Rab Se Hai Dua 10th June 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 10th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 10th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Ibadat opens the door to find Subhan standing there, Kaynaat comes there and asks Subhan to come with her. He says I am not going to leave Dua here. She says you want to stay back for people who destroyed your life? Subhan says she is like my mother, I can’t leave her, would I leave you in a difficult situation ever? please don’t force me. You can leave if you want but I am not going to leave Dua alone. He tells Ibadat that don’t think I stopped because of you, I came back for Dua only. Hafeez tells Kaynaat to let Subhan take his life’s decision, we can go now. She says to hell with it, I won’t let Dua and her daughters destroy his life, I will take him away from here. She goes back in the house.

Farhan is going somewhere and Mannat follows him. He feels like someone is following him and gets alert. He gets a call and walks away, Mannat follows him.

Dua is crying for Mannat in her sleep. Ibadat tries to console her, Subhan sits with her. Dua begs Mannat to come back in her sleep. Ibadat sits with Subhan and tries to console him but he brushes her away. She says Dua is very strong but she looks so weak today, I can’t see her like this, what if anything happens to her? He says this is all happening because of you. You kept Mannat’s affair hidden from us all, you broke our friendship. You have brought pain to us all. If anything happens to Dua then you will be responsible for it.

Scene 2

Kaynaat curses Dua and says I pray her daughters never get any happiness, I curse her for life. Hafeez tells her to stop spitting venom. She says you don’t care about your wife in front of mother and sister. Sufi tries to stop her but she slaps him and says don’t try to act like my father when you are my son. She tells Hafeez to stop taking the side of my son’s enemies. He says you always insulted me, you never respected me ever. I am tired of your taunts, stop this otherwise.. Hina tells them to stop fighting. Kaynaat says this is all happening because of Dua and her daughters, they have destroyed my son’s life. Hamida tells her to stop cursing Dua, she is a good woman but you are blinded by hatred, stop your rage before you lose your son.

Subhan is sleeping in Dua’s room. Ibadat sits beside him and says you hate me but I just pray I earn your friendship again. I won’t be able to bear your hatred, I will change it around. She sleeps on the couch beside him.

Dua wakes up and finds Subhan and Ibadat sleeping on a couch together. She recalls their care for each other.

Hina tells Kaynaat to stop cursing her when Dua is not well. Kaynaat says I don’t care if Dua dies today. Hafeez is about to slap her but Dua comes there and says stop it. She tells her that I know you don’t care but I do care, I want to do something for my broken family. hafeez tells her to rest but she says I am fine. She asks Hina if she can give her something? Hina says you have everything I own, what do you want? Dua says I have found one solution to bring this family together, to repair everyone’s heart. I want to show you something. She takes them to her room and all are shocked to find Subhan holding Ibadat’s hand while sleeping closely.

The episode ends.

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