Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th February 2023 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vivaan telling that this time the attack will be more dangerous and asks what we can do? Simar says there is only one way to control her, Baba had said. Reema says what will happen with this much roots. Vivaan says yes. Reyansh says I feel that nobody can save us, our strength is nothing infront of her. Charulatha writhes in pain. Masumi finds the red glass vase, she breaks it and pick a big piece. Simar asks everyone to sit in circle. Reyansh says she will not see in which shape we are sitting. Vivaan asks him to do as Bhabhi says. Simar tells that if they succeed to do what she thought then they can be saved from her next attack. She brings the thick thread roll. Masumi cuts the roots with the red glass piece. She asks how did Simar know about your weakness. Charulatha says Simar had gone out and tells that she is very clever and has found out. She says her cleverness will drown her family, she will lose one of her family members. She says reverse countdown starts now.

All oswals sit and try to make the net with the thick red, while keeping the roots in the net. Charulatha says if nobody comes out before my reverse countdown ends, then…Masumi starts the reverse countdown. Badimaa says time is over. Simar says we can’t accept defeat, Badimaa. She continues to make the net. Badimaa gets up and looks at her family members, and goes out of the room silently. Simar turns and finds her not there. She gets worried for Badimaa. Badimaa comes out. Masumi says she has come. Badimaa tells Charulatha that she is guilty of her, I had pressurized Gajendra not to marry you, and asks her to take revenge on her, but leave her children. Charulatha asks her if she is requesting or ordering her. badimaa asks her to think whatever she wants to. She asks her to leave her family. Charulatha shouts asking all the Oswals to come downstairs to see the death sight. Reema, Vivaan, Aarav, and others come out, except Simar. They shout Badimaa. Charulatha holds Badimaa high in the air holding her neck. Gajendra says leave my mother. Aarav hits vase on Charulatha, but she is unaffected. Vivaan brings rod and hits her, but Charulatha is still unhurt. Charulatha says today she will not spare anyone. They all plead infront of her to leave Badimaa. Simar comes there holding the trap net and shouts no. She throws the net and Aarav, Vivaan and Reema catch it. They open it and cover it on Charulatha, saving Badimaa. Reema pushes Masumi inside the net. They trap both mother and daughter. Aarav and Vivaan tell Badimaa that they will never let her pride and courage fall down. Vivaan says well done bhabhi. Simar recalls telling her family that Baba asked them to use the roots wisely and says they have to make a net trap for her, to bring sandhya and Aditi’s lines and destiny back. She tells Charulatha that she did wrong by touching Badimaa, and tells that she has to compensate for it. She says what do you think that you will try to kill our Badimaa and we will not do anything. She says witches like you, look good hanging on the banyan tree, and I will hang you there. Charulatha says you are having a big misunderstanding that you can trap me in this forever. She says you all will be infront of ;me like insects, and says once I get freed, you all will be gone.

Simar asks Aarav to go and bring Baba here, till then I will manage her. Vivaan says I will go with Bhai. Charulatha burns a part of the net and tells that every hour, one knot will open and says reverse countdown starts for me, and your time will end. She asks Simar if she didn’t kow about this. Aarav and Vivaan are about to leave, when he hears Sandhya calling him. Aarav says Maa. Simar asks Aarav not to look back. He hears Sandhya asking if he will not look at her, and says she is not Maa. Simar asks him not to make the witch powerful by looking at her. She continues to call him. Aarav and Vivaan leave. Simar asks Reema to take everyone to safe place. Badimaa says we all will be here with you. Just then they hear Vivaan call Reema and asks her to save him. Simar tells Reema that this is done by witch, as Vivaan has gone out with Aarav. She says we shall not fall in her trap. Masumi says Simar is controlling everyone. Gajendra asks Gagan and Reyansh to come and says they will guard that place. Simar tells Badimaa that she will take sindoor, red thread and other things. Reema says this is not permanent solution. Simar tells that Baba had said that we will get the solution under the roots of the banyan tree.

Precap: Simar prays to God to help her save her family. Just then she sees red glass and thinks may be we can see the red door using the glass. They go outside and look on holding the red glass. She sees the red door which she couldn’t see through the naked eyes.

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