Rab Se Hai Dua 1st April 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 1st April 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 1st April 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Subhan tells Sufi that he hates Ibadat now. Kaynaat hears that and thinks she is good news, soon he is going to hate Dua too.

Kaynaat comes to Hina and says I am so happy today, you remember the priest’s prediction that Subhan will marry Haider’s daughter so I was worried that he might like Ibadat but now he hates her so he is going to marry Mannat only. Hina says that’s great.

Farhan is driving Mannat away from the house, she says drop me back home as we are going far away. Farhan says don’t worry, we are going far away where we can be together.

Ibadat comes to her room and tells Mannat to wake up and talk to her, she says if you don’t talk to me then I won’t talk to you ever, she will die then. She turns off the lights and goes to bed but Mannat doesn’t move at all. Ibadat recalls Mannat never letting her talk about death. She takes off the blanket from Mannat’s side and she is gone. Ibadat calls Mannat. Mannat tells Farhan to drop her back, Ibadat must be worried. He says don’t worry and forget about your sister. Ibadat gets stressed and says she might have left with Farhan, his intentions aren’t good.. what should I do? what if he does something with her? I can’t even tell Dua about it.

Farhan takes Mannat’s phone and says don’t worry about anything now.

Subhan is trying to sleep but can’t, he says I should stop thinking about Ibadat. I shouldn’t have attached myself to her, she shouldn’t have lied like that.

Ibadat is worried about Mannat and says I have to save Mannat at any cost. She recalls sharing Mannat’s location with her phone. She checks her location and says Farhan might do something with her, I can’t let anything happen to her.

Scene 2

Dua looks at Haider’s photo and says I am trying to protect my daughters but I miss your support. Today, Kaynaat taunted my upbringing and Ibadat’s character, she is a pious girl but I felt like she was hiding something from me today. Ravi comes there and says you aren’t wrong, I looked into to that guy’s profile and he isn’t a delivery boy. Dua says why would they lie? Ravi shows her the CCTV footage and says this guy was seen around our house many times and was even seen pointing towards a window. Duas says it means they knew about this guy but why did they lie? Ravi says maybe they are scared of you, that guy comes to meet with Mannat or Ibadat. Dua says they will have to answer me now. She says Ibadat can’t lie to me.

Ibadat is trying to leave the house but bumps into Subhan. They both stare at each other. Ibadat says sorry but Subhan says you should be sorry for lies. She says I can’t talk to you right now. He asks where are you going right now? She says I have some work. Subhan says you can’t leave as its too late. She tries to leave but Subhan stops her. She says leave me alone, he says I won’t let you go. She says you can’t stop me, what right do you have on me? He says we are friends. Ibadat says we are just friends. Subhan says you don’t care about friends, maybe you don’t care about relationships, you even lied to your mother for some guy. Ibadat says I don’t care, you can’t stop me as you have no right on me. She leaves from there. Subhan recalls their moments together and thinks he was wrong about her, she isn’t as pious as she makes herself out to be.

Ibadat is trying to start the car but its not working. Dua and Ravi are going to check on Ibadat but they hear someone trying to start the car. Dua looks through the window but doesn’t find any car there.

Ibadat is driving and following Mannat’s location but she isn’t picking up.

Dua and Ravi come to Ibadat and Mannat’s room, Dua is shocked to find them both gone. She says where can they be?

Ibadat is driving to Mannat and prays for her protection.

The episode ends.

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