Rab Se Hai Dua 4th February 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 4th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 4th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Someone enters Gazal’s room in a hoodie and attacks her, she fights with the person so they run away. Otherside Dua feels someone passed by their room and asks Haider to go and check, Dua goes to check but they don’t find anyone. Haider comes to the lounge and finds Dadi there, they both get scared seeing her. Dadi says what are you doing here? I was just sitting here, you scared me. Haider says you scared me. They both laugh, and the person in the hoodie silently leaves.

Gazal sees a person entering her room again in a hoodie and screams to save her. Dua hears that and goes to check. She enters there and asks Gazal why was she is screaming? Gazal sees the person gone and thinks it might be Ajaz and he must have come to save me so I can’t tell her. She says to Dua that I wasn’t screaming. Dua says I heard you so don’t lie. Gazal says I don’t feel safe in this house, this family is going to kill me. Dua says they are not like you. Gazal says please.. there was a.. she thinks I can’t tell her as I am in danger, she says nothing so Dua leaves. The person was hiding in the blanket on Gazal’s bed and threatening Gazal with his knife so she couldn’t tell it to Dua. She says is this Ajaz? The person takes out a knife, Gazal says I am sure its Ruhaan, please don’t kill me.

Dua comes to Haider and Dadi.. Dua asks do you know who was roaming around? Dadi says it was me. Dua says Gazal was screaming for no reason. Dadi says go and rest. Gulnaz comes there and thinks they can’t see me otherwise they will doubt me. Dua sees her and says you are awake? Gulnaz says I was going for a walk as I am not feeling well. Dua finds a red mark on her hand and asks what is this? Gulnaz says its nail polish to impress Rahat. Dua laughs and says okay, Gulnaz leaves. Dadi goes to sleep. Dua says Ruhaan didn’t take his protein shake so I will give it to him.

Dua comes to Ruhaan’s room but he is not there, she says where did he go?

The person is threatening Gazal with a knife and hits her on the head. Gazal faints, the person says she has to die today and pay for her crimes. He starts untying her and says I can’t break her chains without making noise so I have to unlock it but Dua must have the keys, the person goes from there.

The person comes to Dua and Haider’s room while they are sleeping and start looking around for the keys. The person finds it in her drawer and runs from there. Dua hears a noise and wakes up, she wakes Haider up and says someone was here. Haider says you must be dreaming, there is no one here. Just relax and go to sleep.

The person comes to Gazal’s room and unlocks her chains but Gazal wakes up and hits him with a vase, she tries to run from there but the person pulls her back so Gazal screams. Dadi hears it and says I should check on her. Gazal is fighting with the person and sees her face.. she says you? you are attacking me and call yourself a pious person. The person hits her with a vase and she faints again, the person drags her from there. Dadi comes to Gazal’s room and finds her sleeping on the bed so she leaves from there. The man hides under Gazal’s bed.

The episode ends.

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