Saavi Ki Savaari 4th September 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 4th September 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 4th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nutan asking Saavi to call Vedika. Ratna stops Saavi and says Nityam is our responsibility now. She tells receptionist that she will make arrangements of money, and goes from there. Sonam thinks if anyone comes to know and then thinks to act. She shouts calling everyone and acts as if she is in pain. Everyone comes there. Ratna comes home and is taking money to deposit in the hospital. Ananya tries to stop Ratna and asks why you are feeling guilty for Sonam’s mistake and says you have kept this money for my future. Ratna asks her not to become selfish like her mother and learn a new lesson today. Sonam starts praying. Raksham asks what is she doing by taking all their phones. Sonam tells a fake story about a baba, who told about this. Nutan asks Saavi to call Raksham. Ratna comes there and asks Saavi to take the money and jewellery. She asks her not to worry and says Nityam will be fine. Doctor comes out and tells Saavi that Nityam has multiple injuries and brain injury too, and tells that they have to do brain surgery, but it is not an ordinary surgery and they have to call special surgeon from Mumbai, and asks her to deposit 8 lakhs for her. Saavi says she will arrange the money, be it 8 lakhs or 80 lakhs. Nutan, Brijesh tell that they will arrange some money. Razzak says he will arrange 30 thousand. Saavi says even if I sell my mangalsutra then also I can’t arrange 8 lakhs Rs. She calls Raksham, but his calls can’t be connected.

Raksham asks Vedika why she is listening to Sonam. Sonam gives the phone bags to Vedika and takes rounds infront of temple. She takes the bag and says baba had said this. Vedika and others leave. Raksham says I didn’t know that you will do this by believing a baba for the project. Sonam tells that Saavi told me that she will get you punished, and will snatch everything from you, and says she will not let this happen, as they got this after much hardwork. She goes out. Saavi is riding chattriprasad and is coming there. Raksham, Sonam and others leave in the cars. Saavi reaches there and asks guard about Vedika. He says they all went and will come in evening. Saavi sits in Chattriprasad. Nutan calls her and asks her to arrange money and come there. Saavi calls Razzak and asks him to come to the garage with others, and says she will reach there.

Saavi reaches garage and picks the Chattriprasad express, e rickshaw parts. Razzak and others come there. Razzak says jija ji is there in hospital and you have called us here, why? Saavi asks them to clean the garage and says she will tell them everything. Saavi brings Chattriprasad inside, and says we have to open and separate Chattriprasad’s parts. She says E rickshaw project is Nityam’s dream, and says we will not get funding if we don’t submit our model. Razzak says only Jija ji knew about it, we have done as he told us. Saavi says then you must have known. Razzak is not sure. Saavi says we have to try. She apologizes to Chattriprasad and says forgive me my friend, I have to break you into parts to fulfill Nityam’s dreams.

Saavi asks Razzak to give screw driver. She cries and tries to take off Chattriprasad’s name board. Razzak takes the screw driver and takes it out. Saavi cries and recalls her moments. Brijesh asks Nutan to call Saavi once. Nutan calls Saavi. Saavi asks her to ask Doctor to make arrangements of operation, and says she will bring the money. Ratna prays to God to save Nityam.

Precap: Sonam and Saavi come to give their projects. Sonam gives the presentation. Saavi stumbles when her turn comes, and Sonam laughs.

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