Razia Sultan 16th October 2015 Written Update

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Razia Sultan 16th October 2015 Written Update by Pooja

Razia Sultan 16th October 2015 Written Episode

Razia is tied to a tree. The thugs try her jewellery. Two of them fight for the royal dagger. One of them breaks the mirror in anger. Their boss tells them to calm down. We have got so much stuff. We can all divide it ourselves. Soldiers would be coming here looking for her in no time. We have to take care of Sultana first after which we will have to leave from here asap.

Mirza keeps calling out for Mohtarma. Yakut offers to help him as he is well aware of this jungle and its surroundings. We both can find her together. Take off this cover from my face for Sultana atleast. Mirza calls him a cheater. Don’t take her name from your mouth again. Mirza’s commander too thinks that Yakut can help them. We cannot think of any solution if we are angry. Mirza agrees. Commander removes the cover from Yakut’s face. Yakut tells Mirza about the caves where the thugs live. Mirza still cannot trust him completely. Yakut reasons that he is the last hope to find Sultana. It will be impossible to find her if you are not aware of this dense forest. You will have to trust me. They find a ring. Yakut is sure now that he was right. This is the path which they used to reach their destination. Mirza warns him not to act smart or he wont mind killing him.

Shazia and Shamshad Begum return Delhi. Muiz-ud-din is waiting outside to welcome them. Shazia shares that Razia is handing everything on her own. She is in so many problems. Mirza threatened her of my life and made her marry him. Now she will spend the rest of her life there. It would have been better if I had died. Shamshad Begum still trusts God completely. Her sacrifice will not go in vain. Fatima too has full hopes on Razia. She will come and set everything right. Muiz-ud-din smirks thinking that no one will be able to do anything once he sits on the throne.

Razia gets hold of a broken piece of glass. The thugs look pointedly at her. The boss tells her that she cannot escape from here. Razia intentionally praises them. It is impossible to get out of here even I think of it. The leader tells her to remember her God. People will think of your death till forever. He goes away. Razia begins to cut the rope using the broken piece of glass.

Shamshad Begum comes to the cell to meet Shah Turkan. Shah Turkan is glad to see her. I knew that you will come. Please get us out of here. We are your own. Mirza is a stranger. We will abide by whatever you say. We will go away form here forever. Shamsahd Begum questions her over relations. You plotted two lovers against each other. You have given nothing to Iltutmish and his kids. You pushed them away from their destiny, hopes and dreams. You dint even let Iltutmish’s last wish come true. You are being punished for your crimes. Shah Turkan reasons that she only thought good for her son. Iltutmish was wrong. He snatched all the rights from his son and gave them to Razia. I am not her enemy but she actually is greedy of this throne. If I do something for my son then it is wrong. You justify Razia’s act by calling it her duty. She could neither save herself nor this throne. Her wishes are her enemy. Why is she being punished by God? Shamshad Begum knows that she cannot understand it. She is bearing the brunt of your mistakes. History is a living proof that whoever tries to counter hatred with love has to bear a lot of problems. You have written your destiny with your own hands so you are here! She leaves.

Rukn-ud-din asks his mother how will they get out of here if everyone becomes upset with them. Shah Turkan knows that everyone is going to die. Walida said that I wrote my destiny on my own. If it is true then we will not die here! Everyone is playing their own games. Muiz-ud-din will win in the end. He will change the entire game of chess!

Razia frees her hand with great difficulty. She collides with a pot while running. The men come to look but don’t find anyone there. They see Razia missing. They all go in different direction to look for her. Razia watches their actions from a distance. She climbs up on a tree. She jumps over them and attacks them. The head keeps his weapon on her neck. You think you will get out of here? Razia very smartly hits him and gets hold of his weapon. Kill if you want to kill someone. Don’t lecture. Take me out of here now. She warns the others not to act smart or she will kill their leader. Razia hits him and runs out when they are near the exit. The leader fumes. Catch her!

Yakut notices Razia. It looks like she is in danger. Open my hands. Mirza cannot see anyone. Yakut insists that he can see her. He keeps calling out for Sultana. Mirza keeps looking ahead in confusion for he sees nothing. The commander frees Yakut’s hand. Yakut escapes on a horse after beating the commander. I know you very well. You are very naive Mirza. You trust your enemies a little too easily. Neither will you ever catch me now nor will you get Sultana. Mirza thinks that they will have to reach Sultana before Yakut. Let him go. He proved what he is. He can run all he want buy we will track him down.

Precap: The thugs are about to attack Razia but Mirza steps in between. The dagger hits him. Razia is shocked to see him.

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