Razia Sultan 23rd October 2015 Written Update

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Razia Sultan 23rd October 2015 Written Update by Pooja

Razia Sultan 23rd October 2015 Written Episode

Yakut is shocked to see Razia there. I lied Sultana. Mirza was trapping me. You know him already! He can stoop to any level to trap me. She tells him to be quiet. You have lied enough. I am the dumbest person in the world. I trusted you blindly. I doubted on my Mirza! You are a cheater. I blamed my Mirza for the crimes that you did. She turns to Mirza. I am guilty. God wont forgive me for it. He denies. I am your culprit. Please don’t blame yourself. This devil is the culprit. I wont mind it if God kills me for the same. She keeps a finger on his lips. Don’t say it. You were right. Yakut isn’t what he appears to be! His truth is out in front of us now. Mirza wipes her tear. Yakut looks angry. He hits Mirza and holds Razia. He keeps his sword around her neck. How did you think that you will become MIrza’s? You are my reason to live. I don’t mind if you aren’t mine but I cannot see you with anyone else. I love you. I will make death easy for you. we both can die for each other if not live with one another. He warns Mirza not to take any step further or he will kill Razia. Mirza asks his soldiers to drop their swords. They all follow Mirza. Don’t hurt Mohtarma. Razia manages to push the sword. Mirza kills him without wasting a second. He apologizes to Razia for his mistakes. Please forgive me for I doubted your love. I don’t deserve forgiveness. She tells him not to say anything. The wind of love has just begun! They share an emotional hug.

The commander interrupts them. Muiz-ud-din’s men have massacred a lot many people. Mirza and Razia join hands together.

Muiz-ud-din steps inside the courtroom. He caresses the throne. Rukn-ud-din congratulates him on his victory. Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din salute him calling him the new Sultan of Delhi. Shah Turkan signals her son. He asks Muiz-ud-din to sit. Razia tells Muiz-ud-din to give up on such baseless dreams. Rukn-ud-din asks her not to challenge them. We have everything in our control now. Muiz-ud-din too mocks Razia. How will she stop me from sitting on the throne? She is all alone! Mirza corrects them. Mohtarma isn’t alone. We both will stop you. Razia steps forward holding her sword in her hand. You (Shah Turkan) are the seed of all this drama. You killed so many innocent people for your thirst for throne! You got my Ammi and brother brutally killed. Mirza closes the door fro inside so no one is able to escape from there. Razia continues, I will avenge their deaths today in this Firozi Mahal by killing you all. They will be at peace then. Rukn-ud-din fights with Razia while Mirza pushes Muiz-ud-din down the stairs with one push. Shah Tukran picks up a heavy pot and hits Razia on her head. Shah Turkan also gets hurt in the process. Razia falls on the floor. Mirza stops Rukn-ud-din from attacking Razia. He eventually kills Rukn-ud-din! Shah Turkan is stunned. She tries to run away but Razia stabs her from behind. Shah Turkan’s last words are – if it isn’t mine then it cannot be yours too! She dies. Razia is feeling dizzy. Mirza holds her in time. Muiz-ud-din escapes from there. MIrza wants to go after him but Razia stops him. Enough of bloodshed! Finally I have got whatever I needed. You are with me. What else do I need? I want to live peacefully now. He calls her Razia Sultana. Your orders will be followed. I am in your service. She smiles.

People cheer for their Razia Sultan as she steps inside the courtroom along with Mirza. Razia confirms with Mirza if it is indeed reality. Abbu’s dreams have finally fulfilled. Life has blessed me with all the happiness of the world. You are with me. What else I need? He says a shayari. Sit on the throne first. We can romanticise all our life. Your throne is waiting for you, Razia Sultana. She smiles and then sits on the throne. The palace echoes once again with cheers. She wants to meet the people who have come with a request. A farmer greets her. Rains have been very less this year. We all request you to remit their taxes for the year. Razia announces that the citizens of Delhi to will get grains from the royal store. No farmer will pay any tax this year. No soldier or anyone will trouble them for the same. Everyone cheers happily for her.

Sultan Iltutmish’s dreams for Razia finally came true. It is said that she was the first woman Sultan of the world. But sadly, the Muiz-ud-din, whom she spared his life, got her and Mirza killed!

– THE END –.

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  1. malika-e-zain
    October 23, 19:07 Reply

    🙁 its over
    gonna miss alzia soo much . this was such an amazing historical show loved the pair mirza altunia and razia 🙂

    the best was man ki marziyan marzio ka man kuch aisa hi hai mirza altunia ka dil fitratan
    abhi abhi to hawa chali hai abhi abhi to khusbo uthi hai dil ki lagi hai thodi dil lagi hai <3

  2. yk
    October 23, 14:08 Reply

    I’ve always been a silent reader and admirer of razia sultan. I loved the pair of razia and altunia. I’m gona dearly miss it. I loved this show so very much and preferred a better ending with razia’s and altunia’s nok jhoks but still I loved it…. Thank you writers for presenting this show for our entertainment as we all thoroughly enjoyed. Miss u razia and altunia ! Looking forward to see you all again on screens !

  3. @
    October 23, 13:13 Reply

    Wow, can’t believe its over…
    It has been a heartwarming journey,all 170 episodes and frankly this is the first show that never once made me want to hit the screen lolzz
    I think its safe to say that they’ve all done a grate job and will miss them especially alzia

    Good bye and good luck!!!

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