Saavi Ki Savaari 25th May 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 25th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 25th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dimpy hearing someone coming and acts to pray. Himesh thinks he is getting she is like Parvati. Dimpy says my baby has taught me goodness. Himesh smiles. Dimpy says I am scared that Bua ji’s curse will be on me. Himesh says Bua ji was not talking about you. dimpy tells him that she will go to her basti. Himesh says he doesn’t know about whom she is talking. Dimpy gets upset that he didn’t tell her. Saavi setting her bedsheet on the floor to sleep. Nityam helps her. Saavi tells him that just as Maa gets fine in 2 -3 days, then I will leave. She says bua ji’s words has shattered Maa so much. Nityam asks why? He asks if you will let anyone say. Saavi says sorry. He says I came to thank you for taking stand for Vedika. Saavi says she is my mother too and tells that few relations can’t be broken on papers. Nityam thinks he wanted her to go, but today. Saavi says she will go to Maa.

Ratna talks to Sonam and asks about bua dadi. Sonam says she is relieved that she is gone and tells that she used to trouble her a lot. Ratna asks her to have icecream on her behalf. Sonam says I can’t be peaceful until second bala goes from here, saavi. She says everyone will have another shock, when Saavi will return to hanuman gali. Ratna says life would be easy if you had accepted to live with Saavi. Sonam says she doesn’t suit her and tells that there is nobody who comes between her and her dreams.

Raksham comes to Vedika’s room. Vedika asks what happened? Raksham says I came to know that I am not your blood and that’s why Bua Dadi used to hate me. Vedika says you are my son. Raksham says I am not your son and Bittu’s brother. Raksham says he will die. He gets up and Vedika says you are my son only. Raksham is about to hang himself. Vedika shouts to stop him. Saavi comes there and asks what happened? Vedika tells that she has dreamt bad about Raksham. She tells that she had kept adoption papers safe till now. Saavi asks her to give it to her and says she will keep it safely. Dimpy thinks to make Vedika confess the truth. She is coming near Vedika’s room. Vedika gives adoption papers to Saavi and says nobody knows about it. She asks her to keep it safely so that nobody sees it, and says if anyone sees it, then Bua ji’s curse will come true. Saavi says I will keep it safely. Dimpy hears them and goes. She thinks to steal the file from Saavi’s room. Saavi comes to her room and searches for the safe place. Nityam wakes up and asks what she is searching.

Precap: Nityam goes to check what has Saavi hidden in that file. Dimpy is also looking for the file to find the truth. Nityam walks in and sees Dimpy inside their room and calls Saavi.

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