1. Choti K
    September 06, 04:08 Reply

    Hey all!

    Here after an incredibly long time. I hope everyone is keeping well. I hope everything is going well with everyone.

    This page and site is a witness to so many of my dreams and wishes and so many have come true by the grace of God.

    I cherish all the memories we all created and it always make me feel so good remembering them.

    I don’t even know if this website is legitimate anymore lol.

    I hope it is, maybe one of yous will check in some day soon.

    Wishing everyone the best <3

    • Sweety
      April 05, 21:55

      Those days🥺

  2. Tezz💚
    August 14, 18:56 Reply

    Was going through Twitter. Saw Jen wishing Gautam. Becane nostalgic. Reminded me of our old days. I miss ya’ll❤

  3. Tezz💚
    April 05, 23:45 Reply

    Happy Birthday,Bro! 💚

    *If you come here by any chance,do check you mail.*

    • Tezz💚
      April 05, 23:46

      Sweeto! 😍
      How are you,Yaar? 😍😍😍
      After so long😍

    • Sweety
      April 09, 06:45

      I’m good 🙂
      How are you doing?😻
      Yeah its been a long time

    • Tezz
      May 23, 19:40

      What’s going on,huh?
      Miss you guys </3

  4. Tezz💚
    April 01, 15:20 Reply

    No one 🙄
    Expected 🙃

  5. Tezz💚
    August 23, 23:54 Reply

    24 August 2014-24August 2019!!!
    DTB journey! Indeed a memorable one!

  6. Azalea
    May 10, 10:03 Reply

    Ck do chk IG a frnd of mine would msg u in shaa allah

  7. Rush💚
    May 05, 09:39 Reply

    Smiley Dis’ b’day is on 7th,naa? 🤔

    • ChotiK
      May 05, 15:16

      Its today :’)

    • Rush💚
      May 06, 12:45

      I’m seriously suffering from memoloss :'(

  8. Rush💚
    May 05, 09:36 Reply

    I wanted to come yesterday but couldn’t . Let us know 🙂

    • Rush💚
      May 05, 09:37

      Hope you’ll be okay,Inn Sha Allah! 🙂

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