Saavi Ki Savaari 15th September 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 15th September 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 15th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Saavi. Nutan tells Vedika that some abshagun will happen. She says we should have been careful after sweater got burnt. She worries for Saavi. Vedika says she will be fine. Sonam thinks I hope that goon didn’t take my name infront of Police. She gets worried. Doctor comes out after checking Saavi and tells Nityam that they have to do premature delivery. She says they have to get some stuff from hospital. Nityam says I will get everything arranged, but nothing shall happen to Saavi and the baby. Doctor says she can’t say anything. Inspector beats the goon Raghu. Raksham asks Inspector to beat him until he takes the name of the attacker. Saavi gets labour pains. Nityam gets sad and hugs Vedika. Dadu says nothing will happen to Saavi and your baby. Himesh says Mahadev will make everything fine. Ratna asks Sonam if you have done this. Raksham comes home. Ratna asks if that goon took anyone’s name. He says this woman Sonam will give the answer and says he will not bear her lies anymore. Everyone is shocked. He asks Sonam to tell and says how did that goon know that today is godh bharayi ritual at our home. She says I did. Nutan says you have tried to kill Saavi and her baby. She says what did you think that you will get saved after doing this, and Saavi risked her life to save you, and says I feel ashamed to call you as a woman.

Ratna tells that she is more guilty than Sonam and says I knew that Sonam had planned attack on Damad ji, but I hid this from everyone, and if I had told this then this wouldn’t have happen. Vedika says I know about her jealousy and didn’t tell anyone, as Saavi kept her on a big place. Ratna says Saavi has done so much for you and has fulfilled all your wishes. Himesh says you shall feel ashamed. Nityam tells Sonam that if anything happens to Saavi and the baby, then I will not forgive you. Raksham tells Nityam that Sonam can’t be forgiven, and she has only one place, ie, Police station.

Sonam apologizes to everyone. He is about to take her to PS, when they hear baby crying. Doctor comes out and tells that baby girl is born. Nityam asks about Saavi. Doctor says she is fine. Everyone goes to see her happily. Sonam thinks thank god, baby and Saavi are fine and regrets her wrong doings. She then calls Police and asks them to come. Vedika gives baby in Nityam’s hands. Nityam gets emotional. Raksham asks Nityam to give the baby to him, and says I am Tau ji. He takes baby in his hands and gets happy. Dadu, Himesh and others take the baby too. Saavi asks Raksham, where is Didi? Raksham says don’t take her name, you don’t know what she did. Saavi says I knew that Didi had sent that goon to attack me. Ratna asks then why did you come infront of goon to save Sonam. Sonam comes there and apologizes to her, for saving her even after knowing the truth. She asks why did you save me? Saavi says you are my didi, my sister, my own blood and says you used to love me when Papa was alive, and since he is gone, I have lost your love and care, and since then I hope that I will get my sister one day. She says if I had not saved you, then would have lost hope and also my Didi. Inspector comes there to arrest Sonam. Sonam says this is her punishment. She apologizes and gives her chain for the baby, and is about to go with the Inspector, when Saavi stops Inspector and says she don’t want to file any complaint. He goes. Saavi asks Sonam to take the baby in her arms. Sonam takes the baby and says she is guilty.

Later Vedika asks Saavi to make Gudiya have darshan of the God. Saavi asks Sonam to make baby do darshan of the God. Raksham tells that Sonam has done all the preparations today for the function. Sonam says she will dance fully to welcome the baby. They all dance. Tashu tells that she will name the baby. Ananya says we have thought of the name. Vedika says I will decide the baby’s name. Brijesh says we have thought. Nityam asks Saavi to make them quiet and says he agrees with whatever name they want to give to the baby. Saavi asks them to write their suggestions and put it in the bowl, and Dadu and Mama ji will take the chit, and says if the baby smile at whatever name, we will name the baby same. Dadu and Brijesh take out the chits, and are going to announce the name. Tashu says she has a better suggestion. Saavi asks Tashvi to say. Everyone takes the chit and says our lovely Gudiya’s name is Savitya. Nityam says it is good. Saavi says you all thought of the same name. Tashvi says we all thought in the night and it was surprise for you. Nityam names the baby as Savitya Dalmia. Vedika thanks everyone. Nityam thanks the family. Himesh says we shall thank you for giving a family member. Saavi says we shall thank one more member. They go out and sit in Chattriprasad 2.O. Nityam tells Savitya that he will take her for the Saavi ki Savaari ride. Saavi and the baby sit on the back seat, while Nityam drives off Chattriprasad 2.O. Everyone waves bye. The show has a happy ending.

Saavi and Nityam’s unusual love story has come to its logical and happy ending.

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