Shaitani Rasmein 5th July 2024 Written Update

Shaitani Rasmein 5th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Shaitani Rasmein 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nikki telling that everything seems to be changed after Malik went. Piyush says Malik is sitting beside you. Nikki is shocked. Piyush says you had said that I will be your Malik. Nikki laughs. She says it is very hot though AC is on. Piyush tells that it is because of him. She asks for water. He gives her water. She drinks it and falls asleep. Piyush/Malik takes him to the purani haveli. He asks Ghulam to beat him and says he has let Baaldevi’s divine sight come here. Ghulam slaps him. Baaldevi tells Bhikshu that Nikki and Piyush are in danger. She comes there and asks Nikki to open her eyes. Piyush/Malik comes there and talks in Malik’s eyes. Baaldevi is shocked. Malik cages her in his trap. She asks where did you keep Piyush’s soul and asks him to free his body. Malik tells that she is caged now and she can’t help anyone, rather than crying. Baaldevi says if you haven’t killed by Swarnprabha then will be killed by Nikki surely. He asks her to see that he has set the trap.

Nikki gains consciousness in the house and asks how did I come here? Piyush says you had fainted. Nikki tells that Baaldevi is in danger. Sumitra tells that she is devi, nothing can happen to her. Nikki calls Baaldevi and asks her to come. Piyush asks her not to worry and says Baaldevi might be upset as you interfered in the past and says nothing can happen to God. He says you wanted the marriage to happen with all the rituals. Sumitra says they have done only shaitaani rasmein, and didn’t know about Shahi rasmein, so have to find out and do it. Nikki thanks and hugs her.

Sumitra and Suguna come to the room where the ancestors have kept the books which is related to the shahi rasmein and their customs. They open the door and it opens. Suguna gets doubtful. Sumitra asks her not to doubt. She gets the book and gives to Suguna, asking her to follow the book. Later Nikki asks Sumitra to read the book and asks what is the first rasam. Sumitra says first rasam is nazar utrao rasam. Suguna brings the stuff. Nikki sees egg and asks who takes off the bad sight using egg. Suguna says it was written. Aarohi says it is used to take off bad sight. When Suguna takes off bad sight from Nikki, Nikki hears the shaitani rasmein song and tells everyone about the song, but nobody hears. Suguna takes off bad sight from Nikki and asks Rachna to keep the egg at the 4 way crossroad, and don’t turn if anyone calls as there might be some ghost or witch behind. Sumitra says Rachna can’t do this alone and asks her to go with Rachna. Suguna says ok.

Precap: The witch calls Rachna and Suguna. They run away. Malik gives her the task of getting Shaitani rasmein done.

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