Rab Se Hai Dua 9th July 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 9th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 9th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Hamida tells Dua that Subhan doesn’t love Ibadat, he might still be in love with Mannat. Dua says he loved her but he doesn’t anymore, he is a good person and wouldn’t cheat on Ibadat. Hamida says Mannat is not innocent, what if she fools him and break Subhan-Ibadat apart? she is stubborn and can be mean. Dua says Mannat is not an evil person, she won’t stoop to the level of breaking her sister’s marriage.

Gulnaz tells Kaynaat that Mannat is going to help in separating Subhan and Ibadat. Kaynaat says that girl is crazy, she threw me on the floor so I am scared of her. Gulnaz says you have to support her, she might be crazy but she is our blood and Ibadat’s isn’t. She might be the perfect girl but she isn’t our real blood so you have to support Mannat in separating Subhan and Ibadat.

Ibadat takes a shower and starts getting ready. She finds Subhan sleeping and goes to him, she thinks she has to control herself as their love is still incomplete, he doesn’t have feelings for her. She smiles and starts to leave but Subhan pulls her and she falls over him. He caresses her face and says poetry that he has started living more because she lives in his heart now. He says I am good at poetry right? she smiles at him. He asks why does she look shy? aren’t you tired after what we did last night? She tries to move away but he pulls her back in and says she makes him complete, I want to romance with you. He cups her face and is about to kiss her but then picks his phone and stops recording their video. Ibadat has her eyes closed so he pushes her away and she falls down. She says what is this? He says I was sleep talking so sorry. She says I am going to complain to Dua, he throws her phone under the bed and leaves.

Ibadat is trying to get her phone from under the bed.

All family members sit to have dinner, Hamida asks where is Mannat? They all get a message from Subhan and are shocked to find Subhan-Ibadat video of romancing in bed. Hamida says he shouldn’t have sent it in the family group. Dua says let it be, they look so happy. Kaynaat starts to leave but Hafeez tells her to calm down, she says my mood is off after seeing such shamelessness, she leaves. Gulnaz angrily starts leaving with her but Mannat comes there and goes with them. She asks what happened? Kaynaat says you are going to lose everything, she shows her the video.

Ibadat gets her phone and finds Subhan’s message deleted from the group, she says what did he send?

The episode ends.

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