Shaitani Rasmein 9th February 2024 Written Update

Shaitani Rasmein 9th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Shaitani Rasmein 9th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Racha taking the chadawa for Malik. Nikki thinks surely she is going to Malik. She goes behind her. Piyush calls Nikki and tells that he will apply sandalwood paste to her hand. Nikki says no, she is fine. He insists to apply it to her hand. Nikki thinks she has to chase Rachna. Piyush says you want to romance and when I want to romance. He takes her to room and applies lep to her hand. Nikki sees her name tattoo on her hand and asks Piyush why he did this? Piyush says when you can get my name on your hand then why can’t I get your name tattooed on my hand. Nikki tells him that she doesn’t know how his name changed into a symbol. She tells him that she will get lep for him and asks him to stay there and gives her swear. She goes out and keeps the bowl on the side table. She runs out to follow Rachna. Rachna sees the purani haveli and thinks everyone thinks her as lucky to take food for Malik, but she herself knows that it is a curse and not fortune. Piyush waits for Nikki and sees her going towards purani haveli. He jumps down from the balcony.

Rachna opens the door and gets inside to keep food for Malik. Nikki thinks she will anyhow see Malik today and is about to go towards the door, when Kapalika attacks her with her black smoke and says you have to die Nikki for coming here. She then attacks her using the red light. Rachna comes inside and slits her palm and puts her blood on the Chadawa meet. She small the small window and puts the chadawa inside, and then closes it. Malik says Chadawa and comes to take it. Rachna turns to go and thinks of Nikki’s words, and thinks she can become Rani too.

Nikki feels suffocated. Kapalika thinks to press her neck with her black smoke until she dies. Nikki closes her eyes and sees arrows around her and she is falling from the cliff. Piyush is walking towards Purani haveli, and thinks don’t know what is Nikki’s problem? He fears what to tell his family now? Nikki sees falling from the cliff and falling on the white divine light. Her eyes turns white and a voice asks her to understand her power and fight back, and defeat the evil powers. Kapalika thinks why she couldn’t move. Nikki unties herself with the evil powers and shouts. Kapalika falls far and feels burning sensation in her body. Nikki falls outside the Purani haveli. Kapalika shouts loudly. Sumitra listens to the scream, and asks Suguna if she also heard. Suguna says yes. Sumitra asks Bhavani Singh to go and check if Rachna is fine. Bhavani singh leaves. Rachan opens the window shutter and sees Malik having the chadawa. The flashes of Malik’s past come infront of her, and suddenly Malik attacks her with his hand. Rachna falls down shocked.

Piyush comes near the purani haveli and finds the glass pieces with blood on it. He then hears Nikki’s voice and thinks why she is going to Jungle. Kapalika finds her hands burning still and thinks who the hell is Nikki, what did she do that my real avatar is coming infront of everyone, I have to save myself. She shouts. Nikki also comes to the jungle searching for the black smoke. Malik is standing there, and a hand is taking Rachna inside, while she tries hard to save herself and holds the window shutter. Kapalika thinks what did Nikki do with me, and hides seeing her. She thinks I have find out about her, once I leave from here. She thinks how dare she to come here behind me? Nikki thinks where is the black smoke here. Kapalika thinks she will kill Nikki, will make Malik understand later. Nikki comes near the tree where Kapalika is hiding.

Precap: Rachna runs in the jungle and falls from the cliff, when a girl comes and holds her hand. Nikki hears her voice.

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