Read to know who inspired Himmanshoo to participate in Khatron Ke Khiladi

Smart and extremely handsome, Himmanshoo A. Malhotra, after winning accolades for his dancing steps is back again on small screen. And this time, the man is all set to win over us with some daredevil stunts.

Gearing up to take part in Khatron Ke Khiladi (Endemol & Colors), Himmanshoo mentioned believing that such shows will help him to find himself. “Initially, I was reluctant about doing KKK, but it was my wife Amruta (Khanvilkar), who convinced me to take part in the series. Now I do believe that this will be a great chance for me to explore another side of mine”.

So isn’t Amruta scared of the daring tasks that you need to perform? And Himmanshoo in a witty manner chatted, “More than her, I am worried about my well being. I am not even trained in adventure sports; naturally I am very much scared about the same. Rather, Amruta is chilled out and convinced me to perform the tasks”.

With many friends, including, Sana (Saeed), Jay (Bhanushali), Sidharth (Shukla) being present around him, who do you think will be your toughest competitor? “I think it is more important to complete the task, rather than challenging one another. Right now my focus is on the completion of every task at one go”.

As, the young man gets geared up to fly to Argentina for the shoot, we wish him all the luck.

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