Saavi Ki Savaari 24th May 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 24th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 24th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kumud telling Saavi that he is not Raksham Dalmia, but a stranger’s blood whom Vedika brought for orphanage into this Dalmia house. Vedika says you have said this infront of Saavi and says if you say this outside, then I will forget everything. She says he had filled my empty lap, and he is my son, he is Raksham Dalmia and gave me mother’s position. Kumud asks why didn’t you return him after you became a mother, and says Raksham eloped with his father’s money. She says Nityam has forgiven him thinking he is his brother. She says Raksham snatched Satyam from them, and she sees him with the sight, they look at Dimpy. She says she don’t want anyone to snatch Nityam’s rights. She asks Saavi if I am wrong. Saavi says now I understood, why my Maa used to hear your taunts with her head down, why she used to get uncomfortable with your presence. She says when you came here, you had come with the secret, says I came to know from you that he is not Dalmia, he is not Mr. Dalmia’s real brother and that’s why he doesn’t have any right on this house and family. Kumud smiles. Vedika is shocked. Saavi says but this will be wrong, and says relations are also nursed with love, care and sacrifice. She says Raksham Bhaiyya is Maa’s first child, and will always be, he will always be Mr. Dalmia’s elder son. She says he was first my Majnu Bhaiyya, then Raksham Bhaiyya, then jeth ji and now jija ji also. She says she is having many relations with him. She says nobody get affected with this truth, but Raksham Bhaiyya will be affected, and tells that he had already suffered so much and she don’t want him to suffer more. She requests Kumud to leave and keep her blessings on them. She says they don’t want this fact to come infront of everyone. Vedika hugs Saavi and cries.

Kumud comes to Nityam and asks if the tickets are booked. Nityam says he has talked to Kiran. Kumud blesses him and tells that whatever she does is right. He asks what happened, as there is pain in her eyes. Kumud is about to tell him, but Saavi comes there and asks Kumud to pack her bags. Nityam asks Saavi why she poke her little nose in every matter. Vedika comes there. Nityam asks Vedika what is the secret? Saavi says Raksham Bhaiyya,and tells that Dadi Bua couldn’t forgive Raksham for his father’s death and that she is upset with Maa as she feels that Maa shouldn’t have forgiven him. Nityam says I already told her that it is their family matter. Saavi says when you had taken so much time to accept him then her mindset is not progressive. Nityam asks if this is the only reason. Saavi says yes. Vedika says today Saavi stood by me and asked Dadi Bua to leave.

Later Vedika comes to kitchen and asks Saavi if she supported her for her. Saavi says you are right and Bua Dadi is wrong in my sight, and says I want to stay in your heart and for that I am fine if I have to become bad in Dadi Bua’s sight. She says you have hidden the truth and didn’t want your family to shatter. She says the way you love Raksham, nobody can say that….Vedika says he is my son and tells that they were yearning for child, when Raksham came in their lives. She says Satyam’s factory was working well, and they had peace and happiness. A fb is shown. Vedika and Satyam are having a good time with Raksham. Vedika tells Saavi that Mahadev saw her love and gave Nityam to her. She tells that when Nityam was born, Bua Dadi asked Satyam to return Raksham to the orphanage, but Satyam refuses and tells that he is not a toy. She says when Raksham had eloped, Bua Dadi thought that her words came true and blamed her along with Raksham for Satyam’s death. She says this secret shall not be out. Saavi says I am scared that she might tell someone. Vedika says she will not say anything, and will not do a sin of breaking her brother’s home.

They come out to bid adieu to Kumud. Kumud throws the snacks given by Saavi and says you have chosen your Saas over me, and scolds her. Dada ji asks her not to get angry and be calm. Kumud says I thought this house is yours, but it is not yours. She asks Sonam to bring gangajal. Nityam says if you haven’t tried to break the family then you would have been part of the family too. Raksham asks please say what I shall do. Kumud blames him for the happenings. Sonam gives gangakal to Kumud. Kumud pours some gangajal on Vedika’s hand and says from today, I am dead for you. She says the dead person’s curse don’t go waste. She says the family whom you try to unite, will break and separate. She says your dosh and sin will be kaal for you and the land will be pulled away from your feet. She curses her and goes. Vedika breaks down. Dimpy hears them and thinks what is the secret which needs to be exposed. Saavi, Nityam and Raksham support Vedika.

Episode ends.

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