Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dimpy telling Sonam that she has backache and will go to room and rest. Sonam says we have to time pass till 6 pm. She asks her to peel and cut the fruits for her. Dimpy gets an idea seeing Sonam’s jewellery on the table. She gives fruits to Sonam and tells her that she will put the peels in the dustbin. Sonam sits to have it. Dimpy comes to the dustbin, takes earrings and throws it in the dustbin along with the peel. Sonam calls her and asks if you think me so bad that I will get Servant’s work from you. Dimpy says I will give the garbage bag outside. She says she is habitual to clean since she got pregnant. Sonam coughs and asks her to continue….Dimpy steals the necklace and other things and keeps them in the dustbin. Just then Servant comes there as Sonam calls him. Dimpy asks him to give the trash to the garbage collector.

Saavi sees the bouquet standing in the hall. Nityam asks her if she got it from lover or if she kept any adv. She says she is already popular in hanuman gali. Nityam asks her to thank the person who has sent this. Saavi says someone did this bad joke with me, there is no name written and asks Giridhar to keep it outside the house. Nityam says he might be waiting for his baawri’s call. Saavi is shocked and says I know you both doesn’t like each other, but you are going to this level. She says he is my friend and can send me anything, he will not send me flower like this secretly. She says I will call him. She calls him and asks did you see red roses bouquet. Manav says no, do you want me to send. Saavi ends the call. It shows that Sonam has sent it, to oust Saavi. Dimpy says she is going to washroom. Sonam takes her mobile from her and asks her not to lock the door. Dimpy goes to the washroom, and takes out mobile tied on her leg. She calls the goon and tells him that she has sent him location and tells that there was 20 lakhs earrings in the garbage. She says Himesh Dalmia’s name shall come in the DNA report. He says he didn’t get the report yet, he can’t guarantee. Dimpy comes out. Saavi gives her coconut water. Dimpy drinks and says she wants to go to bathroom again. Sonam says just now you went. Dimpy says it happens in pregnancy. She goes to bathroom and calls the lab technician. He tells that if he doesn’t get the earrings then he will not change the report. Dimpy says she has tied the bag with red rubber band. Sonam asks Dimpy to come out. Dimpy goes out. Sonam thinks the DNA report could come at anytime and thinks Himesh’s name shall not be on the name, and everyone shall throw her out. Dimpy is worried. Saavi prays to God that Vedika shall proved right. Giridhar gives the reports to Saavi. Saavi opens it and checks. Sonam asks what is written in the report. Saavi says according to the reports, this baby is of Himesh ji. Dimpy takes a sigh of relief. Sonam is angry and asks Dimpy to say, what she did with the report. Saavi says she was with you in the room. Dimpy says she is having back pain and will sleep. Sonam says she knows her drama. Saavi says nobody will doubt Maa’s decision. She says we worked on something as a team and the result is good. Sonam thinks Dimpy is planning something big, her mind is very clever.

Nityam tells Saavi that he has found out which florist has sent this bouquet. He says he then made list of her admirers. He says he has called the delivery boy. Saavi says it doesn’t matter to her, who sent it, and says may be you get peace. Nityam sits and recalls Saavi accepting Manav’s proposal.

Raksham comes home and tells Sonam, if she thinks that he is not noticing what she is doing? Sonam asks what? Raksham says you are wearing expensive jewellery. Sonam says I have to be dressed well, else Bua Dadi will comment on my class. Raksham says I like it, but think about me. He asks her if he shall wear the necklace as crown. He then says that Nityam has called florist to enquire about who has sent it. Sonam thinks she will never let them know that she has sent it, and never let them unite.

Precap: Kumud says Vedika doesn’t understand the difference between adopted and real son. Kumud calls Raksham a fake child. Nityam says to Kumud, Raksham is my elder brother. Vedika says to Kumud, enough is enough and asks Nityam to get tickets for Kumud so that she can leave. Saavi walks to Vedika and says Maa now I understand why you never stand against Kumud but what exactly happened. Kumud walks in and says I will tell you that truth.

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