Shaitani Rasmein 8th June 2024 Written Update

Shaitani Rasmein 8th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Shaitani Rasmein 8th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Piyush hearing the sound and he thinks from where the voice is coming. He comes out and sees the moving cradle. He thinks Nikki is taking the cradle. The light flickers and he couldn’t see. He sees the cradle about to fall from the stairs, and he holds it, and finds cradle to be empty. Just then someone pushes him and he falls down the stairs. Everyone comes there. Nikki asks how did you fall down? Piyush tells them everything. Nikki says she didn’t hear the baby crying sound. Piyush faints. Nikki gets worried. Vikram says he feels that Malik is doing this. Sumitra asks Nikki not to get worried. Nikki cries.

Nikki asks the baby to say hi to his friends (toys) and asks him to sleep. Mantrani comes there and says it seems he didn’t sleep. Nikki asks about Piyush. Mantrani says Rani Sa is with him, and said that he is fine. Nikki asks why you are walking this way and checks her foot, to find teeth impression. She asks what happened to you. Mantrani says some insect must have bitten my leg. Nikki asks her to go carefly. She gets doubtful and comes to Piyush. She finds baby’s hand impressions on his back, and gets shocked realizing baby had pushed him from stairs. She comes to the room and find the lemon glass which Mantrani had kept, turning red. She gets shocked. Baby starts crying. Nikki says I will go and come, I will bring gift for you. Baby starts crying just as is about to go out. She puts the Camera fixed and takes the tab in her hands. She says now Chachi can hear and see you. She goes out and peeps inside the room to find the baby sitting in the cradle. She gets shocked, thinks he is a devil’s child and goes to the hall. She hears Vikram asking Bhavani Singh to go to City and bring clothes, toys and other important stuff. Bhavani Singh says ok. Nikki hears his dangerous sound on the tab and gets shocked. Sumitra brings baby there and asks Nikki, how she can be careless to leave baby there. Nikki takes the baby in her hands, and thinks nobody will believe her if she tells anyone that he is a shaitaan baby.

She comes to the room and make baby rest in the cradle. She gets scared by the sudden toy sound. Sumitra comes there and says she will take the dirty clothes and will bring new clothes for her Prince. Nikki sings Lullaby, while writing the message secretly for Sumitra. She crumpled the paper and throws on the floor. She signs Sumitra to pick it. Sumitra picks it and is about to read, when Vikram comes there and takes the baby. He says if he cries then Nikki shall handle him. He takes the baby and he doesn’t cry. He gets happy that he is not crying. Nikki sees baby’s red eyes and gets shocked. The lamp breaks and the glass piece scratches Vikram’s face. Sumitra bandages it. Prateik comes there and says my baby. Sumitra says baby is fine, lamp is blasted. Nikki tries to tell them, but in vain. Vikram says Tantrik baba will come. The baby scares Nikki. Saudamini is doing the meditation and falls down. She holds the edge of the cliff. Ghulam comes to Malik and says Saudamini is in danger. Malik says if she succeeds then he will make her new Queen of Bhurangarh.

Tantrik comes there and gets devil smell. Vikram, Prateik and Piyush welcome him. Tantrik asks him to tell what is the time of birth,to make kundali. Vikram says he doesn’t know. Tantrik asks him to ask any question about the baby, and the time will be regarded as the birth time. Vikram questions him if his grand son will make him feel proud. Tantrik writes on the paper and gets shocked. Nikki brings the baby there. Prateik asks Tantrik if his baby has danger from anyone. Piyush finds baby looking at him and gets uncomfortable. Tantrik looks at the baby and tells the initials of the baby names. Nikki tells that she wants to tell something. Prateik says I know that you know the truth. Tantrik baba asks them to decide the name and tell him. Prateik tells everyone that Nikki has a part of devik inside him. Piyush and Prateik argue. Tantrik baba comes out and thinks he shall inform Raja Saheb. He calls Vikram, but he doesn’t see his call.

Tantrik sees the weather change, and just then the vase falls down on his head and he dies. Nikki is about to tell them, when Bhavani Singh calls Vikram outside. They all come out and sees the tantrik dead. Prateik tells that Nikki must have killed him. He checks Tantrik’s phone and tells that he must have called you to warn you, but Nikki killed him. Nikki tells them that Tantrik wanted to tell about the baby, shaitaan’s part is in the baby and not in me. Prateik takes baby from her and says you are shaitaan, and says who knows you are kichkandi and acting to be Nikki. He says my baby will stay with his parents. Nikki tries to stop him. Prateik takes the baby. Piyush says baby is their son, and asks what are you doing? Nikki says we are already in a big problem. Sumitra asks Nikki to come with her, locks her in the room and goes to Prateik’s room. Nikki asks them to open the door. Prateik asks Aarohi to get up for baby. The baby’s hand touches Aarohi’s hand and she gets up shocked. Nikki tries to break the door. Prateik asks what happened? Aarohi says this is not our baby, but a Shaitaan. Nikki couldn’t open the door still and cries.

Precap: Aarohi says this baby is doing this? Prateik says Nikki. Vikram says someone is suffocating her. Aarohi tries to harm Prateik.

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