentions what they should do with Chahat, Viyas jee explains that they are the ones who would decide her faith as she is their criminal, they take Chahat to their house.
Godamabri inquires how could have she thought that she would be able to become a member of this family because she is a Muslim and it might be the trick which both of them have played because she would not have ever gotten into this family, Chahat tries pleading her innocence saying that she did not plot against the family as she thought of them as her own, Baleq however explains that she doesnot have any right to care for them because she is the daughter of a murderer. Godambari asks why she is wearing the Bindi and bangles as they are the signs of a wife in their religion and not her so she should give them to her however Chahat refuses to even when Godambari forcefully tries to take them, Chahat explains that even if she is not of their religion the feeling of love which she has are true, however Godamabri takes them with the help of the other women.
Chahat sits near the feet of Viyas jee explaining how she has always thought of him as her father and given the same respect as her real father, Viyas jee explains that it is his fault as he thought of her as his own daughter Saraswathi, Chahat pleads with him to give her any punishment but not remain angry with her, Viyas jee explains that his prayers have gotten so weak that he was not able to distinguish amongst the hurdles that came in their family, so punishment should be given and he calls for the razor, Chahat accepts the punishment however Viyas jee explains that he should be punished because he could not differentiate between a Muslim, he tries to forgo his seat as the Mant but Jamuna stops him mentioning that he should not give them such punishment, Viyas jee explains how he will take the test of Agni, he orders Baleq to take up the Mantel but Baleq explains that he would accept this even when he respects Viyas jee a lot. Chahat pleads with him to punish her and even kill her however Godamabri and Baleq plan to ruin her reputation in front of every village, they cover her face with black colour and are calling her names, when Chahat explains that no religion teach bad things but Godamabri refuses to let her talk, Chahat explains that Saraswati died because she was pushed and her father tried a lot to save her, they refuse to listen and even start throwing stones at her, Neel runs with all his might and hugs Chahat, he threatens to kill anyone who harms Chahat.
Neel unties her, Baleq asks if he is mad because he knows that Chahat threatened their entire family, Neel explains that he is the one who did wrong because he brought Chahat into their house disguised as a Muslim and treated her worse then a human still she made him a human because of the love which she has, Neel exclaims in front of everyone that he loves Chahat and would fight anyone, Viyas jee exclaims that he has vowed to protect the religion so they cannot mix, and he is taking the side of the girl whose father has killed Saraswathi, Neel explains that it is not true and as for the mix there is no distinguish because everyone is the same, Baleq threatens that if he is taken as a traitor then would be punished with death, someone from the crowd vows to kill Chahat however Neel threatens ordering him to stand back, Neel then ties to take Chahat away however she mentions that everything would change and even Viyas jee because he is her father, Viyas jee however says that it is easy to let go if someone doesnot remain the same, they attempt to catch them however both Neel and Chahat run for their lives, they are able to outrun them at which Baleq says that he would give them any amount but they should not let them run, Chahat is hit in the back with a knife and she is not able to walk, Neel picks her up in his arms not knowing what he would do.

Precap: Neel exclaims to Chahat that there is no threat, he realizes that she has been injured and he is not able to control when she is no longer conscious.

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