Shani 31st January 2018 Written Update

Shani 31st January 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Shani 31st January 2018 Written Episode

|| What we do with complete dedication and honesty also makes God indebted to us thereby making our life a success. Shani teaches that one should give importance only to good karmas in life so that God cannot ignore them. ||

Epi begins with Shani saying Mangal can stay at the wedding house but people can get a chance to get out of it just like Dhamini and I did! This definition of Manglik and Amanglik should be there only for those who believe in birth and not in karma. Those who do karma should get the strength / chance to change their fates. Mangal calls it injustice but Mahadev calls it real justice. I second Shani from Tridev’s side. I am proud of Shani. You bore so much pain yet you don’t hold any grudge. Whatever you asked for was for the betterment of the world. May only good things

happen with you. I want to tell you one fact though. Mangal Dosha is surely withdrawn from Dhamini’s kundli but you are still under the effect of her curse. You are not free from that curse. Shani nods.
Dhamini wakes up shouting Shani’s name. Yami rushes to her side. Did you see a bad dream? Dhamini he does not know if it was a bad dream or truth. I am fine now. You can go and rest. Yami smiles as she sits next to her. How can one friend rest when another is disturbed? We have not hidden anything from each other. Why should we hide today then? Dhamini says there is nothing like that. What to tell? I did something very wrong. She thinks of her curse. Yami says you are not to be blamed for what happened. Shani shouldn’t have left you alone. I will talk to him once he returns. Dhamini says he is not at fault. I am worried as he helped me but I don’t know how to help him.

Shani asks Mangal if he understood. One’s karamfal will affect your karma and dosha now. You will always be in my Drishti now. He walks away.

Dhamini wants to free Shani from the curse and get his position. He should get the respect which he deserves but I don’t know who will help me in helping Shani. Yami says I think I know who can help you.

Dhamini and Yami meet Dev Vishwakarma. He agrees to help them but he first sends Yami away on the pretext of bringing water for him. She goes. Dev Vishwakarma aims his sword at Dhamini. She looks at him in shock. I came to seek your help and you! He tells her to be quiet. I saw you and understood that you have been affected by Mangal Dosha. Now I want to know what you hid till now! Her smile boggles him. What is the reason behind it? She says it is on the realisation that I came to the right person to seek help. I hid everything till now as I dint know you would be able to help. Now I will tell you everything about me, Shani and about us. Yami drops the glass in shock seeing her Nana Shree pointing his sword at Dhamini. Dev Vishwakarma replies that he has sensed Dhamini is under Mangal Dosha. Till the time I am assured that she is free from it, I cannot trust her or allow her to enter in my Loka. Dhamini agrees to give every test. He uses his energy to do some scan on her. How can it be? I sensed Mangal Dosha on you myself. How did it disappear suddenly? She says it is because of Shani. He even saved my life. I have come to seek your help for Shani’s sake only.

Shani returns to Surya Loka. Kakol asks him if he succeeded in his work. Shani says it is done but I have to make sure if Dhamini if fine or not. They head to his room but don’t find anyone there.

Dhamini asks Dev Vishwakarma if she can seek his blessings now. He nods and blesses her. I welcome you in my Loka. Your thoughts are so pure that I lost before you. Forgive me if possible. She tells him not to say so. You are as important for me as Surya Dev and Mata Chhaya. Elders have a right to test the youngsters. The love that you gain after completing that test is unmatchable. He is touched by her words. She begins to go inside when she suddenly stops. I felt as if someone called my name, as if I am being pulled in some direction. What is it? Dev Vishwakarma asks her if she is thinking about Shani.

Shani and kakol check everywhere but don’t find the ladies there. Shani says I was with Indra and Mangal. They cannot even think of harming her. there is only one place though where Dhamini and Shani can go without any tension.

Dev Vishwakarma is shocked to know that Dhamini cursed Shani. She affirms. I was in Mangal’s control at that time. Shani saved me from problem. I feel he needs me today. this is why I came to you. He says we cannot end a curse or break / twist it. You gave this curse. I cannot find a solution for it. She says I know it. I gave this wound to Shani. Now I only must treat it. I need your help for the same. I have to know his beginning to end this curse. I want to know how he was born. No one knows more about him than you! He asks her to come with him. You need to see more than hear to know more about Shani. He brings the ladies to his laboratory. He creates a passage for her to travel in Shani’s past. Dhamini enters in the passage upon his askance and is transported to the house where Shani spent his childhood.

Dhamini turns sensing some movement in the bushes. She thinks it might be Devraj or Mangaland asks the person to step forward. Her expressions change to surprise when she sees young Shani stepping out from the bushes. Shani! He nods. Karamfaldata Shani. I am not that real Shani though. I am just your illusion. I am that avatar of Shani which will show you his childhood and make you aware of his truth.

Young Shani draws a screen for her where they see Mahadev telling the Gods about the energy which will decide what is right or wrong in future. Shani says I was born by Mahadev and Mata’s blessings. I couldn’t bear to see my mother getting insulted when I was born so I cast an eclipse on Surya Dev! The scene where Surya Dev refuses to accept Shani as his son is shown. Dhamini asks him to tell her more about him. Shani asks her why she is so keen to know everything so soon. I am Shani. Everything happens Shanay-Shanay in my life. What happens Shanay-Shanay is stable / successful in life. I have told you what you need to know. Shani only gives that what is necessary even if it is punishment, prize or information. It means the rest of the answers are right in your heart. You have to look for them yourself.

Precap: Ravan vows to finish Shani using Chandrahaar weapon. Dhamini vows to protect Shani from all the problems. Dhamini requests Shani to resume his position as Karamfaldata. Please return on the path of dharma.

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