Rab Se Hai Dua 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 23rd August 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 23rd August 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider tells Hina that I am sure Dua will agree to leave everything to be with me. Hina says lets see that, Haider leaves. Gazal rushes to Hina and asks what’s going on? Hina says Dua destroyed everything, Haider is leaving the house with Dua.

Kaynaat comes to Dua and asks who was she calling? Dua thinks I shouldn’t worry her but I shouldn’t lie. She is about to tell her but Haider shouts for her so she leaves. Kaynaat recalls Gazal’s words that if everyone finds out that Hina attacked Dua then she will be jailed.

All family members come to lounge, Haider shouts for Dua. She comes there and asks what happened? Haider says I am very happy as our pain is going to end.. lets pack our bags, we are going to leave and live peacefully. Dua recalls how Ruhaan claimed to kill Haider as soon as he leaves the house. Haider asks Dua to pack her bags but she doesn’t move. Hina says she won’t move.. she wanted this house and wealth so she would never leave for her greed. Gulnaz asks what’s this new drama? you both took everything already and now you want to leave? is this new plot to throw us all out? Haider says there is no plot, you all can keep this house and wealth.. we are going to leave as we just need each other only. Dadi cries and says what about me? I don’t want to live with these brainless people. Haider hugs her and says I can’t let Dua stay here anymore, I did wrong with her and now I have to make it upto her.. she did so much for this house and what happened with her? nobody even cared when she was bleeding out. These people have hearts of stones and I won’t let my Dua stay here any longer. He asks Dua to come with him. Dua thinks I want to leave but if he leaves the house then Ruhaan will shoot him. Haider tells her that please give me another chance.. we are going to just live for each other from now on and no one else. Haider holds her hand and starts leaving the house. Dua smiles and keeps walking with him but stops just as they are about to leave the house. Haider is surprised seeing that. He recalls how Hina said that she won’t leave as she is greedy for the wealth. Dua thinks I am sorry but I have to do this. Dua says we are not going anywhere. Hina laughs and tells Haider that I told you this woman is so greedy for this wealth and house. Haider stops her and asks Dua why she doesn’t want to leave? Gulnaz says wow.. we all know she is going to lie again. Gazal tells Haider that she can never be loyal to you, if you asked me then I would have left with you easily.

Dua asks them to shut up and says I have no greed for money.. the reason that I don’t want to leave is because.. the police arrives there and all are shocked. Dua says I called them here, Gazal smirks and recalls how she heard Dua calling the police. The flashback shows how Gazal called the police as Dua and complained that Hina wants to kill her. The flashback ends. The inspector asks who is Hina? Haider asks what happened? The inspector says we got a complaint against her.. the complain is that Hina tried to kill Dua so we have to arrest her. All are shocked. Dua says but I didn’t… Gulnaz says wow, Dua is crossing all the lines. Dua says I didn’t do that.. why would file a complaint against Hina? Kaynaat shouts what do you think of yourself? you got everything in your name but I didn’t say anything but you want Hina to be jailed now? how can you be so cruel? Dua says but I didn’t.. Kaynaat says she is my mother and I can’t bear you putting her in jail. Gulnaz says Dua is blinded by greed so she doesn’t care about any relationship. Haider says Dua shouldn’t have done that. Kaynaat shouts how dare she file a complaint against Hina? Dua says but I didn’t. Kaynaat says I heard you calling the police so don’t lie.. you were claiming to put Hina in her place. Haider recalls how Dua misbehaved with Hina a lot of times. Gazal smirks and thinks Hina will be jailed and Haider will not support Dua in this.. he will become mine then.

Precap: Dua says to Haider trust me this is Gazals new trick, why will I complaint against Ammi. Haider says stop covering up your mistakes, you did what you wanted to do, you crashed all the dreams. Haider asks Gazal to do something so no one gets close to her mother. Gazal says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Ammi.

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