Saavi Ki Savaari 30th August 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 30th August 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 30th August 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saavi coming downstairs. Nutan asks what you was doing? Saavi says she was showing her room to Didi and was making her meet my reality so that she don’t have misunderstanding that I am not happy. Vedika asks Sonam and Saavi to come. She says Mahadev ji shall keep everyone happy. She says Saavi, you know to be happy in all ways, and says your face is sparkling as your husband, Maa and Saas are with you. She says what else you want. She says she wants to give gift to both of them, and asks Saavi and Sonam to take 1 bangle each. Saavi says we can’t take these bangles, and says Nityam and I want your love and blessings. Sonam says if you give one bangle to us each then the Jodi will be broken, and says if Saavi doesn’t want this back then give…Vedika cuts her sayings and says you are saying right, and says you are so understanding. She says Sonam is right that the Jodi will break, and that’s why Saavi shall take it. Saavi looks at Sonam. Vedika asks her why is she looking at Sonam and tells that Sonam has everything, big Dalmia house, business, rich husband, many servants, designer clothes and friends, and much more. She says Mahakaal shall bless you to be on the right path. Sonam gets upset. Vedika makes Saavi wear the bangles, and says I know you will not wear it, so that’s why I am making you wear it. Nutan says I will serve the food. Vedika says ok. Nityam tells Saavi that we shall help in serving the food. Ratna tells Sonam that if Raksham was here, then you wouldn’t have been insulted today. She says Saavi got bangles and you was lectured, and then says blessing. Nutan is about to serve food to Nityam and Saavi. Nityam says we will have food in the same plate. Vedika says you have learnt a lot and tells that their Jodi is of Shiv and parvati and prays that their Jodi stays forever.

Nityam makes Saavi have food. Saavi then makes Nityam have food. Ratna asks Sonam if she will have food here, or will go home and have food with Raksham’s hands, as he will break her fast. Sonam gets up, and tells Nutan that she had come for Teej puja, and had forgotten that she had called her friends home. She asks Vedika to come, and says she will wait for her outside. She stands outside, and sees Nityam, Saavi and everyone laughing. She gets angry and calls Giridhar and asks him to order food from 5 star hotel, and get the table ready, as she has invited her friends for dinner. She then calls her friends and invites her. The friends tell that they can’t come, but she forces them to come.

Later Nutan thinks of Saavi and Sonam and cries. Brijesh asks if she is missing Jija ji. Nutan says no, and tells that she has given same upbringing to Sonam and Saavi, but there is so much difference between them. She says she has seen so much hatred and jealousy in Sonam’s eyes for Saavi. She says she didn’t even break her fast. Brijesh says he didn’t notice and says Sonam wants everything grand since her childhood, she will break fast with her friends.

Sonam sees the table set and thinks everything is perfect. She calls her friend Radhika, who tells that she is on shopping with her husband. Sonam asks her to come after shopping. She calls another friend who tells that she is with her husband. Sonam calls other friends too, who refuses. Sonam thinks everyone refused to come, gets sad and calls Raksham, saying he is not like others. Raksham picks the call. Sonam asks where are you? Raksham says he is outside. Sonam asks him to come and break her Teej fast. He asks her to have food, and tells that their relation is not of husband and wife.

Nityam asks Saavi to fill the glass of water fast, as she pours water slow. She gives him less water. Nityam asks what you are doing? Saavi says you used to do crores of rs deal in a day, and now you work harder and earns just 2000 Rs a day. Nityam says you had only said that no work is small. Saavi says you are made for big things and asks why you don’t think of starting e rickshaw project. Nityam writes impossible. Saavi says I am possible. Nityam tells that they want investment for the project. Saavi asks if investment money comes then will you think of starting the project. Nityam says I am tired and going to sleep. Saavi thinks these bangles are of Maa’s blessings, and with its help, your e-rickshaw project will start soon.

Sonam thinks of Vedika’s words that Saavi knows to be happy in every circumstances. She thinks of Saavi’s words that she will get back everything whatever she has snatched from Nityam and her. She recalls Raksham’s words that their relation is not of husband and wife. Vedika sees Sonam sitting on the floor and asks where is your friends? She asks why you sat down on the floor and not on sofa. She says you have all the wealth, but you are here. She says if you see yourself from my sight then nobody is miser than you, and says you had everything good sister and brother in law, but you lost them. She asks her to understand relations else you will be alone one day….She goes.

Precap: Saavi keeps her hand on Nityam’s eyes and brings him to the new office, where she has kept Dalmia world board. Nityam inaugurates it and does the aarti. Sonam burns their photo. She thinks she will not die without killing them. Saavi and Nityam are happy.

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